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TEPT-PST Overview

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TEPT-PST Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Overview of the Test of English Proficiency for Teachers (TEPT) and Process Skills Test (PST) in Science and Mathematics. TEPT-PST Overview. Why are the TEPT and PST being administered?

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An Overview of the Test of English Proficiency for Teachers (TEPT) and Process Skills Test (PST) in Science and Mathematics

tept pst overview
TEPT-PST Overview
  • Why are the TEPT and PST being administered?
    • The test findings will be used as baseline data in preparation for the implementation of the K to 12 program.
tept pst overview1
TEPT-PST Overview
  • Will the test results affect the performance of the teachers?
    • No.
    • The findings will be used as basis for the training of teachers.
tept pst overview2
TEPT-PST Overview
  • What competencies are measured in the TEPT?
    • Structure
    • Written Expression
    • Reading Comprehension
tept pst overview3
TEPT-PST Overview
  • What competencies are measured in the PST?
    • Process skills which include observing; classifying; inferring; predicting; measuring/quantifying; communicating; interpreting data; analyzing data; evaluating; experimenting; making conclusions; making models; and defining operationally.
preliminary concerns
Preliminary Concerns
  • As stipulated in DepED Memorandum No. 228, s. 2012, the Test of English Proficiency for Teachers (TEPT) and Process Skills Test (PST) in Science and Mathematics will be administered to all Grade III and Grade IV public school teachers w/ permanent items.
  • The Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) shall choose a Testing Center that can accommodate all the examinees, preferably near the Division Office.
  • The examination shall be conducted in two sessions on a Sunday. The total number of teacher-examinees will be divided into 2. First half of them shall take the test in the morning and second half in the afternoon for three (3) hours per session. No snacks break.

The list of examinees shall be prepared in each division with 30 examinees per room, alphabetically arranged regardless of gender and grade level taught. Only the teachers with permanent items shall be included in the list. This list shall be posted at the door in every Examination Room prior to test administration.

  • Each examinee should bring pencils with lead no. 2, clean sheet of paper and a sharpener; and must know the School ID of his/her respective school.
  • An authorized NETRC Representative shall be assigned to monitor the administration of the test in a designated division. He/she will conduct an orientation in the Division Office a day before the examination (Saturday)

The orientation shall be attended by the following: Division Testing Coordinator, who will serve as the Chief Examiner; and the Division Supervisors and School Principals who will serve as Room Examiners.

  • During the orientation, the discussant will be using the Examiner’s Handbooks (EHs) with the testing staff but these will be collected right after the orientation and to be packed in each ETRE to make sure that the EH will be available during the test administration.

The Regional Testing Coordinator (RTC)

  • will monitor the conduct of the test where the Regional Office is located.
  • 10. For divisions with 600 examinees and above, there will be a Room Supervisor (RS). For every 10 rooms, a Room Supervisor is assigned. The RS will count every TB of each pack retrieved from each Room Examiner before the Chief Examiner does the final counting.

3. Since the ETREs are surplus from the past administration, label each ETRE using a pilot pen with the following data:

Rm. No. ___ Testing Center: ______

Division:____Testing Program: TEPT-PST

4. The ETRE to be given to each Room Examiner shall contain the following: Examiner’s Handbook and Forms 1 and 2.

the test materials tms
The Test Materials (TMs)

5. A pack of 30 TBs and another pack of

30 AS will be entrusted to every Rm


6. The CETRE shall contain Forms 3 & 4. In case of Form 4 was not packed inside the ETRE, the Chief Examiner shall provide a narrative report.

test proper
Test Proper

During the test proper, the Room Examiner should:

  • Closely supervise the shading of the bubble in the AS, place values of the bubble in each variable found in the front side of scannable answer sheet .
  • Refrain from reading TBs. There is a corresponding sanction to this violation as stipulated in DECS Order No. 85, s. 1999.
  • Accomplish Form 1.
  • Strictly adhere to the contents of the Examiner’s Handbook.
  • Keep custody of the unused TBs while the test is in progress.
  • Seal the ETRE while still inside the examination room.
retrieval phase
Retrieval Phase:
  • After 3 hours, the Chief Examiner must collect the Testbooklets, sealed ETRE and unused Answer Sheets after the test.
  • Each ETRE to be retrieved should include the following:
      • List of examinees per room prepared by the DTC.
      • Used scannable Answer Sheets placed in the original plastic bags.
      • Forms 1 and 2.
      • Time Record copied from boardwork.
  • Each CETRE should contain the Forms 3 and 4; and the unused Answer Sheets.
retrieval phase1
Retrieval Phase:
  • In the retrieval phase, the following must be observed:
      • The form 3’s should be accomplished.
      • TBs must be accounted for and packed in the original plastic bags and double checked by the NETRC staff and the Room Supervisors. Likewise, the TMs must be packed in the original boxes.
      • All ETREs must be accounted for and arranged consecutively from Room No. 1 up to the last.
      • The Examiners Handbook must be packed separately from the TMs.
      • Observations/notes of the NETRC staff should be submitted to Dely Servo to be used as inputs in improving the test administration procedure.

The Boxes of Test Materials will be

delivered thru LBC/JRS 2GO, etc. to

Division Offices and will be sent

back thru LBC/JRS, 2GO, etc. to:

DepEd-NETRC, 2F Mabini Bldg.,

DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue,


  • Arrangement of G3 and G4 Teacher-Examinees
        • Alphabetically arranged regardless of grade level and gender
        • Example: A to J : AM Session

K to Z : PM Session

  • TB allocation will be 50% only of the total number of examinees in the Division
    • To be used twice; AM and PM sessions
  • Answer Sheet allocation will be 100%
  • The same set of Room Examiners will serve in the AM and PM sessions
  • Teachers who handle at least one subject in G3 and/or G4 must take the test
  • Delivery and retrieval of TMs will through courier
  • NETRC staff = random divisions