part 1 christ in the curse n.
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Part 1-Christ in the Curse

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Part 1-Christ in the Curse. Genesis 3.

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Black Friday is over and cyber Monday will be here tomorrow; we have officially begun the commercial Christmas season! Every year as believers we are given the great opportunity and privilege to focus our attention and conversation on the Christ of Christmas. We have the opportunity to remind our family and friends that 2,000 years ago God came to earth as a baby and He gave His life as payment for the sins of all who will believe!

This year we are going to strive to weed through the commercialization of the American Christmas by exploring the Scriptures Looking to CHRISTmas!

What was the best Black Friday Deal this Season?

protoevangelium the first gospel genesis 3 18
ProtoevangeliumThe First Gospel – Genesis 3:18

-The Advent of the Epic Conflict-

And I will put enmity between you (Satan/Serpent) and the woman (mankind),

-The Building of an Epic Conflict-

and between your seed (Satan) and her Seed (mankind/Jesus);

-The Climax of an Epic Conflict-

He (Jesus) shall bruise your head (fatal),

And you (Satan) shall bruise His (Jesus/mankind) heel

jesus is the answer to the curse of sin
Jesus is the answer to the curse of sin
  • Jesus is the answer to our rebel hearts
    • Genesis 3:1-6
  • Jesus is the answer to our alienation from our maker
    • Genesis 3:7-8
  • Jesus is the answer to our blame-shifting ways
    • Genesis 3:9-13
  • Jesus is the answer to our sinful condition
    • Genesis 3:14-21