Hrms users group thursday august 23 2007 1 30pm 3 00pm clark center auditorium
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HRMS Users’ Group Thursday, August 23, 2007 1:30pm - 3:00pm Clark Center Auditorium. HR Management Information Systems. Agenda. Enhancements Update – Trovix Recruitment Manager Carmen Jacinto & Rosemary Bracy, 10 BenefitSU PSoft Data Entry – Reminder for Open Enrollment Stephen Geddes, 5

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Hrms users group thursday august 23 2007 1 30pm 3 00pm clark center auditorium

HRMS Users’ GroupThursday, August 23, 20071:30pm - 3:00pmClark Center Auditorium

HR Management Information Systems


  • Enhancements Update – Trovix Recruitment Manager

    Carmen Jacinto & Rosemary Bracy, 10

  • BenefitSU PSoft Data Entry – Reminder for Open Enrollment

    Stephen Geddes, 5

  • Employees on a Part-Time Leave

    Vanessa Alcantar, 5

  • ReportMart1 Additions and Changes Update

    Cristen Shinbashi, 5

  • Salary Planning Update

    Cristen Shinbashi & Vanessa Alcantar, 10

  • Kronos and Payroll Updates

    Elise McMath, 10

  • STAP Balance Online in STARS

    Vanessa Alcantar, 5

  • Controller’s Office Website Update

    Belinda Vaughan, 10

HR Management Information Systems

Enhancements update trovix recruitment manager stanford university s applicant tracking system

Enhancements UpdateTrovix Recruitment ManagerStanford University’s Applicant Tracking System


Carmen Jacinto & Rosemary Bracy

Office of Staff Employment

Trovix 2 5 5 x reminders
Trovix 2.5.5.xReminders

  • This minor enhancement update was delayed, but did occur last weekend.

  • You’ll notice new

    • Candidate tabs in the Job Requisition

    • Date formats on your home page

    • Personal Trovix reports options

    • Mass email notification options

  • We are in the planning stages for a more robust rollout in 2008

HR Management Information Systems

What is still the same
What is still the same?

  • Position Numbers for Requisitions will continue to be created in PeopleSoft and then populated in Trovix

  • The business process for determining the need for a hire is still determined by the local business unit

  • The Requisition is created, posted, maintained, and closed via Trovix

  • The hire is made in PeopleSoft, HRMS

  • Applicants will still apply online via

  • You may still hit the magnifying glass to see your candidates

HR Management Information Systems

What will be different
What will be different?

  • The “Account” tab has more options for your personal log in preferences

  • EEOC Reports are updated

  • Personal reports are called “My Reports”

  • An easier to view Candidate Tab has been added

HR Management Information Systems

Let s log into trovix to see the following
Let’s log into Trovix to see the following:

  • The “Account” tab

  • EEOC Reports

  • Personal reports

  • The easier to view Candidate Tab

HR Management Information Systems


HR Management Information Systems

Benefitsu peoplesoft data entry reminder for open enrollment

BenefitSU PeopleSoft Data EntryReminder for Open Enrollment


Stephen Geddes

Benefits Department

Benefitsu open enrollment reminders
BenefitSU Open Enrollment Reminders

  • Date of Hire

  • Salary

  • Address

  • Who To Contact/Wrap Up

HR Management Information Systems

Date of hire open enrollment deadline 9 26
Date of Hire Open Enrollment Deadline - 9/26

  • Drives the start date for benefits (New Hires, Rehires)

  • Sets the 31-day online enrollment period

HR Management Information Systems

Salary open enrollment deadline 9 26
SalaryOpen Enrollment Deadline - 9/26

  • Benefits Salary is used to calculate premium amount for:

    • Basic life insurance

    • Supplemental life insurance

    • Accidental, death and dismemberment (AD&D)

    • Long term disability

HR Management Information Systems

Address open enrollment deadline 9 26
Address Open Enrollment Deadline – 9/26

  • Employees are eligible for medical plans in their home zip code (“permanent phone and address” section)

    • If (active) employee’s home address is in Maine, the employee will not be able to choose an HMO medical plan

  • Open Enrollment materials will be mailed to the Mailing Address!

