2018 when science becomes sexy n.
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2018: When Science Becomes Sexy

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2018: When Science Becomes Sexy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are following what is trending in 2018, don’t be surprised at the marriage of when science becomes sexy.\n

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2018 when science becomes sexy

2018: When Science Becomes Sexy

If you are following what is trending in 2018, don’t be surprised at the marriage

of when science becomes sexy. In fact, unless you are naturally ageless and

flawless, you depend on science to help MAKE you sexy. A great example of this

is how science is used to approach the inevitable effects of aging through the

development of new skin care techniques that give you the appearance you had

nearly had twenty years ago.

To Find the Solution, You Must First Find the Problem

aging is a natural process that human beings

Aging is a natural process that human beings go through. With aging, comes

the wear and tear of gravity, a polluted environment, unhealthy amounts of

sun-exposure, weight loss and gain, and genetics on the skin. The lips, cheeks,

areas under your eye, and hands will see a dramatic difference with thinning

skin, wrinkles and folds, lack of volume and robust contours, and more. Sounds

delightful, doesn’t it?

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Something Better (That Will At Least

Produce Visible Results)

Many over-the-counter skin care products are developed by chemists, biologists

and many other types of ‘ists’ who look at the effects of aging and combine that

knowledge with the impacts of different vitamins, compounds, and serums on

the skin. The skin is a living, breathing organ that requires care just like the

liver, heart or lungs.

Many over-the-counter products on the market have been developed using the

knowledge we have in dermatology and cosmetic sciences. They require a

routine application, produce few immediate results, and yet they don’t seem to

hold up to the continuously combative, natural aging process we humans


Why Restylane Dermal Fillers Are Scientifically Sexier

Restylane dermal fillers are gel-like injections that help to MORE EFFECTIVELY reduce

the age-related changes that we don’t think are very sexy. It is made from

hyaluronic acid, which is a natural sugar found in the skin. Its main purpose- to

retain moisture in the skin, and can be used with almost all skin types. That is

just topically speaking! Injection of Restylane dermal fillers, which are

composed of these sugars, you have a scientifically proven way to become sexy


Be Sexy, by Loving the Science

with scientists working day and night studying

With scientists working day and night studying the problems that plague many

of us and finding solutions, we can find a little gratitude and make science sexy

in 2018. With the discovery of new products that complete in a single session

over products that are used in a more traditional way of ineffectiveness, it is

time to explore the possibilities of what science can now do for us. With new

science, comes new technology, and new products and procedures that make

over-the-counter anti-aging cremes a thing of the past.

Article Source: http://www.garyluck.com/2018-when-science-becomes-sexy/