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Money Management. Class 2. Saving Tip #1. Never buy books at the bookstore! Try to look at the syllabus a week or two before class starts and order used books from: amazon marketplace abe books. Saving Tip #2. Shopping for furniture?

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Saving tip 1
Saving Tip #1

  • Never buy books at the bookstore! Try to look at the syllabus a week or two before class starts and order used books from:

    • amazon marketplace


    • abe books

Saving tip 2
Saving Tip #2

  • Shopping for furniture?

  • Ikea is okay, is better (if you are smart).

  • Shopping for clothes?

  • H&M is okay, ebay, thrift stores and second hand is better.

Saving tip 3
Saving Tip #3

  • Apply for scholarships-- 10 per year!


Saving tip 4
Saving Tip #4

  • Create a weekly/monthly budget. Make sure it lines up with your yearly budget.

Saving tip 5
Saving Tip #5

  • Distinguish between “need” and “want” -- if you’re not sure, wait a week and see if you still “need it.”

  • Most of the time... you don’t!

Saving tip 6 or not
Saving Tip #6?... or not.

  • Illegal downloading...

Cost of living
Cost of Living

Rent is 764% more expensive in Irvine.

Restaurants are 165% more expensive in Irvine.

Guess how much
Guess how much...


  • Tuition at U of A:

  • Tuition at Brandeis:

  • Dorms (meal plan included):

  • Groceries:

  • Rent:

  • Personal Expenses (per month):

  • Phone Plan (per month):




No roommate: 700-1500/month


Establishing a budget
Establishing a budget

  • is a helpful app to help you budget spending for each month for different categories and can hook up to your bank account as well.

  • If not, consider using cash rather than debit for various types of spending (going out, groceries, etc.)

  • Monitor your online bank account daily if you use debit.


  • Public: 45,000

  • Private: 60,000

  • How much money are you receiving to spend each year?

  • How much money will you make at a job?

  • How will you budget this out for a monthly and weekly budget?

Budget game
Budget Game

  • Your goal is to get the highest amount of happiness points for the least amount of money.

How to write a check
How to Write a Check...

Your name

& address


Name of person or company who you are paying (ask if you aren’t sure)

Amount in dollars (numerically) down to the cent!

Your signature

(not printed)

Credit cards
Credit Cards...

  • 70% of undergrads have them

  • 96% of graduate students have them

  • Less than 10% pay monthly balance

  • Less than 15% know interest rates, overdraft fee, late fees, etc.

  • Have to have good credit scores for big purchase (renting apartments, buying a house)

Credit cards true false
Credit Cards: True/False

  • The money you advance on a credit card (your credit limit) is spendable money.

  • I would use a credit card if I didn’t bring enough cash to buy

  • If it takes you a long time to pay your credit card bill, you will end up paying more than if you had paid with cash

  • You can pay your credit card bills back on your own schedule.

  • If you do not pay your credit card bills, the biggest negative consequence is that you will get harassed by collecting agencies.

  • A credit card is just another word for a debit card.

Student debt
Student Debt

  • Avg. student has 35,200 USD in debt...

  • May not sound like a lot, but then consider that you are being charged interest.

  • Most of your payments will be paying off interest.

  • Takes 10-35 years to pay off student debt.