HR Management Information Systems

Address updates open enrollment deadline 9 26
Address UpdatesOpen Enrollment Deadline – 9/26

  • StanfordYou (Registry)

    • Active employees to

  • PeopleSoft record

    • Active employees seeking assistance from their HR representative

HR Management Information Systems

Wrap up open enrollment deadline 9 26
Wrap Up Open Enrollment Deadline – 9/26

  • Submit PeopleSoft data entry questions via HelpSU ticket at

  • For benefit questions, call BenefitSU at:

    • 650-736-2985 (press option 9)

    • 877-905-2985 (press option 9)

  • Salary & Address changes deadline:

    • Midnight, September 26 (Wednesday)

HR Management Information Systems

Employees on a part time leave

Employees on a Part-Time Leave


Vanessa Alcantar

Data Management Services

Employees on a part time leave and kronos
Employees on a Part-Time Leave and Kronos

  • When an employee is working part-time during a disability, family care, or bonding leave, any hours worked must be entered into Kronos in a timely manner.

  • In an effort to streamline the process, DMS is requesting that employees who are working part-time enter their own hours into Kronos on a daily basis for the duration of their part-time leave.

  • This new process will save time for you and DMS and will insure accurate and timely payment to the employee from Stanford and the vendor.

HR Management Information Systems

Employees on a part time leave and kronos cont d
Employees on a Part-Time Leave and Kronos (cont’d)

  • Please note that due to a recent Kronos enhancement, exempt employees (only while on a part-time leave) may now enter hours into Kronos. 

  • Below is an example of how hours should be entered:

Note: When taking time unrelated to the leave (i.e. vacation, PTO, or unrelated sick) enter hours as shown in the sample above.

We hope this change will save time and increase accuracy!

HR Management Information Systems

Reportmart1 additions and changes update

ReportMart1 Additions and Changes Update


Cristen Shinbashi

HR Management Information Systems

Hr reporting reportmart1
HR Reporting – ReportMart1

  • If you would like to receive email notification of ReportMart1 outages or changes, please self subscribe to this new email address.


  • ReportMart1 will be upgrading to Hyperion Version 9.3 on 11/11/2007. Please stay tuned for further information from Data Management & Reporting and Human Resources Information Systems including FAQs, User Guide, Web Tutorial, and demonstration at an upcoming HRMS Users Group.

  • Currently, there are 75 published Human Resources reports in ReportMart1. To aid users, we track changes to these reports at the following location: ReportMart1 > HR, Payroll, Benefits Information > ReportMart1 Additions and Changes. Please check this document regularly to take advantage of new reports and enhancements to current reports.

    • Recent new reports or enhanced reports include: Print-a-Person, Tickler, Supplemental Pay, and eJEM.

HR Management Information Systems

Salary planning update

Salary Planning Update


Cristen Shinbashi, HR Management Information Systems

Vanessa Alcantar, Data Management Services

Staff upload of 9 1 07 salary increases
Staff Upload of 9/1/07 Salary Increases

  • HRMs are submitting Salary Planning spreadsheets to University Compensation for review and approval by August 17.

  • The week of August 27*, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) will upload increases effective 09/01/07 for active employees as of 09/01/07 to PeopleSoft. HRIS will then provide each HRM with an upload verification report. (*Note:  The School of Medicine upload will take place the following week due to volume and staff changes). 

  • Please be as accurate as possible given that the information will load to the official record of the employee.

HR Management Information Systems

After the upload process is completed
After the Upload Process is Completed

  • When the data is loaded to PeopleSoft, employees will have a new job data record row with the effective date of 09/01/07 displaying Action of Pay Rate Change and Reason of Merit (MER), Special Market Adjustment (MAR), and/or Market/Equity/Retention (EQY).  Once the upload has taken place, you will not be able to make any updates or changes to employee job data records with an effective date prior to 09/01/07. 

