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Wi-Fi applications in Paris Urban Transport Metro and Buses

Wi-Fi applications in Paris Urban Transport Metro and Buses. Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens - RATP J. Richert Appear Networks X. Aubry. RATP: Paris Subway & Bus. Business.

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Wi-Fi applications in Paris Urban Transport Metro and Buses

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  1. Wi-Fi applications in Paris Urban Transport Metro and Buses Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens - RATP J. Richert Appear Networks X. Aubry

  2. RATP: Paris Subway & Bus Business With 44300 employees, RATP operates 4 networks : metro (14 subway lines), bus (4000 buses over 317 bus lines), RER (2 lines express train), tramway (2 lines) RATP intelligent bus project Challenge Delivering real-time operational informationto employees in stations and in buses Applications Customer information, profitability, staff management, maintenance, security, etc. RATP wireless employee projects

  3. The Pain Point Too much Information Information Headache? • Wireless broadband is overwhelming for mobile users • Too much information • Too cumbersome to surf & search • Too much administration • Information push and data filtering are required • Pushing relevant data to the right users • Easy to use graphical user interface • Simplified and centralized service administration Painkiller

  4. On-site Intelligent Filtering • Information push means new constraints on information filtering • Only the right data should be pushed • Relevance of information is highly dependant on the workers' situation • Time • Location • Role • Type of device • Available bandwidth • ... Information Filtering • An extra layer of computing intelligence is required in order to deliver an effective solution for mobile workers: Context Engine Context-Aware Services

  5. Relevant Information Immediately Available Wireless Network No Coverage Easy Access to Data In One Single Click Current Information Stored for Offline Use User Recognition Context Assessment Delivery of Relevant Data

  6. Mobile Staff ongoing projects • RER A department (since oct 2004) • La Défense station • 200 trained frontliners • Customer care staff & controllers • Tramway department (since feb 2005) • 30 trained nomad frontliners • Customer care staff • Night bus department (since sept 2005) • Bi-mode PDAs • 50 trained nomad frontliners • Customer care staff, support teams & controllers • Security department (since sept 2005) • Trained nomad frontliners • Homeless Care Staff • Used Technology • Wi-Fi enabled PDAs • Cisco Wi-Fi network • Appear Context Engine • Appear Positioning Engine

  7. Target architecture – principles and advantages • Principles • “Host Agnostic” Database • Requesting and data through XML format • Style sheet adapted for any broadcasting media • Advantages • Multi-channel native management : PC, PDA, Smartphone, Vocal server, Interactive television, etc. • Shared Infrastructure and development cost reduction • Flexibility

  8. Context-Aware Mobile Services • Customer care applications • Travel planning • Real time connections, timetables • Traffic disruptions • Site information • Fare information • Customer surveys • Security applications • Emergency call (bi-mode PDAs) • Others operational applications • Homeless care management • Controller applications • Station & bus stop management • Staff management • Equipment maintenance

  9. Mobile devices for staff members:Travel planner

  10. Mobile devices for staff members:Real time traffic

  11. Mobile devices for staff members:Traffic disruptions

  12. Communicating Bus project • Problem • Each bus application had its own communication module • Discontinuity of services in the RATP network • Solution • Cisco Mobile Access Router: one communication platform for all applications • Appear IQ: Onboard context-aware services • Advantages • Future-Proof • Shared infrastructure and development cost reduction • Flexibility • Continuity of services through context-aware approach

  13. And the future ? • For RATP employees : • Emergency applications • Generalized distribution of mobile devices • For customers : • Information and ticketing applications through Smartphone • For all : • Large stations equipped with Wi-Fi

  14. NETWORK Flexible Architecture WLAN Appear Client RATP NOC ApplicationServers ACE + ASE APE ZE WiMax Cisco Mobile Access Router ACE + ASE Appear Positioning Engines Proxy LDAP/AD ACE + ASE GPS Server 3rd PartyServices Proxy Appear Client ACE + ASE WAN Proxy Operator NOC Appear Client GPRS/EDGE /UMTS Network Packet Gateway (PDSN, GGSN) GPRS, UMTS Cell-based Location Enabler Pos Appear Context Engine (ACE) Appear Positioning Engine (APE) Optional 3rd party components

  15. Lessons Learned Return on Investment • The impact of an intelligent wireless communication platform on your bottom-line depends on • 4 Golden Rules • Focus on workforce efficiency before looking at new possible revenues: cost savings today are better than revenues tomorrow! Rule Nb 1 • Manage IT cost by selecting a solution that has an impact on the total cost of ownership of your fleet of mobile devices: watch the TCO. Rule Nb 2 • Retain flexibility / adaptability by using open standard solutions that can work with multiple IP networks and heterogeneous device fleets. Rule Nb 3 • Focus on employee compliance and customer satisfaction by adopting solutions with high ergonomics: no usage, no impact! Rule Nb 4

  16. Thank you! Questions? joelle.richert@ratp.fr xavier.aubry@appearnetworks.com

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