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an orphan care ministry of Castleview Baptist Church PowerPoint Presentation
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an orphan care ministry of Castleview Baptist Church

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an orphan care ministry of Castleview Baptist Church - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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an orphan care ministry of Castleview Baptist Church. Mission and Objective. To glorify God by creating a culture of orphan care at Castleview by providing resources and information to adopting and foster parents and those who will support them.

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mission and objective
Mission and Objective
  • To glorify God by creating a culture of orphan care at Castleview by providing resources and information to adopting and foster parents and those who will support them.
  • To facilitate orphan care activity in the church including international and domestic adoption and long and short term foster care.
  • To enable every Christ centered adoption dream to come to reality for the ‘praise of the glory of His grace’. (Eph. 1:6)

“We have been given adoption as a gift and as a sign of the Gospel.

The adoption of any child is a portrait of God’s grace…

every adopted child is a pointer to the Gospel.”

Al Mohler

every castleview member should
Every Castleview Member should …
    • Understand the gospel through the lens of their adoption into God’s family.
  • Clearly identify their role in the care of widows and orphans according to James 1:27.
  • Be aware of the need for orphan care in our immediate community and know of opportunities where they can personally get involved.
orphan care is not
Orphan care is not …
  • For only a few ‘called’ families in the church
  • Only about connecting a poor child with a good family
  • Feeding the hungry

Orphan care is …

  • A radical demonstration of the gospel of Jesus

I was adopted when I was eighteen years old. I wasn’t an orphan, the way most people think of that term. I wasn’t an abandoned child. But I was in a condition far more serious: I was a stranger to the family of God, a slave to sin, and an object of the justified wrath of God.

C.J. Mahaney

why one less orphan
Why One Less Orphan?

Not every family is meant to adopt or foster children

All followers of Christ are commanded to care for widows and orphans

In obedience all Christians can do something that will help there be One Less Orphan in the world.

Pray for orphans

Give to a family who is adopting or fostering

Talk to a neighbor about orphan care

orphan care statistics
Roughly 150 million orphans in the world. (More than the entire population of Russia)

Between 2006 and 2010 international adoptions in the US dropped from 22,000 to 11,000 children per year.

Orphan Care Statistics

* In 2006 there were 9,204 churches in Indiana

why an orphan care ministry at castleview worship
Why an orphan care ministry at Castleview – WORSHIP
  • Orphan Care serves to fuel passion for worship as people see God’s power and love demonstrated in a very personal way.
  • Our care of orphans is a beautiful picture of our

spiritual adoption by God through Christ.

why an orphan care ministry at castleview service
Why an orphan care ministry at Castleview – SERVICE
  • Orphan Care is a costly, time-consuming, and emotionally draining process, which creates many opportunities for members of the body of Christ to minister to one another.
  • Families need deep – relational soul care during the adoption and fostering process.
  • In the middle of the struggle, families need to be reminded of the love and support around them. They are part of a community of believers.
why an orphan care ministry at castleview fellowship
Why an orphan care ministry at Castleview – FELLOWSHIP

Fellowship groups can be an ideal place for the church to meet these needs and serve one-another.

WRAP Around Fellowship groups

Include the families current group and possible one more to support, pray and assist the family throughout the orphan care process.

Provide encouragement, prayer, child care, financial support, meals ….

why an orphan care ministry at castleview outreach
Why an orphan care ministry at Castleview – OUTREACH
  • Orphan Care could be called “missions in reverse” It provides an opportunity to reach into our own communities and across the globe to bring children into homes where Jesus is present and the Gospel is proclaimed.
  • Orphan Care is evangelism at its core. Bringing the mission field home, where children are loved, cared for, and discipled to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.
  • As the Church becomes obedient to God’s commands concerning the fatherless, the community will see Jesus Christ is alive and working in the lives of His people to care for those children who can’t care for themselves.

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ means our families and churches ought to be at the forefront of the adoption of orphans … As we become more attuned to the Gospel, we’ll have more of a burden for orphans. As we become more adoption-friendly, we’ll be better able to understand the Gospel.”

