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BUSINESS PLAN. JP‘s Cinema. Business plan Jordan Price BAF Diploma. BUSINESS PLAN Content. Background information Summary Company Description Product / Service The market Strategy and Implementation Management Team Financial Analysis Health and Safety. BUSINESS PLAN

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    1. BUSINESS PLAN JP‘s Cinema Business plan Jordan Price BAF Diploma

    2. BUSINESS PLAN Content Background information Summary Company Description Product / Service The market Strategy and Implementation Management Team Financial Analysis Health and Safety

    3. BUSINESS PLAN Personal Information Personal information • Jordan Price • 66 Oxford Road • 01865 432765 • • 14.05.1996 • The Oxford Academy September 2007 • Worked at Ian Williams and James And Hacket

    4. BUSINESS PLAN Personal Information Missions and Aims • Missions • To sell/rent DVD’s. Be the biggest DVD renatal company in England with an owner under the age of 16. • Aims • Advertise company in a lot of places • Make sure delivery time is good and quick. • Make sure product is not damaged when sent out to the customer and when received back from customer.

    5. BUSINESS PLAN Summary Who are we? We are the newest and best DVD rental company in the UK. What do we produce/offer? We offer you great deals on our wide range of DVD’s and games you can rent. We also offer an online streaming of music DVD’s and games you can rent. Which and how many customers? We are aiming this company at any age of people really. We are starting the business up in Oxford at the beginning and if it proves to be succsessful we will offer more people the chance to rent from us. First year turnover Our first year turnover is around the £500,000 mark. First year profit? Our first year profit is around the £200,000 mark.

    6. BUSINESS PLAN Company Description • How do you plan to start? Your first few steps... • Firstly we plan to open up a website you can see all of our DVD’s and rent from. • We plan to advertise this company buy advertising in shop windows and on busses and trains. • Ownership • The owners of the business are me, my family and some of my friends. • Facilities and Location(s) • Our location at first is just in the Oxford area but if it goes well we will make our services availible to a larger amount of people

    7. BUSINESS PLAN Product / Service Products / Lines / Services offered: DVD’s Games Online Music Differences in products / Lines / Services compared to competitors Blockbuster and LoveFilm do not offer onlline music downloads Give out free gifts when customers order 4 DVD’s per month. Offer a price comparison on our products compared to LoveFilm and Blockbuster. We’re a young company. Half price memberships if someone else in your family had a membership.

    8. BUSINESS PLAN The Market Market Trends Everyone offers a DVD service but we offer the best for the customer Market Growth The market for DVD rental is not grownig that fast but there is a space for a few more rental companies. Market Industry Analysis The industry is open and for more competetors. Main Competitors Love Film Blockbusters Piracy

    9. BUSINESS PLAN Management Team • The managemnt team at the moment is just me, Dominic Earl and Daniel McCulloch but in the next few weeks I should have a few more members of staff.

    10. BUSINESS PLAN Financial Analysis • Total Funding Needs • Overall I will need about £10,000 to get my business up and running properly. • I will need: • Between £3-£25 dor each DVD. • About £3,000 for the rental of the shop per year. • Postage 50p per DVD . • About £25 for a website per month. • £1,000 for advertising. • About £200 for the machine that repaires the discs that get scrached. • Initial Capital • The amount of money needed to start this business up is around about £50,000 • Investment • The stock I will be buying is DVD’s, Games and a website. • Loan • I need to borrow quite a lot of money to start my business up I will need around about £20,000 after I have sold my shares.

    11. BUSINESS PLAN Health and Safety

    12. BUSINESS PLAN DVD of the Month DVD of the Month The Hangover