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LISTEN AND TALK:. TAKING and Creating Opportunities as a Learning Organization in WAGGGS. DEFINING A LEARNING ORGANIZATION. What is a Learning Organization?. People oriented Conducive to learning Transformative Individuals “Know differently”

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listen and talk


TAKING and Creating Opportunities as a Learning Organization in WAGGGS

what is a learning organization
What is a Learning Organization?
  • People oriented
  • Conducive to learning
  • Transformative
  • Individuals “Know differently”
  • Pays more attention to empowering members than structure
  • Mobilizing people to adapt to change
characteristics of a learning organization
Characteristics of a Learning Organization
  • Open to changes in the environment
  • Allows change to flow through the organization
  • The Learning itself affects the way members construe reality
  • Experiential, not just thinking and reflecting
guidelines in guiding a change process
Guidelines in Guiding a Change Process:
  • Take time to know the people’s backgrounds, interests, key experiences, defining moments, hopes and fears
  • Remember that uniform information given to a group of people will be heard, read, understood and construed in many different ways
  • Getting a general consensus takes time and patience. Disagreement is not bad, it just needs to be managed-dissonance is a part of harmony.
  • During interaction, it is necessary to be reflective in action
Systems thinking should be practiced. Recognition and interpretation of roles within the system will help the change process.
  • Leaders and strategic planners need to divorce themselves from their role, especially when factions within the system are antagonistic, angry or demonstrate passive-aggressive tendencies.
  • Wherever there is conflict, this should be depersonalized by distinguishing the issues from the people representing those issues.
helpful tips
Helpful Tips
  • “We must meet people where they are, not where we want them to be”
  • Learning is about asking questions
  • Learning is a process and a personal endeavor
  • Learning often begins with unlearning

Without learning there can be no learning organization. Perpetual change is the new reality

  • Continuous change generates ever new opportunities
  • People learn best in relationship
  • A learning climate is more important than forcing innovation

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