Russell Moore

why an orphan care ministry at castleview discipleship
Why an orphan care ministry at Castleview – DISCIPLESHIP
  • As God grows families through adoption, God’s people have the privilege and responsibility of joining with parents in the process of guiding their children to faith in Christ.
  • Orphan Care challenges, encourages, and enables Believers to put their faith in action, by stepping out in faith and fulfilling God’s commands in scripture. The process also provides an opportunity for couples to develop relationships with other Christians as they seek prayer and support.
the arms and legs of orphan care at castleview
The arms and legs of orphan care at Castleview




(Interested in Adopting)


(In the Process)


(Have Adopted)

  • Adult Bible Class
  • Host orphan care seminars
  • Connection to recommended agencies
  • Meet CBC members with a connection to orphan care
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Interest free loans
  • Grants
  • Counseling
  • Referral list for
  • professional
  • Services
  • WRAP around support
education not currently adopting or fostering
Education: Not Currently Adopting or Fostering
  • What is adoption and foster care
  • How you can help
    • Practical
      • Adoption Shower
      • Meals when the child comes home
    • Financial
  • How to pray specifically for these families
information interested in adoption foster care
Information: Interested in Adoption / Foster Care
  • Adoption
    • Domestic vs. International
    • Choosing an agency
  • Fostering
    • Age group
    • Long vs. short term
    • Birthparent relationship training
  • Stock orphan care literature in the church library
  • Create a network of experienced and informed people in the congregation who can advise on specific Orphan Care needs.
financial in the adoption foster care process
Financial: In the adoption / foster care process
  • Waiting families group
  • Fund raising
    • Grants / Matching Grants
    • Interest free loans
    • Group fund raising events
  • CBC Adoption Fund through Abba Fund

“There are huge costs in adopting children. Some are financial; some are emotional.

There are costs in time and stress for the rest of your life.

There is something very deep and right about the

embrace of this cost for the life of a child!”

John Piper

abba fund

Who Is ABBA Fund?

The ABBA Fund is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to provide financial assistance to Christian couples who are called by God to grow their families through adoption, who are committed to training their children in a Biblical manner, and who need help with the “cash flow crunch” posed by adoption expenses.

We have partnered with local churches, adoption agencies, community groups and businesses around the country to help establish local adoption funds. We provide administration and an approval process at no charge.

*ABBA Fund was approved for use by CBC Elders in 2009.

support have adopted fostered children
Support: Have Adopted / Fostered children
  • Referral list for professional services
    • Counseling
    • Doctor
    • Dentist
    • Attorney
  • Orphan Care ‘play dates’
    • Foster Care Closet
support have adopted fostered children19
Support: Have Adopted / Fostered children

Discipleship opportunities

Setting realistic expectations

Prepare parents to meet the unique needs of adopted or fostered children

Orphan Care Common Grace Groups

Discuss the gospel in parenting

Orphan Care is not safe

Children who experienced previous trauma may have a difficult time adjusting to their new adoptive family – no matter how committed and loving the family may be.

practical ways to develop a culture of orphan care
Practical ways to develop a culture of orphan care
  • Pray that you and your church would become adoption-friendly. Pray that potential couples will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading in their lives.
  • Preach key passages on caring for orphans and spiritual adoption.
  • Make adoption resources available to the church family. The church can provide helpful facts for couples to make informed decisions.
  • Regularly have adoptive parents and birth mothers share their testimony of God’s goodness and grace. Testimonies can be powerful reminders to the congregation of what “good” can come out of a “bad” situation as ordained by God.
  • Educate your church family regarding the costs involved in the adoption process. Most members in the church may be unaware of the expenses involved in adoption such as: home studies, background checks, attorney fees, airfare and travel costs. Adoption costs vary from a few thousand dollars to $20,000 or more.
  • Create email list-serves of adoptive parents for support and encouragement.
  • Connect with local social service agencies.
  • Participate in mission trips to orphanages abroad.
  • Celebrate adoption as a church family.
  • Maintain a list of Orphan Care ministries and organizations