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Who Is Cognigen?.

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Who is cognigen

Who Is Cognigen?

Cognigen began in 1992 when founder Kevin Anderson and his wife Laurel sold long distance from the privacy of their home. In 1994, Mr. Anderson pioneered the concept of the “self-replicating web page”. His vision was to build a program whereby anyone could create a viable and profitable home business without the traditional “joining fees”.

Common wisdom at the time said it couldn’t be done, not for free. But Cognigen changed that concept and continues to change it … because it HAS been done and CONTINUES to be done, with the number of agents worldwide in excess of 200,000.

Cognigen is a very stable company, is publicly traded on the stock exchange (symbol “CGNW”), and was recently voted as the best home business available today.

The industries of cognigen

The Industries of Cognigen

Telecommunications Industry – a TRILLION dollar per year industry that is growing exponentially.

Internet Industry – Well over 150 million Americans online and growing daily, millions more worldwide, allowing people to leverage their time and connect to the world.

Network Marketing Industry – The world’s fifth fastest growing industry, rewarding people who understand and realize that their efforts can be handsomely rewarded.

Cognigen has combined all three of these industries, creating the greatest opportunity in the world.

Why is cognigen the perfect business

Why Is Cognigen The Perfect Business?

No Inventory.

No Shipping.

No Collections.

No Employees.

No Complicated Paperwork.

No Experience Necessary.

No Self-Consumption Requirements.

But best of all…..

Why is cognigen the perfect business1

Why Is Cognigen The Perfect Business?

Cognigen is 100% FREE to join.

There is no cost to join, no annual renewal fee, no “upgrade fee to get to the good stuff”.

Cognigen does not believe in the “pay to play” model. Cognigen does not want your money. Instead, they want your sales & marketing efforts, and they reward you for your successes, with 3 to 10+ times more commission than the others that charge a fee to join.

You are a business owner

You Are A Business Owner

Any money you spend on your Cognigen business is 100% at your discretion. It’s your choice, and that money can be used to advertise, promote your business, or whatever you as a Business Owner decide in order to grow your business and your organization.

Cognigen does not want your money. All they want is your efforts, because Cognigen understands that nobody makes any money in any business or program without the sale of products and services. Paying a fee for the “privilege” of selling products makes little sense.

What do you get for free

What Do You Get For Free?

Cognigen provides you with a tremendous wealth of tools and training to help ensure your success:

A free professionally designed web site where online

orders can be taken 24x7x365.25.

A free back office with accounting, training materials,

marketing materials, tutorials, reporting, much more.


What do you get for free1

What Do You Get For Free?

Continued from previous page:

Multiple weekly training calls on a variety of topics from

Cognigen agents who have “been there done that”,

willingly sharing their experiences and insights.

Access to the online Cognigen agent Bulletin Board.

Help from your sponsor, your upline, your crossline,

and Cognigen corporate support resources.

Cognigen is a “people helping people” business, and the best part is that you get paid for it.

What s missing

What’s Missing?

The only thing missing is you.

Cognigen will provide the tools and resources you need to be successful, but Cognigen cannot want success for you on your behalf. You need to desire success, be teachable and coachable, and be willing to put forth the effort to achieve that success.

You are in total control of the size of your commission check, because it is all dependent on your efforts and the amount of time you are able and willing to commit to your success.

What products services do cognigen agents market

What Products & Services Do Cognigen Agents Market?

The list of products & services that Cognigen makes available for its agents to market and sell grows on a regular basis, with Cognigen continually introducing new products and services to keep pace with ever-changing technology.

In addition, many of these products & services are available from multiple vendors, which helps customers find the product best suited to them wherever they live in the US or in the world.

What products services do cognigen agents market1

What Products & Services Do Cognigen Agents Market?

Cognigen offers extremely competitive pricing on:

Long distance from 3.49 cents per minute with no monthly fee, for both residential AND


Post-paid and pre-paid calling cards.

Cellular phones.

Dialup and highspeed Internet access.

Domain names and web hosting.

Computer systems and electronic components.

Home & business security systems.

Satellite TV.

Conference calling with access from 50 countries.

Toll-Free “Follow Me” services.

T1 lines, as well as DS3 and OC3 – OC192.

And still more, with more being added on a regular basis.

What s the next step

What’s The Next Step?

Visit the web site at:

Insert your preferred web site address here; i.e.,

http://agentid.cognigen.org, http://agentid.myLd.net,


And learn more about Cognigen and the business opportunity that Cognigen offers you.

Then join the Cognigen team so that you can get started on the road to success and your financial freedom.

Created by National Trainer Jon Arnold