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Building a Sustainable Business The Pure Experience Pure 借鉴之路: 健身和瑜伽的平衡可持续发展 Mark Ki PowerPoint Presentation
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Building a Sustainable Business The Pure Experience Pure 借鉴之路: 健身和瑜伽的平衡可持续发展 Mark Ki

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Building a Sustainable Business The Pure Experience Pure 借鉴之路: 健身和瑜伽的平衡可持续发展 Mark Ki - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building a Sustainable Business The Pure Experience Pure 借鉴之路: 健身和瑜伽的平衡可持续发展 Mark Kinvig Chief Operating Officer The Pure Group. Reason for Choosing Topic 选择这个主题的理由. Industry Seems to Be At Crossroads Globally 全球范围内健身产业正在十字路口 Impact of Economic Downturn 经济衰退的影响

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Building a Sustainable BusinessThe Pure ExperiencePure借鉴之路:健身和瑜伽的平衡可持续发展Mark KinvigChief Operating OfficerThe Pure Group

reason for choosing topic
Reason for Choosing Topic 选择这个主题的理由
  • Industry Seems to Be At Crossroads Globally


    • Impact of Economic Downturn 经济衰退的影响
    • Growth Rates Slowed in Many Regions 很多地区的增长率下降
    • Spate of Bankruptcies Since 2008 in Asia 亚洲自2008年以来的破产潮
  • Industry Still To Fulfill Its Potential With Opportunities


    • Global Obesity Rates Soaring 肥胖率继续高速增长
    • Leisure Time Squeeze by Longer Working Hours 更长的工作时间挤占休闲时间
    • Increasing Move from Necessity to Discretionary Spend in Emerging Markets


  • Constant Questioning on What is the Right Model for the Industry


    • Industry Should be Bigger than It Is 健身产业应该比现在更大
    • Feedback from Many Surveys Shows Industry Not Meeting Customer Needs


    • Attrition Rates Far Too High


definition of sustainable
Definition of Sustainable可持续性的定义
  • Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level


sustainable growth


Conserving a balance by avoiding depletion of resources


our fundamental commitment to sustainable development


  • Able to be upheld or defended 可以支持或保护

sustainable practice 可持续地操作

factors contributing to a sustainable business
Factors Contributing to a Sustainable Business有利于可持续性发展的因素
  • Pricing 定价
  • Strength of the Brand – Brand DNA 品牌的力量-品牌DNA
  • Investment in Staff 在员工身上投资
  • Investment and Reinvestment in Facilities 设备投资与再投资
  • Member Relationship Strategy 会员关系策略
  • Outreach and PR 超越与PR(公关)
  • Financial Discipline 财务纪律
the pricing issue
The Pricing Issue 定价问题
  • Pricing Psychology Particularly in Asia Has Been to Take Pricing Down to Drive Volumes 亚洲的价格哲学是薄利多销
    • Late 1990’s Gym Operators Pricing Was HK$600+ Per Month


    • Now Most Operators Pricing Is HK$400+ Per Month


(Margins Squeezed Because of 10 Years Payroll and Rental Increases)


  • Pricing Is Reflective Of the Strength of the Brand and Managements’ Belief in the Brand and How Well Management Understands Its Members


    • Too Often Pricing Differs Across Locations Causing Brand Damage


    • Prepaid Pricing Has Caused Many Problems for the Sector in Asia with Discount Rates on Prepaid Memberships Sometimes as High as 50%


  • Many Sales Teams Have an Entrenched Resistance to Taking Prices Up Leading to Status Quo


do lower prices work
Do Lower Prices Work? 低价可行么?
  • Conventional Wisdom 传统的智慧

“Lower Membership Rates Drive Higher Volumes and Mean Members Are Less Inclined to Terminate Versus if they Were Paying Higher Rates. Concept of Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie”


  • Pure View Pure的观点

“Higher Membership Rates Encourage Higher Member Usage and Lower Attrition. Members Paying Lower Rates Use the Clubs Less Frequently, Buy Fewer Ancillary Services and Have Higher Attrition Rates”


  • Resignation Rates Remained Constant Despite Increasing Prices. Annual Attrition Rates Approximately 35%


  • Increasing Prices Fund Annual Compensation Increases for Sales and PT Teams


pricing the pure experience pure
Pricing - The Pure Experience 定价:Pure的经验
  • Recent Downturn Used to Evaluate Pricing & Its Impact on Profitability


  • Strategy to Take Up Pricing and Reassess Annually 接受定价的策略及年度评估
    • Doubled Joining Fees to Be Consistent with Brand (Joining Fees Often Waived)


    • Increased Prices Higher In Clubs With Higher Demand 根据更高的要求相应提价
    • Reduced Discounts on Prepaid Memberships and Renewal Memberships


