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Romania is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula, bordering on the Black Sea.Romania shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and the Moldova to the northeast, and Bulgaria to the south.The capital and biggest city isBucharest.

christmas traditions in romania
Christmastraditionsin Romania

Christmasispopularlyknown as 'Craciun' in Romania and is generally considered the second most important religious Romanian holidayafterEaster.

christmas pig

A veryimportantChristmascustompracticedinRomanianvillages (on 20th December )is 'Ignatius', thesacrifice of a piginevery house inthe honor of Saint Ignatius. A pigisspeciallychosen and fed to make itgrowfat. Romaniansinsistthatitisperformed to ensurethatthe soul of thepigreceiveshugegratitude for thefoodthatitprovides to allinthefamily.

the goat dance

Originally, it was a serious, grave ceremony. In old times, thatanimal was considered to havehadamazingpowers and to havepredictediftheweather was goodorbad. Now, theGoattraditionconsists of a verynoisyyoung person wearingtheverycolorfulcostume of a goat. Theentire group thatfollowsthis person, dancesbeingaccompanied by music. Thegoatmakes many funnymovements, full of optimism.


Thesinging of carolsis a veryimportant part of RomanianChristmasfestivities. ThroughouttheChristmasseason, littleRomanianchildren (especiallythoseinthevillages) visitevery house inthelocalitysingingcarolssuch as Steaua ('The Star'), TreiPastori ('TheThreeShepherds') and MosCraciun ('Santa Claus').

christmas tree

Previously, decoratingfirtree was connectedwithweddings and funerals. Since I World War Itisbeingdecorated on ChristmasEvewithwalnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, candies, apples and chocolateswrappedincolored paper.


In Romania Easter (Paste) seems to be moreimportantthanChristmas. Easterin Romania iscelebratedaccording to therituals of theEasternOrthodoxChurch. Ittakes place on Sundayafter first spring fullmoon and JewishPassover.

new year tradition
New YearTradition

New Year’sEve (Revelion), interpretatied as a renovation of life, ispompouslycelebrated. Daysfree of workare: 24th December, Christmas (Craciun) and followingdaysuntil 2nd January.


RasnovismedivalcastleinTransilvania, located 12 km southeast of Brasov. It was.built towithstand invasion from Turks and Tartars.

customs and traditions
Customs and traditions

AlthoughRomanian regions areculturallydifferent, theyhave a commonfeature - hospitality. Romania isadvertised by itsMinistry of Tourism as a country rich of folklore, whichhasbeenunchanged for centuries and as an island of Latinculture, surrounded by a sea of Slavianism.


Itisquitepossible to seevillagerswearingtraditional folk costumesplaying on instruments and dancing duringfestivals.

romanian cuisine

Romanianseat a lot of meat, aspeciallypork, beef and poultry. Theirtraditionalmealissarmale. It’s a dish, whichlookslikePolish „gołąbki”, made of mincedmeatwrappedincabbageleaves. AnotherRomanianspecialityismamaliga, meal (orginallyTurkish), preparedfromcorn, includingalsocheese and butter (betterknown as Italianpulenta). Romania isalsofamous of wines. It’s 5th wineproducerin Europe.


Malamiga, Duvec (kind of stew withvegetables and asparagus) and salad (paprika, tomatoes, onion and feta)