  • If you need to make changes to employee job data records (for example: rehire, change job assignment, job code change, etc.) or need to change a 09/01/07 increase that has already been uploaded, you will need to submit a HelpSU ticket ( Category > Administrative Applications > Type:  PeopleSoft.  HRIS will process these transactions using correction mode.

  • For purposes of data integrity and accurate reporting, DO NOT insert any additional Merit (MER), Special Market Adjustment (MAR) or Market/Equity/Retention (EQY) increase rows with a higher effective sequence.

HR Management Information Systems

Employees on long term disability ltd
Employees on Long-Term Disability (LTD)

  • If an employee on Long-Term Disability (LTD) is scheduled for a 09/01/07 increase, the increase will not be uploaded to PeopleSoft by HRIS.

  • Contact the Data Management Services (DMS) group to determine the correct salary amount and to process the increase. 

    • DMS is required to notify Unum of compensation changes for an employee on LTD. 

HR Management Information Systems

Employees on a leave of absence disability wc vdi std ltd family care or bonding
Employees on a Leave of Absence (Disability: WC, VDI/STD, LTD; Family Care, or Bonding)

  • For employees who receive an increase while on a leave of absence, DMS needs to recalculate the employees Kronos entries (if applicable) to reflect the increase in pay, which will increase the Stanford salary continuation amounts.

  • When the employee returns from leave, please DO NOT process a retroactive increase.  This will result in a possible overpayment/underpayment from the respective vendor and Stanford.

    • The salary increase should be effective the date they return to work.

HR Management Information Systems

Bargaining unit salary increase
Bargaining Unit Salary Increase

  • The FY08 Bargaining Unit salary grade range adjustments for employees in ranges A08 to A68 will be automatically loaded into PeopleSoft HRMS during the week of August 27th. 

    • Once loaded, a confirmation email will be sent to HRMs and HRAs that have bargaining unit employees. 

    • All bargaining unit employees in ranges A08 to A68, including employees on leave of absence, will have their new compensation rates, per the USW contract, inserted in PeopleSoft HRMS Job Data with an effective date of 09/01/2007. 

    • The action/reason will be Pay Rate Change > Range Adjustment. 

HR Management Information Systems

Bus in ranges a08 to a68 that also require a step increase
BUs in Ranges A08 to A68 That Also Require a Step Increase

  • Once you have received the confirmation email that the range adjustments have been loaded, you can then load transactions for step increases.

    • Remember to set the effective sequence to 1 (or the next numeric sequence) when using the same effective date of 09/01/2007 for the step increases.

  • NOTE: Payroll lockout is Tuesday, September 18. Be sure to enter your step increases before then.

HR Management Information Systems

Action needed for ees in grades a00 and a99
Action Needed for EEs in Grades A00 and A99

  • You will need to load a Pay Rate Change > Range Adjustment manually, because there are no step amounts in the salary grade table in PeopleSoft HRMS.

HR Management Information Systems

Salary planning questions
Salary Planning Questions

  • To further verify your data, you may run the Salary List (HR059) report in ReportMart1.  It is located in category HR, Payroll, Benefits Systems > Job Information.

  • Salary Planning Upload Spreadsheet

    • Contact your HRM and/or their respective Compensation Analyst, or the Med School Human Resources Group (HRG)

  • PeopleSoft Transactions

    • Submit a HelpSU ticket

      • Category = PeopleSoft HRMS, Subject = Salary Planning

  • Employees on Leave of Absence

    • Contact DMS


HR Management Information Systems

Kronos and payroll updates

Kronos and Payroll Updates


Elise McMath


01 01 1901 service dates
01/01/1901 Service Dates

  • 01/01/1901 default service date is used for all contingent and student employees

  • Actual service date must be entered when employees move to a benefits eligible position.

