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SIP IOT program

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SIP IOT program
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  1. SIP IOT program 2008 Feb 25th~28th Panasonic Communications Co.,Ltd Office Network Company Network SE Team

  2. 【SIP IOT】SIP Interoperability Testing ■ Background : SIP is different from ISDN or other telephone network interface.There is no Type Approval Organization. In most cases the Providers does not give us their specification. There are some specifications like RFC3261 but they are “Request For Comment”. The literature is ambiguous and manufactures take it with their own interpretation.(This is the reason that people say SIP has a dialect.) ■ Purpose of this testing : To check TDE/TDA is perfectly match to the provider or not.To check the restrictions. ■ Purpose of this training : Learning the test items (call procedures).Learning the checking points.

  3. 【SIP IOT procedure】 Open SIP account • Provider choice!Find out a good partner (provider).Getting 2 accounts for interoperability testing. • Account is usable?PCC check the account and reply to Sales Company with TDE/TDA config.(Actually it takes about 3 days now.) • Start SIP IOT!Sales Company start SIP IOT.Sales Company send the report and captured data. • AnalysisPCC analyses the SIP IOT result and reply to Sales Company FT is available or not. • Start FT!Sales Company start Field Trial for 10 working days.Inquiring to the dealer and customer the usability. • Final Decision!When you have a confident, start sales! 1-day check by PCC SIP Interoperability Testing PCC checks the data Field Trial at the end user. Approve ? Please feed back the report to PCC Blue: PCC, Purple: Sales Company

  4. PSTN ISP/ITSP 【Testing Envirment】 Mobile Telecom SLT FAX Router Router L2 Switch L2 Switch Equipments List 2 DSL Lines : DSL line x2 + 2 accounts TDE : TDE with 2 PTs SIP phone : PCC recommend Snom300 or 320 Router x2 : It depends on provider.If there is no recommendation from the provider then PCC recommend Cisco1800 or Cisco800 for Router 2 too. L2 Switch x2 : Port mirroring function is mandatory PCC recommend HP1800 PC x2 : Wireshark should be installed FAX : G3 Wireshark Wireshark SIP Phone FAX

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