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  2. Objectives:- ☺ Types of Services ☺ Value Added Services ☺ Location Based Services ☺ Innovative Features

  3. Services are defined as anything the end user explicitly sees as worth paying for. The primary objective of a mobile telephony system is to allow mobile subscribers to communicate effectively. GSM Services

  4. Main type of telecommunication services: Basic services: Available to all subscribers to a mobile network. e.g. voice telephone calls. Supplementary services: Additional services that are available by subscription only. e.g. Call forwarding. SERVICE CATEGORIES

  5. Basic Telecommunication Services • Two main categories: • Teleservices • Bearer Services

  6. Basic Telecommunication Services Teleservices Teleservice allows the subscriber to communicate (usually via voice, fax, data or SMS) with another subscriber. It is a complete system including necessary terminal equipment.

  7. Bearer services It transports speech and data as digital information within the network between user interfaces. e.g.- a bearer service associated with the speech telephony teleservice is the timeslot assigned to a call on a TDMA frame over the air interface. Basic Telecommunication Services

  8. Emergency calls The emergency call function enables a subscriber to make an emergency call by pressing a predefined button or by using the emergency number. (like 112 , 911). TELESERVICES

  9. SMS Cell Broadcast (SMSCB) A text message with a maximum length of 93 characters can be broadcast to all mobiles within a certain geographic area. traffic congestion warnings accident reports, weather announcements and advertisements. TELESERVICES

  10. Voice mail This service is an answering machine within the network that is controlled by the subscriber. The subscriber accesses the mail box using a personal security code. TELESERVICES

  11. SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES ☺ Call Forwarding ☺ Call Barring (Outgoing) ☺ Call Barring (Incoming) ☺ Call Waiting ☺ Call Hold

  12. Barring of outgoing calls The subscriber can activate or deactivate this service from the MS with a variety of options for barring outgoing calls. Bar all outgoing calls Bar all outgoing international calls Bar all outgoing international calls except those directed to the home PLMN. ** barring password required ** SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES

  13. Barring of incoming calls This is desirable because in some cases the called mobile subscriber is charged for parts of an incoming call (during international roaming) Barring of all incoming calls Barring of incoming calls when outside home PLMN ** barring password required ** SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES

  14. Call waiting This service notifies the mobile subscriber, usually by an audible tone, for incoming call. The incoming call can be any type of basic service including speech, data or fax. There is no notification in the case of an emergency call or SMS. ** to activate call waiting dial *43# SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES

  15. Call hold This supplementary service enables the subscribers to put the basic normal telephony service on hold in order to set up a new call or accept a waiting call. SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES

  16. Calling line identification services: These cover both the presentation and restriction of the calling line identity. The presentation part of the service supplies the called party with the ISDN or MSISDN number of the calling party. The restriction service enables calling parties to restrict the presentation of their number on the MSs of called parties SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES

  17. Closed User Group (CUG) The CUG service enables subscriber connected to the PLMN/ISDN and possibly other networks, to form groups in which access is restricted. Example: members of a specific CUG can communicate with each other, but generally not with users outside the group. SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES

  18. Regional and local subscription These features allow subscribers to subscribe to a service in a specified geographical area. Requests for service outside the area are rejected with the exception of emergency calls and SMS. For local subscriptions, the geographical area consists of a number of cells, and for regional subscription, the area consists of LAs. INNOVATIVE FEATURES

  19. Value Added Services • Mobile Messaging • Mobile internet • Mobile intelligent Network Services

  20. Some Applications • Internet e.g. WAP • E-mail • Messaging Services e.g. MMS • Telemetery • M-Commerce • Location Based Service • Games

  21. Network elements required to provide new services • WAP • GPRS ( GGSN, SGSN) • MMSC • Payment Gateways • Advance IN system

  22. Young people Middle aged MTV Sports Jokes Other news Financial/ Stock news Grocery Mobile internet Prepaid, messaging Anybody else Banking data Financial community/trader Customer data Gambling Company data Traveling sales/-business man Wireless World - there’s something for everyone

  23. Mobile Banking Mobile Trading Unified Messaging Bluetooth: Mobile Positioning Location based Multimedia Messaging Mobile E-mail: Mobile Shopping Corporate Lan Access Wireless World bring in New Services

  24. Mobile Applications

  25. Mobile Messaging • SMS • EMS • MMS • Instant Messaging • Streaming

  26. Short Message Services (SMS) The service allows simple text message consisting of a maximum of 160 alphanumeric characters to be sent to or from an MS. If the MS is switched off, or has left the coverage area, the message is stores in a Short Message Service Center (SMS-C). When the mobile is switched on again or has re-entered the network coverage area, the subscriber is informed that there is a message.

  27. Enhanced Messaging System (EMS) • EMS can support relatively simple pictures,sounds and animation. • EMS messages that are sent to devices that do not support it will be displayed as SMS transmissions. • It is a 3GPP standard.

