alimony lawyer when to hire one n.
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Alimony Lawyer – When To Hire One PowerPoint Presentation
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Alimony Lawyer – When To Hire One

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Alimony Lawyer – When To Hire One - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are going through a divorce, then you are entitled to alimony. Alimony may also be an option decided upon by the separating couples.\n

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alimony lawyer when to hire one

Alimony Lawyer – When To Hire One

If you are going through a divorce, then you are entitled to alimony. Alimony may also be an option

decided upon by the separating couples. Moreover, alimony is intended to reduce the financial burden

a spouse may incur as a result of the separation. This way, spouses with little to no income will enjoy

great financial benefits which will, in turn, improve their standard of living. Alimony attorneys are

usually familiar with such cases and can help determine if alimony is an option while filing for a divorce.

If you are in a situation where you can barely take care of yourself, contact an alimony lawyer

immediately. The lawyer will fight and ensure you get adequate financial assistance till you can stand on

your own financially.

However, payments of this nature are usually not mandated by specific laws and the courts have

discretion in cases relating to awarding alimony and the amount being paid. Basically, the courts base

their decision on a number of factors. These include health condition, age and financial situation of the

former spouse. In addition, the court considers how long it will take for the spouse to be financially

stable. In most case, the length of the marriage, as well as the standard of living as at the time both

couples were living together, will also be considered. Also, the paying spouse must be able to cater to

his/her needs while providing financial support for their former spouse.

due to the varying factors that need

Due to the varying factors that need to be considered, it is somewhat impossible to have a dependable

estimate on the right amount to be paid. Unlike child support, payments are usually not regulated.

Since there are basically no enforcement laws, the paying spouse can default and go without facing any

punishment. However, the spouse receiving alimony payment can decide to take legal actions against

the former spouse. He/she can put in place a judgment of contempt thus giving the other party no

other choice but to perform his/her financial responsibilities or face the wrath of the law in case of

default. But, unfortunately, this is only applicable in some states.

Whenever alimony is awarded, it is otherwise regarded as a rehabilitative measure. The end to an

alimony payment depends on when the spouse receiving the payment will be able to take care of

themselves without external help. In some cases, the divorce decree does not state when alimony

payments will probably end. Payments must be made only when the court deems it fit to stop them.

Other factors that bring about the end of an alimony payment include when the payer dies when the

former spouse remarries or on a date specified by the court.

Alimony is especially important for spouses who are dependent. An alimony lawyer can help any spouse

determine whether or not they qualify for alimony reward. They can fight for your interest and make

the court judge in favor of the spouse that needs alimony. Are you going through difficult times after a

divorce? Contact an alimony lawyer today.

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