accounts payable travel training presented by the travel team alo megan patricia and mary n.
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Accounts Payable TRAVEL TRAINING Presented by: THE TRAVEL TEAM Alo, Megan, Patricia, and Mary PowerPoint Presentation
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Accounts Payable TRAVEL TRAINING Presented by: THE TRAVEL TEAM Alo, Megan, Patricia, and Mary

Accounts Payable TRAVEL TRAINING Presented by: THE TRAVEL TEAM Alo, Megan, Patricia, and Mary

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Accounts Payable TRAVEL TRAINING Presented by: THE TRAVEL TEAM Alo, Megan, Patricia, and Mary

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  1. UNLV Controller’s Office University of Nevada Las Vegas Accounts Payable Department Welcome Accounts Payable TRAVEL TRAINING Presented by: THE TRAVEL TEAM Alo, Megan, Patricia, and Mary

  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS • Accounts Payable Management • Accounts Payable Locations and Web Site • Who are the Travel Team and what are their responsibilities • What Constitutes Travel Status • Who is Authorized to travel on a travel document • When and How to Prepare a Travel Document (TD) Sections I & II • Travel Document Section I • Travel Document Section II • Travel Document Section III • Receipt Policy • TIW Worksheet • Airfare • Lodging • Domestic Meal Per Diem • Host Expense • Registration Fee • Car Rental Policy • Taxi, Bus, Shuttle, Parking etc. • Other • Foreign Travel • Travel Advances • Amended Travel Documents • Candidate Travel • Recruitment Expenses • Moving Allowances • Conference Prepayments/Reimbursements • FAQ’s • Questions

  3. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE MANAGEMENT • Controller • Brent Morgan • Call 895-3517 • Deputy Controller • Chris Viton • Call 895-5578 • Assistant Controller – Accounts Payable Manager • Yvette Walton • Call 895-1143 • Accounts Payable – Travel Team Supervisor • Alo Faleafine • Call 895-1156

  4. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE LOCATION • CAMPUS SERVICES BUILDING • Controller’s Office • Second Floor Room 245 • Mail stop 1053 • Fax 702-895 -1519 • Front Desk 702-895 -3822 • Travel Team 702-895 -1156 • Vendor Team 702-895 -1157 • Manager (Yvette Walton) 702-895 -1143

  5. UNLV Accounts Payable Web Site

  6. Travel Team ResponsibilitiesPhone: 5-1156 Fax 5-1519 Alo Faleafine • Process Travel Advance requests & reconciliation for all travelers • Process Regent Travel • Process Diner’s Club payments & reconciliation and Diner’s Club service fees • Process Motorpool related charges (State of NV or Enterprise) • Employment Clearances • Training Megan Gerke • Process Travel documents for domestic, foreign and group travel. • Process Enterprise Car Rental Payments • Process non-lodging related PO’s, LPO’s and PV’s • Website Re-Construction • Check Distribution

  7. Travel Team Responsibilities (con’t) Mary • Process Travel documents for domestic, foreign and group travel. • Process Prepayment of Conference Registrations • Process Prepayment of Lodging and Lodging Invoices • Check Distribution Patricia • Process Travel documents for domestic, foreign and group travel. • Process Moving Allowances • Process Candidate Expenses and Recruitment • Check Distribution

  8. Summary of Changes • Lodging, Meal Per Diem and Incidentals rate changes. • Lodging Rate Exceptions (In state, out of state and foreign lodging) • New Lodging Exception Approval Form • P-Card changes

  9. What ConstitutesTravel Status?

  10. Travel Status Currently, any authorized traveler (Employee, Student, Volunteer), traveling 50 miles or more outside of Las Vegas is considered on Travel Status. Any expense incurred while on travel status, needs to be reimbursed on a travel document.


  12. Employees – in HRMSStudents – in SISVolunteers – are set up in HR as a Volunteer.

  13. Travel Document Info: • Travel documents can be found on the Accounts Payable Website ( • Travel document numbers are issued by Accounts Payable Manager – Yvette Walton. • Just send an email to Yvette, requesting a block of numbers. • Payment Voucher numbers are given by her as well.

  14. When and How to Prepare a Travel Document (TD) Sections I & II

  15. Section I Fill in all appropriate areas of section I (Traveler/Trip Information): • Vendor Code – EXXXXXXXXX (Employee #) • Please no Social Security Numbers • Purpose – “Conference”, “Meeting”, “Research”, “Field Work” etc. • Destination City – determines lodging and meal per diem rates.