    • Instituted Annual Dues Increase for All Members 研究对所有会员每年提价
  • Open Honest Communication with Members – World Class Facilities Cost World Class Rates


  • Changing Thought Process of Staff Who have Been In the Industry a Long Time Most Difficult Task


  • Achieved 8% Average Price Increase Over the Last 18 Months


the importance of brand dna dna
The Importance of Brand DNA 品牌DNA
  • No Matter Which market Segment Company is Targeting It Needs A Clear Mission Statement and DNA to Drive Strategy and Staff


  • DNA Should Be Part of Daily Life and Incorporated Into the Annual Appraisal Process


  • All Decisions Should Take Into Consideration Longer Term Impact


  • Shareholders and Senior Management Need to Be Honest With Staff and Manage Expectations Accordingly


    • Bulk Business Up and Sell it to VC 扩大业务,卖给风投
    • Longer Term Horizon Focused on Health and Wellbeing of Members


the pure path pure
The Pure Path Pure之路
  • Developed in 2005 When Business 2 Years Old


  • Used Extensive When Recruiting Staff, Dealing with Members and A Litmus Test for Every Decision

Passion +Attitude Teamwork Honesty

热情+态度 团队精神 诚信

  • All Important but Honesty and Teamwork Particularly Important. Honesty Particularly Important in Pricing


  • DNA Creates A Common Bond Between All Staff


the pure mission statement pure
The Pure Mission Statement Pure任务陈述

We are 我们是

your wellbeing professionals


We will 我们将

help you achieve a balanced perspective

and lead a healthier, happier life


In order that 以使

you feel good or better about being yourself


By being 通过

natural, positive, youthful and personalised


investment in staff
Investment in Staff 在员工身上上投资
  • Staff Are Most Important Asset and Key Differentiator Between Brands


  • Investment In Staff Entails: 在员工身上投资需要
    • Adequate Training and Development 足够的培训与发展空间
    • Offering Flexibility Particularly for Certain Groups 对某些特定群体需要灵活对待
    • Paying Top of Market for Top Performers 对顶级绩效者给予顶级奖励
    • Providing a Supportive Corporate Culture and Not Micro Managing Staff


    • Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit but for Benefit of the Brand 培养品牌企业家而不过分注重利益
  • Giving Proper Feedback and Recognition 给予适当的反馈和认可
  • Biggest Challenge for All Companies Given Industry Is Not Always the Employer of Choice For Many Hires


forgotten groups are possibly the most important
Forgotten Groups Are Possibly The Most Important被遗忘的群体很可能是最重要的
  • Many Companies Underestimate the Importance of those Groups Who Interact with Members Most: 企业低估了与会员交流互动最多的群体
    • Receptionists 前台接待
    • Personal Trainers 私教
    • Group X Teachers 团操教练
    • Yoga Teachers 瑜伽指导
  • Very often the Above Categories Are Part Time Or Freelance Staff Who Don’t Quality for Company Benefits. Most Extreme Case Is In Some Countries PT Completely Outsourced


  • Historically Trainers and Instructors Have Been Seen as “Fringe” Staff, Difficult to Manage and Have Not Been Resourced or Invested In Properly. But These Groups Interact with Members More than Any Other Staff 教练很长时间内被视为边缘员工,很难管理以致未给予支持或是当地给予投入。但是这个群体反而比其他员工更接近会员
  • Most Important Staff in A Hotel To Keep Happy - Airport Drivers!

一个酒店最重要的员工是—机场巴士司机! 他们能保证客人是否开心!

staffing the pure experience pure
Staffing – The Pure Experience 上岗—Pure的经验
  • All Staff Full Time Employees – No Part of the Brand Outsourced


  • Strategy for Different Teams Reflect What Is Important To Them


    • Yoga Teachers Two Months Unpaid Leave for Renewal Training


    • Trainers Provided With In House CEP Training At PURE’s Expense
    • Overall Work/Life Balance Encouraged 工作/生活平衡协调
  • Staff Compensation Runs At 30%-35% of Revenue Which Is Higher than Industry Norm


  • Constantly Monitor Staff Turnover as Direct Correlation Between Team Longevity and Performance


investment reinvestment in facilities
Investment & Reinvestment in Facilities设备投资与再投资
  • Recent Market Research Showed Top Three Reason’s For Joining and Staying Member: 近期的研究显示加入与保持会籍最大的三个原因
    • Location 地理位置
    • Facilities 器械
    • Cleanliness 干净程度
  • Sometimes Operators May Not Update Facilities Unless Absolutely Necessary


  • Tired Facilities Reflect Badly On the Brand. Members Question If Brand Not Making Money If No Periodic Renovation


  • Renovations Should Be Seen As A Good Way to Update A Club For New Trends Thrus Maximising New Revenue Trends


