why you should clean your furnace regularly n.
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Why You Should Clean Your Furnace Regularly PowerPoint Presentation
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Why You Should Clean Your Furnace Regularly

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Why You Should Clean Your Furnace Regularly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The devastating effect of dirt and other airborne pollutants on a furnace cannot be overlooked.\n

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why you should clean your furnace regularly

Why You Should Clean Your Furnace Regularly

The devastating effect of dirt and other airborne pollutants on a furnace cannot be

overlooked. Dust can wreak havoc on your furnace in various ways if left unattended to.

When dust particles gather on the filters of your furnace, it will lead to increase in

energy consumption. It also reduces the quality and amount of air needed for the

furnace to function properly.

Generally, dirt tends to weaken the overall performance of a machine and wear away

the internal components with time. This is the major reason why furnace cleaning

should be done on a regular basis. This will ensure that the machine is in a good state

and in proper working condition always. Part of this process involves the periodic

change of air filters. It is a seemingly easy process that can be carried out by any handy


The whole concept of furnace cleaning is to hire a heating professional to service your

unit and bring it up to speed, enhance performance and prevent any future damage. For

most people, the question asked often is, how often should furnace cleaning and

maintenance be done?

Depending on usage, it is advisable to carry out servicing and maintenance regularly.

As you may know, the heating system is constantly used in the home. Compared to

other items like the refrigerator and microwave, the heating system spends more time

running on a daily basis. In most homes, this device hardly takes a break as it works


A heating system is a complex machine that is made up of different mechanical

components. Therefore, it is bound to break down at a point in time. However, no matter

how durable or efficient a machine is, a breakdown is inevitable if it is not properly

maintained. The components that make up a furnace is liable to wear and tear.

Other faulty components can also be replaced in a bid to keep the unit working in

optimum condition. Furthermore, each of the components that make up the system

should be checked to ensure they are all in a good working condition. To do this

effectively come up with a comprehensive

effectively, come up with a comprehensive checklist that covers all the parts of the

system. In case, the parts need more than just cleaning, the checklist will tell you more.

With this method, faults will easily be noticed and detected while the proper action will

be taken.

The best thing to do in this regard is to perform periodic furnace cleaning service. It will

be unwise to wait till the machine breakdown totally. Preventive maintenance is better

than corrective maintenance. The cost involved in repairing a faulty component can be

used to do something else. There is also the issue of proper damage and safety risks. A

faulty machine poses a great health risk to the homeowners. All these are the reasons

why it is important to clean the furnace at least annually. When choosing a heating and

cooling service, go for an experienced and professional technician.

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