all you need to know about some popular gemstones n.
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All you need to know about some popular gemstones PowerPoint Presentation
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All you need to know about some popular gemstones

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All you need to know about some popular gemstones - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Light Color Hydrothermal colombian Emerald available at fraction of the cost of real emerald. You can get the look of real stones in less than $100.\n

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all you need to know about some popular gemstones

All you need to know about some popular gemstones

Are you a gemstone lover? And want to buy affordable gemstones than this is the

only article can help you out. Here you will find varieties of popular but rare

gemstones that are amazingly beautiful with so many positive effects. Every

gemstone is exclusive due to a unique color, story, and birthplace. From every

corner of the world, these mesmerizing gemstones are gathered and these carried

every color of the rainbow.

Let’s start the beautiful journey of some best ever gemstones that will fall you in

love with. We compiled up some rarest and most famous gemstones which

definitely blow your eyes out with their ultimate dazzling beauty.

Best gemstones ever

Rainbow Moonstone

With the soft appearance and a display of blue or multi-colored sheen rainbow

moonstone is the distinguish variety of moonstone. Shining and attracting

colored lights of this gemstone represent

colored lights of this gemstone represent the positive effect and power over the

psychic and spiritual world. The perfect example of gem’s magical power this

gem is rarely unique and highly popular. India was the famous producer of this

attractive gemstone and nowadays the tall mountains of Switzerland are the

major source of this best ever gem.

Colombian emerald

The rich collaboration of perfection and beauty, Colombian emeralds are the

precious green stone. These are found in many locations all around the world but

Columbia has the reputation of largest share production of this gem in the entire

world. This gem is among the most precious gemstones available and its deep

green color makes it super rich and ultimately versatile.

Smoky quartz

These are a grey and shining variety of quartz. Transparent to brown-gray crystal

this stunning gem display clarity, an opaque crystal completely. However, this

silicon dioxide crystal can sometimes available in black like another quartz

gemstones. Smoky color of this gem resulted in the formation of silicon dioxide

through natural irradiation. Smoky quartz is a powerful stone with pure white

light, this gem represents positivity and purity.

Iolite gemstone

This deep blue to purplish color gem is highly durable and affordable. This

gemstone is like sapphire and can be the best substitute to buy at the place of

highly expensive blue gems. Its deep color makes it lavishly beautiful and it is

commonly used in jewelry. It reflects light differently when viewed with different

directions or angles it was known with the name

directions or angles. It was known with the name of Viking’s compass but after

changed as Iolite.


Super-hot, happening and stunningly beautiful ruby gemstone are among the top

most popular gems. This king of gems is available in a red hues range like bluish,

purplish, orange-red and red. This has been the most prized gem throughout the

history of the world. It is thought that red passionate and hot ruby bestowed

fortunate for its wearer. Beautiful dazzling beauty represents emotion, courage,

passion and eternal love.


These are some best gemstones which carried positive and pure properties. Most of

them are highly valuable and expensive but all of them are magnificently beautiful

and popular.