why i chose communications as my major n.
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Why I Chose Communications as my Major PowerPoint Presentation
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Why I Chose Communications as my Major

Why I Chose Communications as my Major

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Why I Chose Communications as my Major

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  1. Why I Chose Communications as my Major • One Woman’s Journey on the Road to Success! By Tina M. Yarbrough April 16, 2013

  2. Mean Librarian Awesome Librarian Aspire!My end goal is to get my Master’s Degree in Library and Informational Sciences (MLIS)

  3. Any major will do for a MLIS Why Communications? In-Demand Degrees to Start in 2013: Degree #1: Accounting Degree #2: Management Degree #3: Computer Science • Degree #4: Communications Degree #5: Graphic Design

  4. Many and Varied Career Paths

  5. Communications MajorSalary Range $45,069 - $87,096 Communications majors are employed in many industries, so each career has its own salary

  6. Human Communication You cannot ‘not’ communicate Every behavior, or lack of it, communicates a message.

  7. Communications Skills Pay attention to detailsWrite clearlyEvaluate information and sourcesDemonstrate creativity and artistic expressionSet and meet deadlinesIdentify and manage different needs of groupsNegotiate and mediate conflictsLead and manage othersComplete independent projectsWork in teamsPresent specific viewpointsIdentify and manage different needs of groupsDemonstrate strong interpersonal skillsSynthesize informationCritically evaluate a textCommunicate effectivelyUnderstand communication processesSpeak with confidenceDesign effective Power Point presentationsThink through and analyze argumentsOrganize arguments and overcome objectionsSet criteria, set a plan of action, implement a solution Compare and contrast evidenceCreate hypothesis and evaluate researchUtilize strong interpersonal skillsWork within deadlinesEvaluate corporate communication and make recommendations for improvementUnderstand health communication principlesResearch a problem, apply research to a situationWrite effective reports, critical essays, and research papersExplain processes, plans, and conceptsPractice leadership principlesUnderstand and apply theoryRead studies and apply the information Gather and synthesize dataReport information in a clear mannerEdit textWrite press releases and promotional materialsCritically analyze informationCreate entertaining and persuasive messagesUnderstand institutional and cultural valuesMeasure media effectsDemonstrate creativity and artistic expressionDevelop market research

  8. The Study of Human Communications can do more than prepare you for a great career. You will have the ability to have greater communication in yourInterpersonal Relationships! Father & Daughter

  9. What’s Your Major? Still undecided? Here are some great websites to help you research Communications~ • • • •