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Leon Trotsky

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Leon Trotsky
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Leon Trotsky

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  1. Leon Trotsky Annette Miramontes Period 1

  2. A Young Revolutionary Leon Trotsky was born to a Jewish family with the name of Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Bronstein was sent to jail for revolutionary activity as a teenager In order to escape, he uses a fake passport bearing the name of one of his jailers: Leon Trotsky He used that pseudonym ever since.

  3. First Exile • After escaping from jail, he fled to London where he met Vladimir Lenin. • He and Lenin became colleagues and good friends

  4. Becoming a Leader • When he returned to Russia, Leon Trotsky originally sided with the Mensheviks, one of two political parties from the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party split; the other being the Bolsheviks. • Trotsky switched sides to join the Bolsheviks because he didn’t agree with the Mensheviks anymore, and w1s welcomed to the Bolsheviks. • Trotsky and Lenin worked to thegethor and they created plans for revolution in their near future.

  5. Permanent Revolution • Leon Trotsky created his theory because there was a need to know which class would have to lead the upcoming Russian . • Trotsky’s theory based on his understanding of Marxism. • Many people believed it to be too daring too claim. • Twelve years later, history proved his theory to be true.

  6. Creation of the Red Army • The Bolsheviks had Leon Trotsky organize an army, called the Red Army, which consisted of mainly the working class • The Red Army fought against the White Army-the Mensheviks, monarchists, militarists, and, briefly, foreign nations –in the Russian Civil War.

  7. Victory over the Civil War • Played a major role in the Russian civil war in controlling the Red Army. • Because of his natural leadership capabilities, he contributed to the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Civil War.

  8. Continual Exile and Opposing Stalin After Lenin’s death caused by a series of strokes, Trotsky and Joseph Stalin fought to be his successor. Stalin won and ousted Trotsky from Russia. Joseph Stalin

  9. Trotsky’sAssassination Leon Trotsky was assassinated by one of Joseph Stalin's agents by an ice axe driven through his skull. Trotsky had been in Mexico because he was exiled from multiple countries and few were reliable. He died by the very thing he tried so hard to put into government.

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