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The Student Experience at the UWS

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The Student Experience at the UWS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Student Experience at the UWS. A-Team Group Presentation B00231812, B00231773, B00231080, B00222433. The Student Experience. 4 Topics Backgrounds, Goals and Personal Influences - Fhiannon The Classroom Experience - Michael IT and the Student - Will

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the student experience at the uws

The Student Experience at the UWS

A-Team Group Presentation

B00231812, B00231773, B00231080, B00222433

the student experience
The Student Experience

4 Topics

  • Backgrounds, Goals and Personal Influences - Fhiannon
  • The Classroom Experience - Michael
  • IT and the Student - Will
  • Student Goals and Ambitions - Sohail
  • motivation as part of the student experience
  • How I am motivated
  • Sources of extrinsic motivation
  • How others motivate us
  • What is motivation?
  • Motivation is the driving force that helps us acheive our goals.
  • Intrinsic
  • Extrinsic
motivation as part of the student experiance
Motivation as part of the student experiance
  • Motivation is a big part of the student experiance
  • There is less sources of motivation than there have been earlier in life
  • There is less extrinsic motivation, because there are less punishments that we are motivated to avoid.
how i am motivated
How I am motivated
  • I find extrinsic motivation hard to find, as I have no clear intentions for my future, and don't really know what I want to o with my life
  • My intrinsic motivation comes from my need to learn more about the subjects that interest me.
  • I don't want to be the best, I just want to be the best that I can be.
sources of extrinsic motivation
Sources of extrinsic motivation
  • Things you want to achive after university (i.e. a job)
  • The want to graduate
  • The want to get good grades
how others motivate us
How others motivate us
  • Some times we are motivated by others
  • When we are motivated to do as well as people we admire
  • When others offer a reward for completeing a task
the classroom experience

The Classroom Experience

Classroom of the Future and a brief evaluation of the current classroom setup

  • COF started implementation in 2008 and plans to continue rollout up to 2015
  • Plan to make the classroom a much more versatile environment
  • Completed in classroom H322/324 at Paisley campus
  • The ethos behind it is to stimulate students and make learning less passive
how cof works
How COF works
  • turning existing classrooms into experimental multiple-use rooms
  • equipped with a range of technologies
  • can be partitioned to allow for one large room or two smaller rooms
  • Tables and chairs are on wheels and stackable
  • Touch screen group work presenters, tablet PC’s for each student and 64 audience response system handsets
online learning
Online Learning
  • Blackboard is currently the major online resource but will be replaced by Moodle next session
  • Ability to store many different online resources both for study and wider reference like Athens and MS outlook
  • Online Submission allows much easier distance learning and for IT is much preferable to hard copy hand in
classroom environment
Classroom Environment
  • Classroom size is regularly monitored
  • The exception was on week 1, overcrowded lectures was the norm
  • Generally engaging academic staff, especially my favourite teacher, Glenn Affleck.
  • Factors like heating and lighting are important and I have noticed that they are always considered when they may become a problem
  • The Centre for Academic & Professional Development provides training and resources for all academic staff at UWS
  • Main goals of CAPD are consistent teaching standards across the university, to encourage student retention and ensure that “our learning is available in a flexible and student centred manner”

Purposes of assessments are

  • Consistant evaluation
  • Develop responsibilty for self learning
  • Provide feedback for both student and teacher
  • Demonstrate the requirements have been met for progression or award
critical appraisal of assessments
Critical appraisal of Assessments
  • So far I have found assessments to be explicit and transparent
  • Accurate, unambiguous and timely information provided to students on the nature of the assessment task
  • All assessments have come with a reminder of the universities policy on plagiarism, cheating and late submission
it and the student

IT and the Student


it and the student1
IT and the Student
  • ITC
    • Services
    • Infrastructure
    • JA.NET
    • Support
  • The Student View
itc strategy
ITC Strategy
  • ICT Strategy 2010-2013
  • Aims to achieve “Excellence in the Student Experience”
  • ‘acceptable’ -> ‘good’ -> ‘excellent’
  • Heavy use of business language, and mentions of stakeholders needs against student needs
itc services
ITC Services

