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welcome to day creek intermediate school n.
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Welcome to Day Creek Intermediate School! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Day Creek Intermediate School!

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Welcome to Day Creek Intermediate School!
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Welcome to Day Creek Intermediate School!

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  1. Welcome to Day Creek Intermediate School! Mr. Brubaker 6th Grade Math / Science “Failure is Not an Option”

  2. Teacher Web • http://www.teacherweb.com/CA/DCIS/Brubaker/h1.aspx • Back to School Forms on website • Please print, read and return signature sheet • Homework is posted and updated daily • Important dates / announcements etc. • Best resource for information

  3. Pack Planner “A 6th Graders Best Friend” • Handbook / Organizer / Calendar • Increases individual responsibility • Policies, procedures and school rules • Weekly calendar pages are used daily to list homework and important events • Parents must sign (page 24) weekly for online ESPRI grade check

  4. Mathematics Math will be based on the California Common Core state standards for 6th grade Ratios and Proportional Relationships: Connecting ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division to solve problems The Number System: Negative numbers, use multiplication and division to divide fractions by fractions Expressions and Equations: Use variables in mathematical expressions, Write and solve equations and expressions Geometry: Solve real-world math problems involving area, surface are and volume Statistics and Probability: Develop understanding of statistical variability

  5. Science Earth Science is the focus for sixth grade. Students will explore plate tectonics and the earth’s structure. We will study volcanoes, earthquakes and climate. They will conduct scientific investigations and draw conclusions. Family Life will be introduced, and we will go to science camp at Pali Mtn. Dates 2/10-2/12 Cost $250 – Please make payments via Easy School Pay now!!

  6. P.A.C.K. Period Personally Achieving Character and Knowledge This period features differentiated instruction to various levels of academic performance. Students placed in homogenous groups. Monday-Thursday = Academic focus. Two days of math and two days of language arts Friday = Character Focus. Students stay in homeroom for specific activities related to monthly character traits.

  7. Homework • Expect Homework nightly – primarily in math (weekends too!) • No more than two hours should be expected • Extension of classwork • Projects assigned with specific instructions and deadlines • Pack Planner should be filled out nightly • Teacherweb updated nightly and may be used as backup if you have questions

  8. A weekly folder will be sent home on Mondays and will include completed assignments. Please review work with your child and check grades on ESPRI. Then fill out parent signature sheet in Pack Planner. Tests with a score of less than 70% may be made up using grade first-aid. “GFA” papers must be corrected by student and checked by a parent. They need to be returned to teacher by the following Monday. Please see link on teacherweb for info. Weekly Work Folder

  9. Grading Procedures • Grades available online via Etiwanda ESPRI • Grades are based upon: • Tests • Quizzes • Projects • Homework • Classwork • Participation

  10. “Brubaker’s Basics” • Rules and Procedures – please read and review the classroom procedures packet online for information on classroom behavior expectations • Consequences follow the progressive discipline model

  11. Please join our Class Dojo • Class Dojo is an online classroom management tool used to easily track behavior. • Points based system helps to reinforce positive behavior and discourage negative habits. • Regular rewards given for top point earners!!!

  12. Fundraiser next week will help pay for all of student body activities Renaissance Program – 3.0 GPA/S Citizenship Extra-curricular events Great Report Cards and CST results Classroom rewards Intramural sports (basketball and soccer) School Incentives and Rewards

  13. Important Dates to Remember • Monday 9/1 – No School – Labor Day • Monday 10/13 – No School – Teacher Data Day • Monday-Friday 11/3 to 11/7 – Parent Conference Week • Mon./Tues 11/10-11 – No School – Veteran’s Day holidays • Monday-Wednesday 3/11-3/13 – 6th Grade Science Camp at Pali Mtn. (cost $250)

  14. Keep in Touch! • Email: dan_brubaker@etiwanda.k12.ca.us • Before or after school for conferences • Send a note with your child • Call office and leave a message • Check out teacher web page for updates and as well as an additional email link

  15. Parent Signatures • Mr. Brubaker’s classroom procedures (review only, do not return) • Student Information sheet (please print/return or send via email) • Video Permission slip (please print/return) • Signature page for Back to School (please initial and return) Please visit teacher web as soon as possible to familiarize yourself and answer any questions. Please return all forms by the Aug. 9 deadline

  16. Thanks for your help! • We appreciate your donations throughout the year. • Please feel free to take a suggested classroom supply post-it on your way out the door.

  17. Thank you for Coming!