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SCAA Annual Meeting

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HWCG. SCAA Annual Meeting . HWCG Mutual Aid. HWCG Milestones - Technical – Capacities. Water Depth 10,000 ft WD Pressure Ratings (2 capping stacks) 10,000 & 15,000 PSI Flowback 130,000 BFPD / 180 MMCFD Well Containment Plan (RCD) 2011-2014 Members 16

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HWCG Milestones - Technical – Capacities

  • Water Depth 10,000 ftWD
  • Pressure Ratings (2 capping stacks) 10,000 & 15,000 PSI
  • Flowback 130,000 BFPD / 180 MMCFD
  • Well Containment Plan (RCD) 2011-2014
  • Members 16
  • HWCG “Model” Lease or Rent
  • Mutual Aid Agreements Rigs, Equip, Contractors, Members
  • Approvals through BSEE WCP; TLP/SPAR; Flow & capture; RCD
mutual aid for source control
Mutual Aid for Source Control

Mutual Aid has previously been brought to bear for oil spills, natural disasters and fire.

Step change in domestic E&P industry for well containment.

Consistency is key to all organizations involved

mutual aid for well containment
Mutual Aid for Well Containment
  • Immediate assistance of personnel and equipment
  • Response Teams
    • Relief Well
    • Containment Ops
    • Flow Engineering
    • SIMOPS
    • Flowback
  • Access to specialized equipment and technical expertise of personnel
  • Contractual agreement defines responsibilities and liabilities for members
  • Standardized policies, procedures for the mutual aid response.
    • Generic plan
    • Standard Notification processes
      • Equipment and Personnel
    • Incident Command System
    • IMH – Incident Management Handbook
  • An organization comprised of diverse E&P companies that bring to bear a collective solution though mutual aid.
incident management handbook
Incident Management Handbook

The HWCG IMH (Incident Management Handbook) provides an organizational structure that can be incorporated into the Incident Command System so that a response to a blowout or well control event can proceed quickly, orderly, and effectively.

To that end, the roles and responsibilities of key response personnel are defined and standardized to facilitate the implementation of an effective well containment plan.

All roles and responsibilities are spelled out with description and checklist for easycomprehension and operations.
process of how source control would interact with imt unified command in different locations
Process of how Source Control would interact with IMT/Unified Command in different locations.
notification system
Notification System
  • Notification system in place, has a database of 225+ personnel listed for Mutual Aid for source control.
    • Notification by company
    • Notification by group
    • Notification by vendor
    • Notification by individual
  • Website setup for signup of members
    • New entries, revisions, deletionsor updates
  • Dedicated Command Center for Source Control
    • PetroSkills – Katy, TX – 15,000 sq. ft. dedicated area
  • Call back data to support long-term event – immediate.
incident command system
Incident Command System
  • In order to establish a standardized system of incident command, we have adopted the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as the standard operating procedures for all members.
    • Incident Management Team
    • Source Control Team
ics organization
ICS Organization

Incident Commander

Public Information








Source Control

Section Chief

Operations Section Chief

Planning Section Chief

Logistics Section Chief

Finance/Admin Section Chief



source control organization

Source Control Chief

Relief Well Group


Containment OPS Group

Flow Engr’g Group

Flowback Group

Drilling Engineering

Debris Removal

Well Control


Vessel Management

Directional Drilling

ROV Operations

Utility IWOCS

Flow Assurance

Marketing Sales

G & G

Supply Vessel


Reservoir Engineering

Anchor Handling


- RP – Mutual Aid

Intervention Vessel

Flow Calculations

RP/Vendor/Mutual Aid

Source Control Organization
what is a mutual aid operational plan
What Is a Mutual Aid Operational Plan?

A mutual aid operational plan provides the “game plan” for how a mutual aid agreement will be implemented. An operational plan includes detailed information about:




After-Action Review

Plan Maintenance

  • Activation
  • Requests for Assistance
  • Mobilization
  • Resource Accountability
  • Demobilization
mutual aid conclusion
Mutual Aid Conclusion
  • Successful response with Mutual Aid
    • Develop agreement for all to monitor and follow.
    • Highly motivated members identified.
    • Notification system calls-out personnel and equipment.
    • Consistent process and procedures.
    • Management system that all can implement immediately.
    • Established roles and responsibilities.
    • Exercise and train (individually and as a group)