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STUDY OF ECCLESIASTES. Part 17 – DISCOVERING THE MEANING TO YOUR LIFE: Ecclesiastes 10:1-11. Study of Ecclesiastes. MAKING GOOD (WISE) DECISIONS: God decisions versus bad ones – vvs . 1-3

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study of ecclesiastes



Ecclesiastes 10:1-11

study of ecclesiastes1
Study of Ecclesiastes
  • God decisions versus bad ones – vvs. 1-3
    • Bad, foolish, or ungodly decisions will stay with you longer than the good, wise, Godly decisions that you make in life.
    • Foolish decisions make Godly people look ungodly! – v. 1
      • Solomon says, a few dead flies can give an entire bottle of expensive perfume a bad smell.
      • Such is the power of foolish actions or decisions.
study of ecclesiastes2
Study of Ecclesiastes
  • Its obvious, but we still need to know! – v. 2
  • A wise thinking or deciding person tend to DO THE RIGHT THING
  • A follow the crowd, needing to be validated, bad choices type of person tend to NOT do the right thing.
  • How do people get this way?
  • Unfortunately, those of us who are supposed to be teachers presume and assume that everyone knows to make the right decisions without being told what they are or the consequences.
study of ecclesiastes3
Study of Ecclesiastes
  • When you consistently make the wrong, ungodly decisions, you develop a PUBLIC reputation! – v. 3
study of ecclesiastes4
Study of Ecclesiastes
  • Don’t make drastic decisions, to make a point that will not do you any good in the long run! – v. 4
    • Do not be too quick to quit or leave, sometimes that is what Satan wanted you to do in the first place!
    • I did not say that there will come times when you must and or should leave a situation or circumstance, but be sure that you are pro-acting with calmness instead of reacting with anger or disappointment.
study of ecclesiastes5
Study of Ecclesiastes
  • Don’t allow the unfairness of life at many levels discourage your achievement or cause you to make bad decisions. – vv. 5-7
    • People in charge can and will make mistakes.
    • Some people are in positions that they do not deserve.
study of ecclesiastes6
Study of Ecclesiastes
  • Letting God fight your battles is much better for you than fighting on your own without God! – v. 8
    • Seeking ungodly revenge will backfire every time!
study of ecclesiastes7
Study of Ecclesiastes
  • Things to Know: Everything that we do; good or bad has consequences. – vv. 9, 10