Ilias n5 the gw antenna network
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ILIAS/N5: The GW antenna network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ILIAS/N5: The GW antenna network. Raffaele Flaminio EGO and LAPP/CNRS. Summary History GWA Objectives & Contents - Management - Budget - Goals of this meeting. GW net: Some history. Several attempt to get funds from the EU in the 90’s failed In 2002 EU launched FP6

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Ilias n5 the gw antenna network
ILIAS/N5:The GW antenna network

Raffaele Flaminio


  • Summary

  • History

  • GWA Objectives & Contents

  • - Management

  • - Budget

  • - Goals of this meeting

Gw net some history
GW net: Some history

  • Several attempt to get funds from the EU in the 90’s failed

  • In 2002 EU launched FP6

  • ApPEC launched a coordinated action in the European astroparticle physics community to prepare a proposal for an I3 called ILIAS (Integrated Large Infrastructures for Astroparticle Science) to be submitted to the EU

  • Long process started

    • proposal preparation: 9/2002 – 3/2003- proposal submission: March 2003- partly approved in August 2003 (GW contents approved)- negotiations: fall 2003/spring 2004- projects start: April 1st 2004

  • GWA Budget: 550 kEuros / ~ 200 scientists ….. Why do it ?

    • A) GW experimental community enters the EU world

    • B) Do some coordinated work all together

Gw net main objectives
GW net: Main objectives

  • Increase the level of European coordination in the field

  • Enhance the performance of existing detectors

  • Prepare the future of this discipline in Europe

  • Provide a link between the various experimental projects and theoretical groups

  • Encourage the researchers mobility

  • Open existing facilities to more people from more countries

  • Help the structuring an European GW research community

  • Ease the collaboration with related field such as Gamma-ray and Neutrino astronomy

  • Develop coordinated collaborations with non-European communities (USA, Japan, Australia)

Gw net proposed activities
GW net: Proposed activities

  • Develop the exchange of information among teams on items such as:

  • Commissioning and operation of existing detectors

  • Joint operation and data analysis

  • R&D for detectors upgrade and future projects

  • Three working groups proposed :

  • WG1: Detectors commissioning and characterization

  • WG2: Joint operation of detectors and network data analysis

  • WG3: An European strategy for future detectors

  • Beside working group activities:

  • Have bi-annual meetings involving the responsibles of the main projects and research poles

  • Organize an annual general meeting

Gw net objectives and deliverables
GW net: Objectives and Deliverables

  • WG1 “Commissioning and operation of existing detectors”

  • - Speed-up the VIRGO/GEO commissioning by means of a deeper collaboration

  • - Provide inputs for establishing priorities in the short term improvement of existing detectors

  • - Common characterization methodologies

  • - Regular reports describing and comparing detectors performances

  • WG2 “Joint operation of detectors and network data analysis”

  • Support joint observations among GW detectors and with gamma, neutrino and optical telescopes

  • Support the development of a network data analysis pipeline

  • - Data analysis pipeline to perform joint analysis of data produced by a network of GW detectors

  • First astrophysical results deduced from joint observations

  • WG3 “An European strategy for future detectors”

  • Determine objectives attainable trough short-term improvements

  • Draft a plan for an European network of GW detectors at the 2010 horizon

  • - Short term plan after 18 months

  • Long term plan: ‘White book’ defining the GW community strategic objectives over 10 years period

Gw net management structure
GW net: Management structure

  • Each working group typically consists of at least 10 experts

  • One chairperson and co-chairperson per working group (task leaders)

  • One executive board

    • ensuring the coordination of the whole network formed by representative from main GW projects + working group conveners (~ 10 persons)

  • One institution in charge of the budget administration (EGO)

Executive board
Executive board

  • Set-up at the beginning of the project:

    • * ILIAS-GWA coordinator: K. Danzmann (AEI Hannover)

    • * Virgo representatives: R.Flaminio (CNRS LAPP), M.Punturo (INFN Perugia)

    • * GEO representatives: B.Willke (AEI Hannover), S.Rowan (University of Glasgow)

    • * Resonant antennas representatives: M.Cerdonio (INFN Padova), E.Coccia (INFN Roma)

    • * LISA representative: S.Vitale (University of Trento)

    • * Invited members:

      • o EGO director: F.Menzinger

      • o JRA3 Representative: G.Cagnoli (University of Glasgow)

      • o Leaders of the three working groups (see below)

      • o N6 Representative: ?

  • Problem: attempts to establish a contact with the theoretical network have failed so far.

  • Main outcome of the first EB meeting (Cascina, May 11th, 2004):

    • - working group members and chairmen (two/group) established

    • - call for the annual general meeting in November (attached to the Virgo week in Orsay)

    • - discussion on priorities (WG1)

    • - decision to allow members of WG1 to access technical data of the all the antenna

    • - good news: British and German groups asking support to participate to the upgrade of Virgo

Goals of this meeting
Goals of this meeting

  • Main goal: review working groups activity

    • - problems ?

    • - how to improve ?

    • - need to reinforce the working groups ?

  • Discuss mid-term report preparation

  • Discuss the dissemination of on-going activities: web site(s)

  • Next general meeting