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PROGRAM DEMONSTRATION. Program Description and Purpose.

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Program Description and Purpose

LAW2M8 is new sophisticated but easy-to-use legal software program specifically designed BY attorneys FOR attorneys. With the ability to be customized for any legal practice of any size, LAW2M8 can effortlessly move you into a new technology plateau and allow you to discard the antiquated structure of your current client file system with ease and security. 

Deadline Calculator - date.Allows User To Adjust For New Court Furlough Days

A Specialized Search Engine Design Allows You To Search Various Federal, State and County Sources For Forms and Rules.

Your LAW2M8 Search Engine Various Federal, State and County Sources For Forms and Rules.

Search From Any Screen For Documents, Matters or Contacts Various Federal, State and County Sources For Forms and Rules.

Exchange Interface - No More Switching Between Programs; Stamp and User

Access Your Email Within LAW2M8

Matter Time Tracker – Allows For Accurate Time Measurements For Easy Accounting;

Export To Microsoft Excel

Each Matter in LAW2M8 Can Be Accessed Directly From Outlook With the Ability to View Calendar, Task, Open Documents and Drag and Drop Emails and Attachments Into Matter Folders Easily.