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Waipahihi School. Virtues Project. “ The virtues are gems in the mine of the true self.” Parents and teachers are meant to mine a child’s gems and bring them to light. Where do the VIRTUES fit in to the Curriculum?. Health & Physical Education - Personal Health & Physical Development

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Waipahihi School

Virtues Project

“The virtues are gems in the mine of the true self.”

Parents and teachers are meant to mine a child’s gems

and bring them to light.

where do the virtues fit in to the curriculum
Where do the VIRTUES fit in to the Curriculum?
  • Health & Physical Education

- Personal Health & Physical Development

- Relationships with Other People

  • Healthy Communities & Environments-

- Attitudes and Values

  • Social Studies

- Social Organisation

- Culture & Heritage

  • Links to others (Languages, Arts)
  • Staff Virtues committee selects appropriate virtues for the year
  • Virtue introduced to the school at assembly fortnightly
  • Children model Virtue meaning using the Arts and English curriculums
  • In classrooms children and teachers then discuss and practice using the Virtue. They use the language of the virtue and look for it in others
  • School Newsletter insert
  • Children encouraged to use their virtues in the playground

All classrooms display a bilingual Virtues chart.

5 year-olds have offered their ideas about the Virtue

and it’s displayed in their language.

  • What would enthusiasm look like if…
  • You like something Mum cooked for tea?
  • Your sister did well in sports?
  • Dad asks you to do a big job that you don’t want to do?
  • Your teacher asks you to tidy up after a messy art lesson?
  • Your team is not doing very well at teeball?
The children learn the language of the virtues and how to apply them to their daily lives.
  • They look for the virtues in others and acknowledge them.
recognition acknowledgement

Children can record their observation of their peers

reinforcing the virtues
  • Placemats on desks
visual displays around the school
Visual displays around the school

First display you see as you enter our school foyer. What it is, why we use it, how we practice it, . . .

we know it s working when things like this happen
We know it’s working when things like this happen…

My Special Person.

It is a girl. She is 70. She has glasses. She moves like me. She wears cool clothes. She has curly hair. Her skin is white.

She’s at our house for two nights. She is the best. She does not work. She walks really slowly. She has an injured leg.

If I saw Barbs today she would say “Hi Sam” and cuddle me and I would say a virtue. Love. I would say “I love you” and she would say “Hi”.

  • By Sam age 7
Thanks for sharing with us.

Kia kaha

Pam Kerr and Jenni Duncan

Waipahihi School