Northcote vs doncaster hope you enjoy
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Northcote vs. Doncaster Hope you enjoy! . Harrison Guest. Health Services . In Northcote there are: Doctors, Chinese Doctors, Massage and Pharmacies. In Doncaster there are: Health Food Stores and Pharmacies. Comparison

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Northcote vs doncaster hope you enjoy

Northcote vs. DoncasterHope you enjoy! 

Harrison Guest

Health services
Health Services

  • In Northcote there are:

  • Doctors, Chinese Doctors, Massage and Pharmacies.

  • InDoncasterthere are:

  • Health Food Stores and Pharmacies.

  • Comparison

  • You certainly don’t need to go to Doncaster if you’re sick as there are no Doctors or sick people treatments. The perfect place to go is (obviously) Northcote. Both Northcote and Doncaster have a Chinese Massage place where you can go and relax.

Restaurants cafes and entertainment
Restaurants/Cafes and Entertainment

  • Northcote has lots of cafes, privately-owned restaurants, fish’n’chips, bars, pubs and pizza shops.

  • Doncaster has a very large food court, individual sushi shops, fine chocolate quality shops, cupcake stores and a cinema.


  • Doncaster has only 3 normal restaurants, while Northcote has restaurants with many varieties of food. Doncaster doesn’t have live bands playing at pubs/bars. Northcote has no cinema.

Other stores services
Other Stores/Services

  • Northcote – Just has small one-off stores/second hand book store, 1 menswear, WBC, 1 computer store with an internet café, kitchen supplies and a florist and frame shop.

  • Doncaster – Has many more stores including large brand-named stores such as Adidas, Nike, Apple and Country Road.

  • Comparison.

  • Doncaster has Myers, David Jones, major banks and maor food stores – Coles, Safeway. Northcote has only 1 bank and 1 IGA store.


  • Northcote advertises and holds community events; The Comedy Festival, dating/relating events, Buddhism at Federation Square, a sprout community market in Thornbury and a food culture publication.

  • Doncaster has no advertising or posters anywhere around the whole area.

  • Comparison.

  • If you want to look at advertising and try some things out, Doncaster is not the right place for you. Instead you would go to Northcote as you might be interested to discover what fun stuff there is.

Unique features to shopping
Unique Features to Shopping

  • Northcote’s features are: birds chirping away and eating, trees and fresh air, people walking their dogs and people riding their bikes.

  • Doncaster’s features are: lots of parking spots and it has just about everything you need – all the shops and stores.

  • Comparison?

  • Well, that’s a matter of choice.

The end
The End

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