  16. Section II • Make sure to check account funds carefully. Insufficient funds in the account when the TD is submitted to A/P will delay processing. • Use the following Advantage Tables for verification: Type:Advantage Table: • Fund ORGN • Agency ORGN • Organization ORGN • Object OBJT • Sub-Object SOBJ • Available Funds ESUM • Also make sure that lines 30, 21 23 or 24 have been set up for each budget line: The Budget office can help you create these lines if you need to do so. • You may also use Financial Data Warehouse to check account numbers; however that information is a day old.

  17. Prepare Sections I and II of the Travel ClaimHave the left side of the Travel Claim signed by the traveler, their supervisor, and the signature authority for the account(s) BEFORE travel takes place.

  18. See insert in handout for Section I & II example.

  19. Prepayments • Many travel expenses (Airfare, Lodging, Car Rental etc.) may be prepaid using: • P-Card • Ghost Card – only for airfare. • Payment Voucher – to issue a check to the vendor • Travel Advance – only for meal per diem.

  20. Prepaying Airfare • P-Card • Ghost Card • Complete sections I & II of travel document • Fax to vendor (Kozals, Prestige, and Worldtek) • Payment Voucher – if vendor will accept a check

  21. Prepaying Lodging & Registration • Lodging • P-card • Use credit card authorization form only if room and taxes are to be charged to the P-card • Payment Voucher • Attach reservation confirmation showing traveler’s name and total amount to be charged with detail (rate per night, taxes, and fees) • Registration • P-card • Payment Voucher • Attach completed registration form, invoice, or confirmation which should include traveler’s name and amount to be charged with detail (registration fees, workshop fees, banquets, dinners etc.) • NOTE – W-9 FORM IS REQUIRED FOR ALL NEW VENDORS.

  22. Prepaying Car Rental • P-Card • Purchase Order • Please contact Purchasing for Purchase Order Instructions ext 5-3521. • NOTE – PLEASE USE THE STATE OF NEVADA CONTRACTS (see Car Rental Contracted Agencies)

  23. Travel Advances Complete Sections I & II of TD • Who can request a Travel Advance • Employees or Students • Employees with Diner’s Club card cannot • What constitutes a Travel Advance • Advances are 75% for students and 100% for employees for per diem only • Need Travel Document, TIW and airline itinerary • Cannot issue an advance for a Volunteer • If a traveler requires a travel advance: • Prepare the left side (Sec. I & II) of the Travel Document (TD) form only • “I request a travel advance in the amount…” • Have the TD signed by the traveler, supervisor, and signature authority • If team travel, attach list of all the travelers and airline itineraries • Advances will be issued 5 business days before the trip begins and is available for pick-up by the traveler or their representative * All advances must be submitted for reconciliation within 15 working days of the end of the trip.

  24. When and How to Prepare a Travel Document (TD) Section III

  25. Receipt Policy(applies to TD’s and PV’s) • Original Receipts are required and must include the following: • Date of Purchase • Contains the Vendor/Business Name • Total amount paid • Description of what was purchased • Taxi receipts should have details such as date, amount and To/From locations • Method of Payment-(Type of payment Visa, Discover, AMEX, MC, Cash, Check etc) If MC payment, please be sure the receipt shows the last 3 digits of the MC. • Affidavit for Lost Receipt Form available on our website (can not be used for airfare, lodging, and conference registration.) • Note –each day, cost of $25 or less does not require receipts for taxi, bus, shuttle and parking fees. • Altered receipts may not be accepted without a valid explanation of the alteration and who altered it

  26. Completing the Travel Itinerary Worksheet (TIW) • Note all expenses in the corresponding boxes per day (ex. Lodging per night, car rental per day etc…) • Per Diem: • GSA Website – (click on per diem rates) • If meals were hosted while traveling, write “hosted” in the corresponding box • If meals were provided at a conference, write “conf” in the corresponding box • Types of meals that do NOT constitute meals; continental breakfast and receptions. • Use most current version of TIW – located on the accounts payable website.

  27. P-Card Purchases • P-Cards are now available for the following purchases: • Lodging -- Airfare • Car Rental -- Taxi, Parking, etc • Exception signatures for lodging are still required, even if purchased by P-card. • All P-card purchases are audited to ensure compliance with the travel policy.

  28. AIRFARE • Follow Receipt Policy • Check the box indicating who paid the airfare expense. • If paid by UNLV, please indicate by referencing: PV, PO, P-card, Travel Agency etc. and deduct expense in deduction area. • Attach airline itinerary that includes flight dates, times, passenger name and method of payment • Airline itinerary is required even if UNLV did not pay for the airfare. • Flight dates and times are used to verify trip dates and meal per diem reimbursement (constitutes travel status.)

