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Satyam Computer Services Ltd HIV/AIDS prevention and stigma reduction in the IT sector PowerPoint Presentation
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Satyam Computer Services Ltd HIV/AIDS prevention and stigma reduction in the IT sector

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Satyam Computer Services Ltd HIV/AIDS prevention and stigma reduction in the IT sector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Satyam Computer Services Ltd HIV/AIDS prevention and stigma reduction in the IT sector
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  1. Satyam Computer Services Ltd HIV/AIDS prevention and stigma reduction in the IT sector M. Sashi Kumar, and Sowmitri Satyam Foundation CSR Arm of Satyam Computer Services ltd .

  2. Why Talk of HIV @ IT ? • Major mode of transmission of HIV infection in India is through unprotected sex (87%) • Sex perceived to be a part of life… a part of growing up of today’s IT work force • Casual sex is on a rise, compared to encounter with commercial sex worker • Perception towards an encounter with a commercial sex worker • Risk of being seen in red light areas • A pure business transaction • Not much foreplay and natural exploration • Just pure sexual release

  3. Why Talk of HIV @ IT ? • Messages in mass media concentrate on HIV prevention and condom usage. • The information through these messages is not detailed for complete understanding of prevention. (Study conducted by Futures, March 2007) • 40% of unmarried IT employees have poor knowledge about STIs. (Study conducted by Satyam Foundation, 2006) • 85% of young adults (age 15-24 years) had heard about HIV, only 54.8% knew two correct modes of prevention (BSS Study, NACO, 2001) High awareness does not necessarily mean high usages

  4. Attitude Towards Sex – IT Work force Young Men Think: There are many more opportunities and occasions and a no longer depends solely on the commercial sex worker… Furtive liaisons with a willing • Neighbor • Relative • Colleagues Young Women Think: • Overall women more open and expertimental • Young girls out of college are willing to be sexual partners • Casual sex not a taboo

  5. Design Strategy for Prevention Programmes People • Target the Sphere of influence of Corporate • Involvement of employees • Involvement of PLHA networks Content : Comprehensive approach • Awareness • Behavioral change communication • Policy framework • Access to condoms • Access to counseling • Access to testing & ARV Treatment Society Commitment • Positive Prevention: Work with PLHA • Way forward is through Public-private partnerships

  6. Target Audience for Prevention Programmes

  7. Comprehensive Prevention Programmes • Teaser Campaign • Outdoor communication • Integration with other services Non negotiable • Messages on HIV AIDS have to be clear and consistent. Only trained members of the team will speak on HIV AIDS in the gram sabha. • PLHAs provide a face to the epidemic. Sensitivity towards PLHAs has to be of paramount importance.


  9. SATYAM’s Strategy for its Employees • AIDS Awareness & ICT: Web based • Talk shows in all locations • Questions on HIV as part of recruitment process • Induction Program • Various competitions to keep the topic on the boil • 100% formation of Red Ribbon Clubs in all locations • 25000 (60%) Satyamites covered through IEC and over 12000 have participated in various activities Way from Awareness to B.C.C Age groups: up to 25: Red Ribbon Clubs 25 – 35 Age group: Marriage counseling Above 35: Parenthood and adult child program

  10. SATYAM’s Response: Red Ribbon Clubs Red Ribbon Clubs @ Satyam Process • Registration of Associates • Familiarity of member on Subject and each other • Plan for activities at their location for every quarter • Review • Suggestion from Advisory body • Take up small scale project • employment and empowerment - that they bring out an e-zine called sparsh published bi monthly by associates of Satyam - Sparsh

  11. Collaterals

  12. Collaterals

  13. Existence of Stigma and Discrimination • 80% of responses from BSS study at SCSL say that they don't discriminate if any person found positive with immediate at family. • Who discriminates? • Family • Workplace • Health service • Society

  14. Approach to Reduction of Stigma

  15. SATYAM’s Response: Policy Level

  16. SATYAM’s Response: Volunteerism • Targets to reach one lakh students by 2008 • 20, 000 students covered so far Method • My Future – My Choice is a program aimed at undergraduate and above students on • Life Skill Education • Understanding Peer Pressure • HIV Education and • Corporate expectation of students

  17. SATYAM’s Response: Volunteerism Methodologies Adopted • Peer group learning • Use of flip charts and small group discussion • Expert talk • PLHA talk shows • Short films • Distribution of information book leaflets (developed by NGOs and government) • Target audience : Vendors/ housekeeping staff/security • Others: Industry associations, peer companies ( to name a few HRD Network, With HySEA, Deloittee etc)

  18. SATYAM’s Response: Volunteerism • NATIONAL LEVEL CARTOON COMPETITION: 182 Cartoonists • Entries: 564 national level & 5 International : Collection published • Facilitated forums at Hyderabad, Pune: Hyderabad Hub and Wake up Pune for prevention messages to general public • Design programs for Livelihoods support to PLHA

  19. SATYAM’s Response: Networking Wake Up Pune Hyderabad Hub

  20. Lessons Learnt • Top Level Leadership - CEO Commitment and oversight • Integrated approach • Targeted interventions to the sphere of influence • Sustained campaign • Long term commitment • Democratized leadership • Sensitive to Mid –level management concerns • Involvement of HR of the corporate • Mainstreaming the Policy • e.g. ‘SHE’ initiative • Its not just money, but Creativity • Good Partners/ Alliances • Government, NGOs, Networks, et al • An open non-dogmatic approach

  21. Together we can make an • AIDS- free world, • A REALITY!!! For further Information: +91-984-900-8092 +91-984-853-3023 +91-984-856-4699