CCC#81 - “The Barclay”
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CCC#81 - “The Barclay”. Huge windows, huge balconies, ... and electricity bills!. CCC#81 - “The Barclay”. The Barclay’s Energy Conservation Plan Presentation to owners with the participation of the Corporation counsel and Hydro Ottawa representatives January 2012.

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Ccc 81 the barclay

CCC#81 - “The Barclay”

Huge windows, huge balconies, ... and electricity bills!

Ccc 81 the barclay

CCC#81 - “The Barclay”

The Barclay’s Energy Conservation Plan

Presentation to owners with the participation of

the Corporation counsel and Hydro Ottawa


January 2012

Ccc 81 the barclay

CCC#81 - “The Barclay”

The Board recommends implementing the Barclay’s Conservation Energy Plan. This will be done in three steps:

  • Step 1 -- Suite metering 2012

  • Step 2 -- Gasification

  • Step 3 -- Replacement of windows starting in 2015 (Reserve Fund)

  • Steps 1&2 cannot be funded through the Reserve Fund

Ccc 81 the barclay

Facts of Life - Then

  • This building was designed in the '70s

  • Electrical energy was cheap

  • Electrical baseboard heaters were installed

  • Huge windows and balconies were “features”

  • Natural gas - more expensive than electricity

  • Commercial rates lower than residential

Ccc 81 the barclay

Facts of Life – Now

  • Compare other balconies and windows to ours

  • Windows are more energy-conservative

  • New condo units are individually metered

  • “Demand charges” levied on our bulk supply

  • Natural gas prices now much lower

Ccc 81 the barclay

CCC#81 - “The Barclay”

Based on the findings of several studies done over the years and hydro escalating costs, the Board is recommending to implement Suite Metering as Step 1 of the Energy Conservation Plan.

Let’s review the findings.

Ccc 81 the barclay

First Energy Audit - 1989(Sponsor - Ontario Hydro)

Note the amount of the demand imposed by “Apartments 69%”

Ccc 81 the barclay

Measures Implemented since 1989

  • Gas Water Heater (displacing 96 kW electric)

  • Pool Heat Recovery (from 24 kW + 37.5 kW)

  • Dryer heat Recovery (estimated at 75 kW)

  • Corridor Lighting (from 100W to 13 Watt)

    Further recommendation – Use natural gas for corridor heating (not implemented).

Ccc 81 the barclay

Follow-up Energy Audit - 2004

  • Performed by Energy Ottawa

  • Subsidized by Natural Resources Canada

  • Again:

    • Assigns more than 50% of electricity to use in suites; and

    • Suggests use of Natural Gas for heating

      Actions taken by CCC#81:

  • Garage lighting upgrade; and

  • Garage exhaust system upgraded.

Ccc 81 the barclay

Energy Demand in 2004

Since this is summertime, “Heating 59%” is more likely suite stoves, dryers

Ccc 81 the barclay

Natural Gas Feasibility Study -- 2011

August 8, 2011, in a report to CCC#81 by GOODKEY, WEEDMARK & ASSOCIATES Ltd

“Utilizing natural gas heating vs. electric baseboards offers potential annual savings of $59,000.00” for CCC#81, assuming that the electric baseboard heaters in each residence are not used during the heating season, and that the gas-heated hot water system supplies 100% of the space heating in the residences.

Ccc 81 the barclay


Note: residence usage for stoves, dishwashers, clothes dryers, lights, televisions etc. falls within that 48%

Ccc 81 the barclay

Suite Metering Feasibility -- 2011

The present situation

The Corporation:

  • pays for all of the energy demanded and consumed; and

  • pays a $7/kW Demand Charge for every kW above 50 kW; and

  • Pays $0.0065/kWh for everyone’s consumption.

    Suite metering will…

Ccc 81 the barclay

Reduce Consumption Charges

From CCC#81 Hydro billing for year 2010:

  • Electricity Consumption charges were (before HST) $138,000.

  • Assigning 50% of these charges to Suites could reduce condo fees by about $69,000.

Ccc 81 the barclay

... and Reduce Demand Charges

From CCC#81 billing for year 2010,

“Delivery” = Demand x (sum of several charges).

For January to December period, Delivery charges = $43,180

Assigning about 50% to Suites would reduce the CCC#81 bill by $21,500, without this charge appearing on Suites' billing. i.e. this will further reduce condo fees, w/o increasing owners' individual Hydro bills!

Ccc 81 the barclay

Total Fee Reduction Estimate(and with HST)

  • “Electricity” - $69,000

  • “Demand” - $21,500

  • Sub-Total - $90,500

  • With HST - $102,265

Ccc 81 the barclay


Suite Metering is expected to reduce owners' expenses because:

  • CCC#81 bills will be lowered by elimination of demand charges ($7/kW) by over 50% ;

  • Experience has shown that residents will reduce their consumption when they receive 100% of their resulting savings; and

  • It encourages further savings by a follow-on project for suite heating by forced-air, using the already-fitted air-conditioning system. Gasification is Step 2 of the Barclay Energy Conservation Plan

Ccc 81 the barclay

Next Energy-related Project

1. Gasification for the Barclay

2. Replacement of windows -- 2015/2018

(Modern glazing and window frames could lead to energy savings for residents, ranging from 20% to 50%). This will be covered by the Reserve Fund.

Ccc 81 the barclay

Owners' Funding Preference

Note: The Reserve Fund cannot be used for the Suite Metering and the

Gasification projects.

To fund these projects, our options are:

  • a Special Assessment; or

  • a Bank Loan