Pros cons of corporate personhood for transbemans
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Pros & Cons of Corporate Personhood for Transbemans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pros & Cons of Corporate Personhood for Transbemans. Martine Rothblatt Transbemans Self-Identify As B io- E lectronic Hu mans in Trans ition. Biological Life = Organization Specified by Chemical Codes, Such as DNA/RNA. Electronic Life = Organization Specified by

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Pros cons of corporate personhood for transbemans l.jpg

Pros & Cons of Corporate Personhood for Transbemans

Martine Rothblatt

Transbemans self identify as b io e lectronic hu mans in trans ition l.jpg
Transbemans Self-Identify As Bio-Electronic Humans in Transition

Biological Life = Organization

Specified by Chemical Codes, Such as DNA/RNA

Electronic Life =


Specified by

Numeric Codes, Such As Binary

Life is organized exchanges matter energy responds to stimuli reproduces develops adapts l.jpg
Life is Organized, Exchanges Matter/Energy, Responds to Stimuli, Reproduces, Develops & Adapts

Biology = Implemented Via

A Program Transferred

With Molecules (e.g. DNA)




Vitology = Implemented Via

Program Transferred With

Electronics (e.g. Binary Code)

(Thank you Lady Ada)

Trans ition continuum from fleshware to software l.jpg
Trans Stimuli, Reproduces, Develops & Adapts ition Continuum From Fleshware to Software




On Biology




On IT/Electronics

Transbemans believe substrate per se irrelevant to humanness l.jpg
Transbemans Believe Substrate Per Se Irrelevant to Humanness Stimuli, Reproduces, Develops & Adapts




Corporate personhood spans a range of concepts l.jpg
Corporate Personhood Spans A Range of Concepts To Human Rights

Corporations have some constitutional and human rights

Corporations have commercial and criminal legal personalities

Is victor frankenstein responsible for his monster l.jpg
Is Victor Frankenstein Responsible for His Monster? Creator’s Liability

Generally NO if Monster has corporate personhood

Generally YES, if Monster lacks corporate personhood

Should lt cdr data be allowed to vote l.jpg
Should Lt. Cdr. Data Be Allowed to Vote? Creator’s Liability

Not if he has corporate personhood

Yes, if he both lacks corporate personhood but has natural or other juridical personhood

Pros cons from transbemans view l.jpg
Pros & Cons From Transbemans View Creator’s Liability

2nd Class Citizenship

Means Not Safe & Less Happy

The ethical conundrum l.jpg
The Ethical Conundrum Creator’s Liability

2. Transbemans That Think Like Us Will Not Want 2nd Class Corporate Personhood

1. We Award Rights to Those Who Value Them

3. Ergo, Those Who Value Rights As Humans Do, Ethically Deserve the Same Constitutional Personhood That Humans Have

A new type of personhood turing meets freud meets christine l.jpg
A New Type of Personhood: Creator’s LiabilityTuring Meets Freud Meets Christine

Let shrinks decide if a transbeman lacking personhood is human psyche equivalent l.jpg
Let Shrinks Decide if a Transbeman Lacking Personhood Is Human Psyche Equivalent

  • One Year “Real

  • Life Test”:

  • Weekly Sessions;

  • Two Certified Psychologists In Agreement

  • Letter to Authorities

  • Judge Orders Birth Certificate Issued

  • Transbeman Gets Natural Born Citizenship by Court Order

Two ways forward for transbeman personhood l.jpg
Two Ways Forward for Transbeman Personhood Human Psyche Equivalent

Use “Real-Life Test” Route for Issuance of Birth Certificates (or Equivalents) for Transbemans that Desire Constitutional Personhood

Start the Transbeman with Corporate Personhood, Unless They Already Have Constitutional Personhood

Basically each new transbeman is like an immigrant l.jpg
Basically, Each New Transbeman Is Like an Immigrant Human Psyche Equivalent

Let Those That

Want & Warrant

Citizenship, Via

Real-Life Test,

Have It

Let Those That Arrive Live, Work, Save &

Have Due Process Rights

A few legal quirks not hard to resolve l.jpg
A Few Legal Quirks Human Psyche EquivalentNot Hard to Resolve

  • States Create Corporate Personhood, But Citizenship Rules Are Federalized

  • States Handle Birth Certificates, But Immigration is Federalized

Diverse State Approaches to Transbeman Rights Is a Strength of the US System

Critical path elements l.jpg
Critical Path Elements Human Psyche Equivalent

Demonstrate Cyber-Consciousness

Develop Cyber-Psychology Certification

GetJudges to Agree & Set Legal Precedent