Criminal justice 2011
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Criminal Justice 2011. Chapter 3: Note Taking. Class Name, Instructor Name. Date, Semester. Importance of Field Notes. Few people can remember everything they do Longer the span between an event and recalling it, the greater the chance for incomplete information

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Criminal justice 2011
Criminal Justice 2011

Chapter 3:

Note Taking

Class Name,Instructor Name

  • Date, Semester

Importance of field notes
Importance of Field Notes

Few people can remember everything they do

Longer the span between an event and recalling it, the greater the chance for incomplete information

Having good notes helps solve a problem ahead of time

With investigative report writing there are going to be questions down the line

Note taking is an essential part of the report writing process

Basic uses of field notes
Basic Uses of Field Notes

  • Storage

  • Documents can disappear from records management systems

  • Responsibility to replace can fall on original writer

    • No one else has the knowledge to recreate it

    • No one else has the original notes

Basic uses of field notes1
Basic Uses of Field Notes

  • Building Blocks

  • Notes are the foundation of a report

  • Notes are the building blocks from which the report springs forth

  • Notes are the raw material for the report

Basic uses of field notes2
Basic Uses of Field Notes

  • Aid to Memory

  • Few reports have every detail included

  • Notes contain the most complete record of what occurred

  • Notes help officers remember small and detailed things long after a report is written

Mechanics of note taking
Mechanics of Note Taking

  • Readable

  • Accurate

  • Factual

  • Concise

Types of notebooks
Types of Notebooks

  • Unlimited styles and sizes

  • Individual preference

    • Pros and Cons for each size and style

  • No “one size fits all”

Accessing information
Accessing Information

  • Write on one side of the page

  • Write with something that will not bleed through the page

  • Organizing the notebook is key

    • Clean break between days

    • Start with date, shift, area, car assigned and partner’s name

    • Leave a margin on left side of page

    • Leave room on each page for additional information

What should be included
What Should Be Included

  • Weather

  • Measurements

  • Sketches

  • Drawings

  • Key words and phrases

What should not be included
What Should Not Be Included

No personal information

  • Notes are a professional document-included only business related information

  • Notes can be subpoenaed

  • Notes are subject to discovery


  • Basic uses of notes: Storage of information, Building Blocks and Aid to Memory



  • Notes must be legible and understandable


  • Information must be accurate


  • Type and style of notebook is an individual matter


  • No personal or non business information in notes



  • Ask for the “thirty word version”


  • Listen first, then write


  • Make sure you can understand your notes

  • Write on only one side of the page