  28. MMS means a multimedia presentation which consists of music, voice, image, text, video and graphics all synchronized across a common timeline. “Synchronized Power Point Presentations”. MULTIMEDIA MESSAGE SERVICE (MMS)

  29. MULTIMEDIA MESSAGE SERVICE (MMS) • MMS-enabled mobile phones enable subscribers to compose and send messages with one or more multimedia parts. Mobile phones with built-in or attached cameras, or with built-in MP3 players are very likely to also have an MMS messaging client -- a software program that interacts with the mobile subscriber to compose, address, send, receive, and view MMS messages.

  30. Hi Grandma! Music Images Babysitting tomorrow? Graphics Video and Audio Multimedia Messaging - Any combination of media types

  31. rich content to encourage usage Cartoons, Dating, Pop stars, Sports stars, Pets, Special occasions, Hobbies, Sports results, TV programmes, News, Weather, Holidays, Timetables, Family...

  32. SMS & MMS ** 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) **

  33. Instant Messaging It enables to communicate with another individual in real time, analogous to a telephone conversation but using text based communication instead of voice-based communication.

  34. Streaming • It enables real time or on demand distribution of audio, video and multimedia on the internet. • It is simultaneous transfer of digital media (video,voice and data) so that it is received as a continuous real-time stream.

  35. Applications Evolution – user perspective Movies Video-clips Photos Streaming Pictures MMS Text EMS SMS

  36. Ringtones and Images over SMS, EMS and MMS Games over SMS for single, multi player and as a team Gaming servers handling SMS, WAP and Java games MMS applications for Imaging and Melodies Java applications on handsets Where do we fit in ???

  37. Content & Application Fun: Cartoon of the day, Tarot cards, Cocktail recipes, Alcometer, Daily Horoscope, Personality Test, Games: Hangman, Puzzles & Riddles, Cute’n’clever, Lifestyler, Friends PopStar, PopQuiz, Jewel & Rubin, Amour Photo & Film: PhotoGallery, Mobile Greeting Card, My SoapOpera, Chat & date: Mobile Chat,Love Horoscope, Love Matcher Music: Karaoke, Fan Packages, Hit Lists, Music News

  38. The Greeting Card solution: • Send Messages to your friends, family and loved ones: - Via the web to the mobile phone • Ease of use– self instructing -Drag ‘n’ drop • Animations, Sounds, Pictures & Text


  40. Location Based Applications

  41. Location Based Applications In this age of significant telecommunications competition, mobile network operators continuously seek new and innovative ways to create differentiation and increase profits. One of the best ways to do accomplish this is through the delivery of highly personalized services. One of the most powerful ways to personalize mobile services is based on location.

  42. Positioning One of the most obvious technologies behind LBS is positioning, with the most widely recognized system being the Global Positioning System (GPS). There are however, other means of positioning in addition to GPS. These other technologies are network based positioning and typically rely on various means of triangulation of the signal from cell sites serving a mobile phone. In addition, the serving cell site can be used as a fix for location of the user.

  43. Geographic Information Systems Geographic data is an important aspect of any location system. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide the tools to provision and administer base map data such as man made structures (streets, buildings) and terrain (mountains, rivers). GIS is also used to manage point-of-interest data such as location of gas stations, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. Finally, GIS information also includes information about the radio frequency characteristics of the mobile network. This allows the system to determine the serving cell site of the user.

  44. LOCATION BASED SERVICE Services Segments • Safety • Community • Personal Lifestyles • Tracking

  45. LOCATION BASED SERVICE SAFETY • Emergency Dispatch • Child/Family tracking • Auto theft tracking • Roadside assistance

  46. LOCATION BASED SERVICE COMMUNITY • Friend Finder • Dating • Chatting

  47. LOCATION BASED SERVICE PERSONAL LIFESTYLES • Entertainment & Fun • Finding & Guiding • Information services

  48. LOCATION BASED SERVICE TRACKING • Fleet Management • Vehicle dispatch • Rental car tracking • Remote workforce management

  49. Location Based Services Positioning applicationWhere am IYellow Pages Tracking Fleet management Brand Finder Geo Coding, Content, Application Integration Positioning methods:– Cell/Sector , Time of Arrival-- Network Based AGPS – Terminal Based EOTD

  50. Traffic Information APPLICATION OVERVIEW This service both collects and distributes traffic information. Traffic information is very important need for city dwellers. Systems can estimate traffic information by sampling mobiles in automobiles on freeways anonymously to determine average velocity of vehicles. If this is not possible in locataion more static information can be collected from city authorities. All this information is mapped and sent to mobile users who request it. • Stickiness : Daily traffic info. pushed during rush hours via SMS/MMS • Most people need to know the current traffic sitution on their route. • Hosting: Operator / ISP • WAP/Web/MMS/SMS: yes/yes/yes/yes • Devices supported: - All devices • Commerically used worldwide