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Finished Basement Tips

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Modern homeowners are fully aware that finished basements allow for more space in the home. \n\n

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finished basement tips

Finished Basement Tips

Modern homeowners are fully aware that finished basements allow for more space in

the home. Because of this, more people are taking advantage of this as a way of

creating new rooms. However, some people prefer building new additions to their

homes. But the smart ones know better to renovate their ‘abandoned’ basements

instead. Here are some reasons why:

1. The cost of remodelling your basement costs half the price of building a new


2. Upgrading the basement incurs little or no disturbance to the structure of the

home. Thus, your home remains intact.

3. With proper planning and materials, the upgrade can be achieved in less than

10 days.

4. Basement space comes with a lot of versatility. You can convert it into almost

any room you can think of.

Now that you know ‘why’ that empty basement in your home is not a waste, so how

can you get a professionally finished basement done

Truly, completing a quality finished basement project is no child’s play. It comes with

a lot of unique challenges. The reason is not so far-fetched. To execute this project,

you will hire a contractor who is well experienced in the renovation field. This is

important because every little detail in the home structure will have to be considered

– staircases, windows, etc.


Upon completion of the project, basement lightings have to be considered as well. A

good contractor should understand that strategic placement of lights adds some

magic to the finished basement. For instance, we all know that the sun rises in East

and sets in the West. Also, the egress windows are also located on the East and

West walls. By placing these lights close to the egress windows, they will reflect

maximum light from the sun.

To make sure there is always a light source, lamps, and task lighting should be

added as well. Nevertheless, you can also add a touch of nature to your favorite

space. Hexagonal aquarium fitted with fluorescent lighting is your sure bet. It will

make your basement pop with a shimmering glow.

Consistency in style

Another challenge to be encountered during renovation is the continuity of style. It

can be daunting to ensure that the new basement matches the rest of the home in

style and feel. But then, some building materials used in the rest of the home can be

prone to damage in the basement. Such materials are those made of organic

materials. This is because the location of the basement is mostly humid which is bad

for organic materials.

but there s good news insulation materials such

But there’s good news. Insulation materials such as spray foam can prevent this.

This works by creating a vapour barrier between the material and the environment,

be it walls or flooring. Waterproof floor matting are best on concrete floors.

With a beautifully finished basement, this part of the home will automatically become

your favourite place. a finished basement is comfortable, convenient and naturally

private. Not only that, it creates a safe environment for kids as well.

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