Budget vote workshop safety and security
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Budget Vote Workshop - Safety and Security. 14 March 2007. Overview. Introduction Current budget and expenditure SAPS strategic priorities Growth in budget 2007 budget allocations 2007/08 projected expenditure Conclusion. Introduction.

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  • Introduction

  • Current budget and expenditure

  • SAPS strategic priorities

  • Growth in budget

  • 2007 budget allocations

  • 2007/08 projected expenditure

  • Conclusion


  • NT monitors budget and expenditure trends for the department on a monthly and quarterly basis

  • Quarterly reports also covers information on human resources, infrastructure, cash flow analysis and revenue

  • Quarterly reports are sent to management of the department and National Treasury

  • Analysis of expenditure at provincial, area and police station level

  • NT also evaluate policy proposals submitted by department for additional funding

Current budget expenditure
Current budget & expenditure

Programme expenditure up to January 2007

Current budget expenditure1
Current budget & expenditure

Expenditure on economic classification up to January 2007

Strategic priorities
Strategic priorities

  • Strategic priorities include combating;

    • Organised crime,

    • Serious and violent crimes,

    • Crimes against women and children, and

    • Improving basic service delivery to communities

Budget growth
Budget growth

  • Total budget for the SAPS has increased from R22,7b in 2003/04 to

  • R43,6b in 2009/10 at an annual average rate of 11,5%

  • Budget will increase from R32,5b in 2006/07 to R43,6b in 2009/10 at an

  • annual average rate of 10,2%

  • Growth in budget reflects commitment to ensuring safety and security and

  • reducing the levels of crime

Budget growth per programme
Budget growth per programme

  • In general the budget for all the programmes continues to grow over the

  • years with Visible Policing being the largest, increasing from R14,4b in

  • 2006/07 to R18,7b in 2009/10 at an annual average rate of 9,2%

  • Crime Intelligence and Protection and Security Services are the smallest.

  • CI increases from R1,1b in 2006/07 to R1,5b in 2009/10 (9,45%) and PSS increases

  • from R1,2b to R2,5b (26,7%) in the same period

2007 budget allocations
2007 Budget allocations

  • A total amount of R3,1b was requested by the department and R2,4b was

  • allocated over the MTEF, to support government priorities relating to S&S

  • Salary adjustments were allocated to all departments – a total of R305m

  • for Safety and Security over the next 3 years

2007 budget allocations cont
2007 Budget allocations (cont..)

  • A total of R162,8m was allocated for property leases to enable the department to address leasing needs in all provinces

  • A total of R112,5m was allocated to cater for maintenance, refurbishment and rehabilitation of SAPS facilities over the MTEF

  • A total amount of R108,5m was allocated to begin with the process of building new shooting ranges over the medium term

  • R152,5m has been allocated for the procurement of a new vehicle monitoring system aimed to enhanced the usage of vehicles thus improving service delivery

  • An amount of R665,6m has been allocated over the medium term for the procurement of equipment that will be required during the 2010 Soccer World Cup

  • A total of R843,8m has been allocated over the next three years for the appointment of additional 2 000 civilians and 8 000 functional personnel over the MTEF

2007 budget allocations cont1
2007 Budget allocations (cont..)

  • The budget for Property Management will grow from R1,1b in 2006/07 to R1,7b in 2009/10, at an annual average rate of 13,9%

  • Personnel numbers will increase from 163 060 in 2006/07 to 193 240 in 2009/10

  • The total number of personnel that will be trained is expected to increase from 57 104 in 2006/07 to 65 401.

2007 projected expenditure
2007 Projected expenditure

  • Admin takes 32,9% of total budget, it includes property management and other

  • centralised functions

  • Visible Policing takes 43,1% of the total budget, most additional personnel appointed

  • from this programme

  • Detective Services takes 15,9% of the total budget, focus will be on enhancing

  • forensic science division

  • Crime Intelligence takes 3,5% of the total budget

  • PSS takes 4,6% of the total budget and is currently the fastest growing programme

2007 projected expenditure per economic classification
2007 Projected expenditure per economic classification

  • Overall expenditure is expected to increase over the months

  • Expenditure on capital assets is slow in the first quarter of the financial year

  • but projected to increase in the following quarters of the financial year.