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IB Assessment. Walker Middle Magnet. IB Assessment. Starting in the 2 nd quarter, you will see an additional grade for each subject. This means there will be 8 additional grades indicated by a number. 7. IB Grading.

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Ib assessment

IB Assessment

Walker Middle Magnet

Ib assessment1
IB Assessment

  • Starting in the 2nd quarter, you will see an additional grade for each subject. This means there will be 8 additional grades indicated by a number.


Ib grading
IB Grading

  • This number will represent your IB Grade for the 1st semester (1st half of the year) this school year.

Ib assignments
IB assignments

  • Throughout the school year, some of the assignments you complete will count toward your IB grade.

  • Your teacher will let you know which assignments these are.

What kind of assignments
What kind of assignments?

  • An assignment for which you can earn an IB grade won’t be a multiple choice test.

  • It will be something you create or present or a task you will complete.

  • Some examples are: a speech, a PowerPoint, an essay description or to create a model or a poster.


  • IB assignments will always have a corresponding rubric to help you know exactly what you need to do to earn the highest grade.

  • Depending on the class, you will have the opportunity to earn a certain score on those specific assignments. (For example: a 5 or a 7.)

Final ib grade
Final IB grade

  • Your teacher will then use a formula to come up with a grade between a one and a seven no matter what subject it is.

  • This is the grade that you will see on your report card.

Let s look at an example
Let’s look at an example:

  • You might have a unit question in humanities that is “How can one person make a difference in society?”

  • For the entire unit, you will learn about different societies and how people can make a difference.


  • After the unit, your teacher might give you an assignment to create a PowerPoint about a leader in history who has influenced society.

  • Note: IB Assignments are probably a lot like assignments you normally do in class anyways.

After you receive your grade
After you receive your grade… criterion:

  • After you are tested on all the criterion for humanities, your teacher would use an IB formula to determine a final, overall, IB grade for humanities.

  • This number would be between a 1 and a 7.

  • This process will repeat in the 2nd semester (2nd half of the school year).

Any questions
ANY QUESTIONS??? criterion: