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Bring Your Own Technology ( BYOT@Mountain View) PowerPoint Presentation
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Bring Your Own Technology ( BYOT@Mountain View)

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Bring Your Own Technology ( BYOT@Mountain View)

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Bring Your Own Technology ( BYOT@Mountain View)

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  1. Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT@Mountain View)

  2. WhyBYOT@Mountain View? One to the World • Significant Content and Important Competencies • Authentic Challenging Problems inthe World • Public Product forthe World • Connected withthe World

  3. Whatis BYOT@Mountain View? • 3rd, 4thand 5thGrade students will be able to bring their own approved devices to school to enhance their learning • Approved devices include: laptops, tablets, smart phones, and internet connected media players • These devices are allowed for academic purposes only

  4. Why would I want to participate in BYOT@Mountain View? • Students already use these devices daily • They are familiar with these devices and how they work • Technology allows for collaboration between students • Mountain View wants to allow students to use their existing technology to enhance their learning experience

  5. Beginning BYOT@Mountain View • It is the parent's right to decide which, if any device, is appropriate for their child. • BYOT@Mountain View is an individual choice for each family to decide. • BYOT@Mountain View is not mandatory.

  6. Beginning BYOT@Mountain View • Parents have the ultimate responsibility to place limits on technology and to teach responsible behaviors to their students. • Parents are responsible for teaching students how to use their devise (settings, Wi-Fi, internet, etc). • 3rd, 4thand 5th grade students are completing Digital Citizenship training to help teach them appropriate expectations and acceptable online behaviors.

  7. Howwill my child be using technology for BYOT@Mountain View? • Giving responses to questions that are displayed on the board • Researching topics to enhance their understanding • Using educational tools like Iready, IXL, and Interactive Achievement

  8. Howwill my child be using technology for BYOT@Mountain View? • Educational games in the form of free apps and websites • Reading groups/Independent Reading • Multimedia Presentations (iMovie, Toontastic, MovieMaker, etc) • Online Dictionaries and Thesaurus

  9. Office 365 Accounts • Parents can create an account for their student through Office 365 • LCPS Web-site – Students – Office 365 • Accounts can be used to save documents and pull up on LCPS devises to print or share with the teacher.

  10. Rules for BYOT@Mountain View • Students are responsible for their own devices and making sure they don't get lost or damaged • If a student has a smartphone it must be completely silent- no ringer, text tone, or vibration • Academic use only- no calling home, texting, checking the weather, or games • No recording video, taking pictures, or recording audio unless directed by a teacher

  11. Rules for BYOT@Mountain View • All devices must go through the LCPS wireless network- this allows the internet access to be filtered at the district level (this will not affect your data plan) • Students may use their device only when a teacher has given them permission to use the device. Not for use at lunch or at recess. • Devices must remain in the open, visible at all times, and in the classroom • Students must use their own devices- no sharing

  12. List of Apps and Websites • Wixie Pixie • QR code reader (QR After) • SOL Pass • Interactive Achievement • IXL • Kahoot

  13. When does that start? Administrators will discuss BYOT with the student on Friday, October 7th. Students may start bringing devices on Tuesday, October 11th.