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CS1550: Quiz #1

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CS1550: Quiz #1. Questions (True = A, False = B). 01) The operating system must provide GUI (graphical user interface) functions. No, just look at the old DOS and the old Unix systems.

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questions true a false b
Questions (True = A, False = B)

01) The operating system must provide GUI (graphical user interface) functions.No, just look at the old DOS and the old Unix systems.

02) Kernel threads allow for faster context switches than user-level threads.Credit for everyone.Yes and no: ambiguous question. User-level threads have faster context switches if they are inside the same process. If they are in different processes, kernel-level threads have faster context switches

03) Deadlock is possible in a batch system.No, deadlocks require more than one process to be running at a time, and in batch systems only one process runs

04) Synchronization (with semaphores, locks, etc.) is needed when we have multiple processes, even if the processes cannot communicate.No, if the processes are completely isolated, there is no shared resources and therefore no need to synchronize.

05) Credit for everyone

06) Credit for everyone

07) Deadlocks waste processor time.No, the processes just sit there, so it is as if there were no processes

08) Whenever there is deadlock there is starvation.Yes, deadlocks mean 2 or more processes are blocked for ever. They cannot run, therefore they are in a starvation situation

09) Whenever there is starvation there is a deadlock.No, there could be starvation due to livelocks or due to a lower priority job never getting a chance to run (never being chosen by the scheduler)

Quiz #1