ammonia nitrogen cycle n.
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AMMONIA + NITROGEN CYCLE. By: Berenice Mendoza. Ammonium.

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ammonia nitrogen cycle


By: Berenice Mendoza


It is a pungent colorless gaseous alkaline compound of nitrogen and hydrogen NH3 that is very soluble in water and can easily be condensed to a liquid by cold and pressure. Plants use ammonia in the soil as a source of nitrogen, which is needed to build proteins that are essential to their life.Ammonium can be toxic to some crops, it is rarely applied as a sole nitrogen source.

bacteria ammonium
Bacteria & Ammonium
  • "…bacteria that grows by eating inorganic compounds" (Wikipedia)
  • When a plant or an animal decomposes, bacteria comes in and creates ammonium (NH4+)
  • nitrogenous material in dead plants and animals -> ammonia molecules
  • Bacteria takes in dead organic matter and turns it into organic compounds, done by plants
industrial process and fertilizer factories industrial fixation
Industrial process and fertilizer factories (INDUSTRIAL FIXATION)
  • Ammonia is used as a synthetic nitrogen fertilizer to enrich land for crop growth
  • Burning of fossil fuels release nitrogen oxides into the environment
  • The ozone is weakening due to nitrous oxide being released.

“The price of nitrogen fertilizers is directly related to the price of natural gas (methane). Manufacturing 1 ton of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer requires 33,500 cubic feet of natural gas. This cost represents most of the costs associated with manufacturing anhydrous ammonia. When natural gas prices are $2.50 per thousand cubic feet, the natural gas used to manufacture 1 ton of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer costs $83.75. If the price rises to $7.00 per thousand cubic feet of natural gas, the cost of natural gas used in manufacturing that ton of anhydrous ammonia rises to $234.50, an increase to the manufacturer of $150.75”

- The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

haber bosch process
Haber-Bosch process

This process is used by industries and it is the implementation of the reaction of nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas. It is the main industrial route to ammonia