improving code quality with windows error reporting l.
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Improving code quality with Windows error reporting PowerPoint Presentation
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Improving code quality with Windows error reporting

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Improving code quality with Windows error reporting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HW-62T. Improving code quality with Windows error reporting. Darren McKenzie Sr. Program Manager Microsoft Corporation. Agenda. Importance of C ustomer Feedback Tapping into the d ata Drilling Further with Automation Integration with Visual Studio Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

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improving code quality with windows error reporting

Improving code quality with Windows error reporting

Darren McKenzie

Sr. Program Manager

Microsoft Corporation

  • Importance of Customer Feedback
  • Tapping into the data
  • Drilling Further with Automation
  • Integration with Visual Studio
  • Closing the Customer Feedback Loop
  • Recap

You’ll leave with examples of how to:

  • Report data collection through Report API
  • Integrate WER data into your environment in new ways
customer feedback
Customer Feedback
  • Feedback has been received from millions of users
    • 10,427,189 aggregate Windows Error Reports on Windows 7 (Beta to GA)
    • 4,753 Code Changes driven through change
  • WER has existed since Windows XP
  • 2,000+ Vendors (IHVs, ISVs and OEMs) participate
    • We want you to have access to the same type of information
windows error reporting definitions
Windows Error Reporting definitions
    • What is a Bucket?
    • Evidence the client gathers at the time of incident
  • What is a CAB?
    • Memory Dumps (Triage, Mini, Full, Kernel, Heap)
    • WMI Queries (Sysdata.xml, WERinternalMetadata.xml)
  • What is a Failure?
    • Result of processing of memory dumps on server to more precisely root cause the faulting module. Symbols provide more actionable data
windows error reporting definitions7
Windows Error Reporting definitions
  • What is a Response?
    • Action Center message to end-users
  • What are the Legal Requirements for WER Usage?
    • Windows Error Reporting Terms of Use V1.2
msdn development centers
MSDN Development Centers


  • Winqual will be integrated into Hardware/Desktop Dev Centers
  • Hardware and desktop apps will get error reporting from Hardware/Desktop Dev Centers
  • Windows Metro style apps will get reliability metrics from Windows Store

Desktop Development Center

Hardware Development Center

Windows Store




Driver Distribution Center



Download, Reprocess, Analyze

programmatic flow of report api
Programmatic Flow of Report API
  • Report List URL – gives you list of reports
    • /ReportingService/ReportingService.svc/Reports
  • Feed List URL – gives you list of feeds for a report
    • /ReportingService/ReportingService.svc/Reports/ReportName
  • Feed URL – gives you content of the feed
    • /ReportingService/ReportingService.svc/Reports/ReportName/FeedName
get report list code sample
Get Report List Code Sample
  •   System.Collections.ArrayList reportNameArray = new System.Collections.ArrayList();
  •     System.Net.HttpWebRequest request = (System.Net.HttpWebRequest)System.Net.WebRequest.Create(REPORT_LIST_URL);
  •   request = GetAuthenticatedRequest(request, username, password);
  •     System.IO.Stream response = request.GetResponse().GetResponseStream();
  •     System.Xml.XmlDocument xDoc = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();
  •     xDoc.Load(response);
  •     System.Xml.XmlNodeList nodes = xDoc.SelectNodes(REPORT_XPATH);
  •     foreach (System.Xml.XmlNode node in nodes)
  •     {
  •         reportNameArray.Add(node.InnerText);
  •     }
  • return reportNameArray;

Using Visual Studio Debugging

closing the loop responses
Closing the loop - Responses
  • Workflow
  • Responses requested through Telemetry Reports
  • Responses provided to customers through Action Center
  • Scenarios
  • An update is available that fixes the problem
  • An update or steps are available that might fix the problem
  • Customer feedback is needed to help solve the problem
  • The product is no longer supported
closing the loop driver distribution center
Closing the Loop – Driver Distribution Center
  • Workflow
  • Certify driver update through MSDN Hardware Development Center
  • Distribute driver update through Driver Distribution Center
  • Customers receive updates through Windows Update
  • Scenarios
  • A specific fix exists
  • There is a product update
  • Use the new MSDN Dev Centers to access your data
  • Use automation to provide customization
  • Use Visual Studio 11 with symbols to root cause problems
  • Close the loop with customers through responses or Driver Updates
related sessions
Related sessions
  • Advanced app and driver debugging
  • Best practices for packaging and distributing device drivers
  • Overview of Windows Certification Program
  • Introducing the Windows Store
further reading and documentation
Further reading and documentation
  • WER Service Blog
  • How WER Collects and Classifies Error Reports
  • Windows Hardware Dev Center Dashboard
  • Windows Hardware Dev Center
  • Windows Dev Center
feedback and q uestions http forums dev windows com session f eedback http bldw in sessionfeedback
thank you

Feedback and questions

Session feedback


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