martin kaasik project coordinator laagna gymnasium tallinn estonia 2006 n.
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eXcitement A Socrates/Minerva project PowerPoint Presentation
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eXcitement A Socrates/Minerva project

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eXcitement A Socrates/Minerva project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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eXcitement A Socrates/Minerva project
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  1. Martin Kaasik, project coordinator Laagna Gymnasium, Tallinn, Estonia 2006 eXcitementA Socrates/Minerva project

  2. eXcitementUsing ICT to enhance Learning Change from passive learning to Learning through active communication and collaboration ICT enables: • Integration of “formal” and “non formal” learning • Development of cooperation and collaboration skills • Learners of different ages to learn together • Empowerment of the learners

  3. eXcitement • Collaborative learning platform • Transnational collaboration in learning • Facilitates competitions between groups of learners • Questions are shown on the screen • Competitors work against the clock • Organisers set topics and degree of difficulty

  4. eXcitement Partners Estonia: Laagna Gymnasium, Estonian School Heads Association, Miksike LearningFolders. Belgium: School Heads Association Finland: Jyväskylä High School, United Kingdom:Knownet Ltd. Latvia: Smiltene Gymnasium Netherlands:Raycom Dissemination will include other member states.

  5. eXcitement: How to Participate • Step 1: Form a team of learners from 2 or more countries. This is the dialogue box that you use to create your team

  6. eXcitement: How to Participate Step 2: Enter an eventPress on “Enter event” and choose team with whom participate

  7. eXcitement: How to Participate Step 3: Collaborative competition • Every partner can submit answers, administrator of the team locks answers before submitting them • Team communicates over chat tool, which is integrated into eXcitement platform

  8. eXcitement: How to Participate Step 4: See the Results • Team can see and evaluate their performance and also compare with others. • Excitement can be used in a form of contest and also as individual exercise

  9. eXcitement: How to ParticipateCreating Events Events are created by administrator • Questions can be created or selected from the eXcitementquestion bank • Events are evaluated by theadministrator • Accuracy and collaboration are considered.

  10. eXcitement: Dissemination • A pilot competition: MentalMath has been running for two years • 30,000 users have been reached • Main dissemination events start August/September • We will inform the existing on-line community • Get in touch with other networks • We invite participation from across the EU

  11. Join the eXcitement! • “Mathematical Europe” - event where users have to answer interesting (and sometimes tricky) puzzles • Runs from 20. August to 15. SeptemberParticipation: a) team has to consist of at least 3 persons from minimum 2 countriesb) teams lock answers and send them for evaluation • c) deadline for submitted answers: 15 September There will be small prizes for winning teams • Check our website for news of further competitions

  12. eXcitementThank You Martin Kaasik Laagna Gymnasium, director