  • Trend Is To Change Floor Mix To Less Equipment and More Functional Training and/or Boxing Space


the increasing importance of i t it
The Increasing Importance of I.T. 提高IT部门的重要性
  • Increasingly Investment In Facilities Means Investment In Club IT


  • Important to Take Full Advantage of Interconnected Members – Smartphones and Other Devices


  • Cutting Edge IT Gives Members Confidence and Adds to the Brand


  • Pure Recent Developments Pure近期发展
    • iPad Sales and PT Presentations 使用iPad销售和私教展示
    • Inclub Digital Signage 俱乐部内部数字签名
    • Pure Apps for Schedules and Class Bookings 用于课程和预约的专用Pure软件
  • Huge Potential in PT Area 私教区域的巨大潜力
member relationship strategy
Member Relationship Strategy 会员关系策略
  • Member Relationship Strategy Is Key to Building A Long Term Business


    • Understand Who Your Members Are 明白谁是你的会员
    • Understand Price Elasticity of Members 懂得会员的价格弹性
    • Understand Scope of New Services Members Would Like 懂得会员的新需要范围
    • Give Members A Voice and Platform For Feedback 给予会员反馈的平台
    • Ultimately Create A Community Which Translates Into Long Term Members


  • Communication Is Key to Building Trust with Members


    • Member Surveys 会员调查
    • Interactive Website 互动网站
    • Encouraging Feedback at Club Level Through Comment Cards


    • Looking For Trends Before Problems Arise 在问题产生前先看到这个趋势(防微杜渐)
member relationship strategy social media
Member Relationship Strategy – Social Media会员关系策略—社交媒体
  • Facebook, Twitter and Others Are Powerful New Tools But Need to Be Used Carefully 微博等强有力的新媒体,但是需要非常小心!
  • Reach of Social Media Far Outweighs Traditional Media and Allows Communities or Sub – Communities to Be Fostered. Amazing For General Communication or Launching New Products


  • Gives Members Real Time Feedback and Gives Them A Voice


  • Ensuring Updated Member Information Is Critical. Sales Staff Are Required to Get Email Addressed at Point of Sale


  • Good Way to Retaining and Incentivising Teachers through Creating Their Own Blogs and Online Communities 保持与激励教练通过建立博客、微博等在线交流工具
outreach pr
Outreach & PR 与公共关系
  • Managing Company PR Is Critical As Company Success Is Closely Tied To Trust of Members


  • Every Decision Should Be Assessed Based On If It Is Correct But Also how If Will Be Perceived Externally


  • Important to Monitor PR and Online Forums To Get A Sense of How Company Is Perceived Externally


  • If Anything Be Overly Protective of the Brand Especially in the Early Years


  • Joint Promotion Requests Can Be A Very Good Indicator of the Quality of the Brand


outreach managing the corporate sector
Outreach – Managing the Corporate Sector管理公司部门
  • The Corporate Sector Is A Very Important Outreach Community and Can Be A Valuable Partner


  • Important to Build Long Term Relationships and Support their Health Initiatives 建立长期关系非常重要,以支持他们对健康的要求
  • Don’t Focus on Corporates Driving Volume by Offering Heavily Discounted Membership Rates – Resist this Temptation


  • Do Business With Vendors In the Right Way So Both Partners Grow. Squeezing Vendors Too Hard Is Not Sustainable In the Long Run


  • Important to Build Strong Relationships with Landlords


financial discipline
Financial Discipline 财务准则
  • Historically the Industry Has Been Owned by VC’s Who Have Limited Time Horizon and Pre Occupation with Cash EBITDA


  • The Leads to: 导致
    • Propensity for Brands to Grow Too Quickly 扩张太过迅猛
    • Focus on New Member Sales At Expense of Existing Members


    • Limited Focus on Net Income Taking Into Consideration Ongoing Financing Costs and Depreciation 考虑到持续增长的财务成本和资产折旧,不用太看重净收入
  • Typically Takes 3 Years For A Locations Cash and Book EBITDA to Normalize and Generate Strong Net Income


the pure paradigm pure
The Pure Paradigm Pure规范
  • Focused on Average Revenue Per Member & How We Can Grow It


    • Membership price Increases 增加会籍费
    • Purchases of Ancillary Revenue (PT/PY/Retail/Others) 私教等其他付费收入
    • Important to Retain Members 维持会员很重要
    • Ongoing Revenue Tends to Be More Profitable 收入的连续性保证了利润
  • Focused on How Best to Drive Value from Each Club Location


    • PT Members Most Profitable 私教会员是最大的利润来源
    • Looking At How Can Penetrate Cardio Only Members 注意只做有氧训练的会员
    • No One In the Industry Globally Has Cracked Offpeak Membership Opportunity


  • IT Systems Should Move Towards Tracking Total Annual Spend Per Member


  • Payroll Plans Need to Move Towards Annuity Compensation Based On Member Tenure and Total Revenue Spend