  29. Airfare • Follow receipt policy • Cannot use affidavit of lost receipt • Call vendor for duplicate receipt

  30. Personal Auto • If claiming mileage reimbursement, then one of the following is required: • Mileage log • Odometer readings • To and From address • Time departed and arrived • Mapquest • Personal Convenience vs. UNLV Convenience? • UNLV Convenience $0.485 - An employee using their own personal vehicle for UNLV’s convenience. • Personal Convenience $0.2425 – An employee using their own personal vehicle for the employees convenience.

  31. LODGING(Room & Tax Only) • Lodging rates • Found on GSA Website (click on per diem rates. • Click on state you are traveling to • Locate city or county to obtain per diem lodging rate • If city is not listed, use the county locater by clicking on “visit the National Association of Counties (NACO) website” • Select state from drop down box. • Click on letter for your city which will determine your county. • Find your defined county on GSA website to determine the lodging rate. (if you cannot locate your county then use the standard CONUS rate)

  32. Please be aware of the specific time frames for per diem rates. Please note the time frame for per diem rates.

  33. City of Elko is in Elko County which is not listed in the GSA Surveyed Sites…So Conus Rate is used.

  34. Lodging (cont.) • Lodging rate exceptions are based on surveyed and non-surveyed sites. • Surveyed site is defined by cities and counties specifically listed in GSA table. • Non Surveyed site is any city or county not listed in the GSA table. • Lodging exceptions rates are as follows: • In State • Non-Surveyed- 150% of per diem rate of CONUS • Ex. $60(max. lodging) x 150 % = $90.00 • Out of State • Surveyed- 175 % • Ex. $100(max. lodging) x 175% = $175.00 • Non-Surveyed- 300 % • Ex. $60(max. lodging) x 300% = $180.00

  35. Lodging (cont.) • In order to get the lodging exception rate, you need the following things: • Lodging Exception Approval Form • Located on the UNLV Accounts Payable Website ( • Exception Signature Authorization • Associate Dean, Dean, Associate Vice President, Vice President, Vice Provost, Provost, and President.

  36. Lodging Example I • Traveler went to a conference in San Diego from October 10-13 • Hotel Folio shows the following • Room rate $169 • State Tax $16.90 • City Tax $8.45 • Convention Fee $1.00 • Can we reimburse the traveler for all their lodging expenses?

  37. Lodging Example II • A Scientist went to collect study insects and plants in Zzyzx, California • He/She is only claming mileage and meals • What is the meal per diem for Zzyzx, California?

  38. Lodging Example III • Traveler went to a conference in Austin, Texas from July 8-14 • Hotel folio shows the following: • Room Rate $249.00 • State Tax $37.35 • County Tax $24.90 • Tourism Fee $5.00 • Can we reimburse the traveler for all of their lodging expenses?

  39. Lodging (cont.) • Upon check out make sure to obtain a detailed itemized final folio which includes the method of payment and a zero balance. • ITEMS NOT REIMBURSABLE: • INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO • Room Service • Restaurant Charges • Phone calls that exceed the $10.00 limit per day allowed for personal usage. • Safe Rental • Movies • Tips • Refreshment/Mini Bar

  40. Lodging (cont.) • Cannot use affidavit of lost receipt • Call vendor to obtain a duplicate folio

  41. Domestic Meal Per Diem • Given according to the following time table: • Breakfast 12:00AM-10:00AM • Lunch 10:01AM-3:00PM • Dinner 3:01PM-11:59PM • Rates can be found on the GSA website ( • Travel status starts 2 hours before flight departs and ends when plane lands. • If traveling by vehicle, the TIW will list the departure and arrival times.

  42. Domestic Meal Per Diem (cont) • Incidentals are $3 per day and are not taken out even if a meal was provided. • When filling out the TIW, use the amounts below for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

  43. HOST EXPENSE Original Receipts Required (see Receipt policy) Correct Host Account Dean, VP or Higher Authority must sign for the Host Expense Hosting information: Who – business relationship What – what was purchased Where- where hosting took place When – dates and times Why – business purpose Tips on hosted meals are reimbursed up to 20% Host Policy is covered in depth in Vendor Training

  44. Registration Fee • Follow receipt policy • Cannot use affidavit of lost receipt • Call vendor for duplicate receipt

  45. CAR RENTAL POLICY • In-state car rentals go through Enterprise Rent-a-Car or State of Nevada Motor Pool. • See the Motor Pool Website for more information • In Reno – use State of NV Motor Pool • If State of NV Motor Pool does not have a vehicle, then they will make the reservation through their contracted rental agency