  • If the service date is not updated:

    • Employee receives maximum vacation accruals

      • 14 extra vacation days/year for NX and BU

      • 9 extra vacation days/year for EX

HR Management Information Systems

01 01 1901 service dates cont d
01/01/1901 Service Dates (cont’d)

  • To find employees with incorrect service dates:

    • Department TLA - login to Kronos

    • Select Reconcile Timecard

    • Choose “1/1/1901 Srv Dt on Bene El ees” from Show drop down

    • Results will display on screen

HR Management Information Systems

01 01 1901 service dates cont d1
01/01/1901 Service Dates (cont’d)

  • To correct employee records:

    • Update service date in PeopleSoft

    • Correct vacation accruals in Kronos

      • Job aid available at:

  • Notify employee

HR Management Information Systems

Terminal vacation
Terminal Vacation

  • Terminal vacation is available to extend an employee’s time on regular payroll for:

    • Any regular staff employee who is retiring or being permanently laid off, with agreement with the employee’s supervisor/HRM

      • Accumulated Vacation, PTO, and Floating Holiday may be used

  • Any bargaining unit employee who is retiring

    • Accumulated Vacation and Floating Holiday may be used

HR Management Information Systems

Terminal vacation cont d
Terminal Vacation (cont’d)

  • PeopleSoft Action

    • Place the employee on LOA, Paid – Terminal Vacation status

  • Kronos Action

    • Use special Terminal Vacation, Terminal PTO, and Terminal Floating Holiday codes

    • Remove Holiday codes (employees on terminal vacation are not eligible for holiday pay)

  • Termination Action

    • Enter a Termination Webform to request a final check on employee’s last full day of terminal vacation

HR Management Information Systems

Kronos org map search tip

Click in the top portion of the org map box.

Key in the employee’s ID number.

The Org map will automatically move to the employee’s entry.

Kronos Org Map Search Tip

Click in Here

Tip: Can’t remember the Empl ID? Move the Select Transfer box down so the name and emplid from the Timecard below is visible.

HR Management Information Systems

Direct deposit to multiple bank accounts
Direct Deposit to Multiple Bank Accounts

  • Coming this September

  • Designate up to 2 bank accounts:

    • Percentage split (e.g. 80% to checking, 20% to savings)

    • Flat amount, with balance to a second account (e.g. $400 to Credit Union to pay car loan, remaining balance to checking)

  • Enrollment help screens will be available in Axess

HR Management Information Systems

Stap balance online in stars september 1 2007

STAP Balance Online in STARSSeptember 1, 2007


Vanessa Alcantar on behalf of Marie Hansen

Data Management Services

Stap funds online
STAP Funds Online

  • For new FY 2008, STAP usage and available balance will be tracked and visible in STARS

  • Includes all STAP-funded courses, internal and external

  • STARS will validate employee eligibility and availability of funds for each activity

  • STAP-eligible staff will be able to “View STAP Balance” in STARS

HR Management Information Systems

Stap funds online cont d
STAP Funds Online (cont’d)

  • Major Communication Activities

    • Posters distributed to HRMs and other administrators in August

    • Postcard to be delivered in late August to all eligible employees

    • Stanford Report “Cardinal Chronicle” article in July

    • Orientations for HelpSU staffers in August

    • STAP Balance info will be in all the internal training catalogs and training provider websites, too (TOG, HIP, Continuing Studies, ITS)

HR Management Information Systems

Stap balance online sample test system
STAP Balance Online Sample (test system)

HR Management Information Systems

View stap balance sample test system
View STAP Balance Sample (test system)

HR Management Information Systems

More info
More Info

  • Questions about STAP Policy or Program?

    • Click on the “STAP Policy” link on the View STAP Balance page, or

    • Go to

  • Questions about the View STAP Balance page data?

    • After September 1, submit a HelpSU ticket

HR Management Information Systems

Controller s office website update

Controller’s Office Website Update


Belinda Vaughan, Director of Communications

Controller's Office

Visit our new web site
Visit our new web site


HR Management Information Systems