A look at ICT Services which affect the Student Experience

banner student information service
Banner Student Information Service
  • Allows university to perform processes in:
    • student recruitment
    • Enrolment
    • Course management
    • Student retention
    • Examination
    • graduation
  • Information transfer – UCAS and HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency)
  • Oracle RDBMS - Unix
banner student information service1
Banner Student Information Service
  • Banner Advisory Group
  • Oakleigh Consulting review
  • Quality of Data, interfaces with systems, reports from Banner
  • Online admissions and enrolment, new
single sign on
Single Sign-on
  • Beginning of a phased approach to complete Single Sign-on for all systems
  • Currently patchy
  • Looking at Shibboleth – Open Source
  • Password reduction
vle blackboard enterprise suite
VLE – Blackboard Enterprise Suite
  • Used to deliver content to students both on and off campus
  • Moodle in use in other HEI – interface needed
  • MS SQL – Windows
  • Move to different Application, disruptive
  • Change from a 4yr to 5yr refresh cycle
  • Longer cycle believed to contribute to ‘Green IT’ agenda
  • Move towards thin-client devices
    • No local data store
    • Highly portable
hardware av
Hardware - AV
  • A standard set of AV equipment in all classrooms
  • Aims for a cost effective and familiar environ for both staff and students
  • Signage to be deployed
  • Conferencing still under deveopment
  • Authenticated access
  • Excludes some dorms until policy change
  • Campus wide
  • Tricky configuration
  • Patchy mobile device support
  • Poor signal strength
thin clients and virtualisation
Thin Clients and Virtualisation
  • Thin Clients to be deployed in the Open Access labs and in some teaching labs
  • TC will help with moving data to South Lanarkshire Council data centre, less data stored local to backup
  • Hoped that support of thin-clients in these areas will be less than thick-clients
itc ja net

The Education Network

ja net
  • A private Network
  • NREN - National Research and Education Network
  • Government Funded
  • Aimed at Academic Research and Education
  • Just about every further- and higher-education organisations in the UK is connected to JANET
  • Joint Information Systems Committee
  • Role is to support post-16 and higher education and research
  • Provides leadership in the use of ICT in learning, teaching, research and administration
  • Funded by all the UK post-16 and higher education funding councils
acceptable use policy
Acceptable Use Policy
  • University Policy must include or reference JA.NET AUP

Policy which doesn’t make the best sense:

  • You must never leave a computer while you are logged in. You must always log out before leaving the room.
  • You must not tamper, adjust, switch on/off or otherwise interfere with any computer equipment in the laboratories.
  • You must not create or transmit material which is designed or likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience, needless anxiety or defamation.
it support
IT Support
  • Student Hubs
  • 1st line in student support
  • Link to back end ICT services
desktop support
Desktop Support
  • 3 standard Images: student, staff, support
  • Reviewed each trimester
  • Monitoring of hardware for utilisation of resources to inform review
application support
Application Support
  • One Function, One Application
  • 2 version support, current and previous
  • Application License control and restraints
dekstop and application support
Dekstop and Application Support
  • Not very responsive to change in demand from staff or students
  • Due to current patchy role-out, different campuses still have different systems
the student view
The Student View

What are the large impacts on the student

problems a student sees
Problems a Student Sees
  • Course module differentiation between campuses
  • Lack of up-to date information on ITC and its progress
  • Lack of support for current generation devices
  • Lack of communication from ITC when problems arise
  • My presentation will be on the group which is myself, Michael, William and Fhianan. It will be on our inidividual ambitions and goals for the future.
michael s ambition
Michael’s ambition
  • Getting a good degree
  • Getting a good job
  • Work which will lead to rewards
  • Working somewhere where it is enjoyable
  • Living in a nice house
  • Married and having a family
michael s future goals
Michael’s Future Goals
  • Within 5 years getting a foot hold on the job field in which he has a degree in
  • Ideally when Michael gets a job he will like to progress and move up the career ladder
  • Setting himself new targets
  • And hopefully stopped smoking his roll ups
william s ambition
William’s ambition
  • Getting a good degree with a good pass mark, looking at 2.1 or better
  • Working within a work enviroment he enjoys
  • A job which will apply in science or general progress
  • Expanding his reading selection
william s future goals
William’s Future Goals
  • In 5 years time working in a computer networking job
  • Either in the UK or the USA
  • In 10 years time William will have settled somewhere in a long term and stable job.
fhianan ambition
Fhianan ambition
  • Fhianan wants to achieve the best that he can
  • A working enviroment where he can enjoy himself and a job which pays well
  • He will want to keep on improving himself
fhianans future goals
Fhianans Future Goals
  • Fhianan doesn’t think too far ahead
my ambition
My ambition
  • My ambition is get a degree within computer networking
  • Own a business
  • Work for a large company
  • Working abroad
my future goals
My Future Goals
  • Within 5 years I would like to have a degree and some work experience within the computing profession
  • Getting married and having a family
  • In 10 years get a stable long term job with good pay
  • Own a house and a nice car