The role of the cards in health systems
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The Role of the Cards in Health Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Role of the Cards in Health Systems. IKF Egészségügyi szakmai nap 2006 október 11. Goals. Users: Efficient health care service Practica bi l ity Simplicity of use Health Care Service : Efficiency Limitation of fraudulent use Cost reduction of administrative data processing. Issues.

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The role of the cards in health systems

The Role of the Cardsin Health Systems

IKF Egészségügyi szakmai nap

2006 október 11


  • Users:

    • Efficient health care service

    • Practicability

    • Simplicity of use

  • Health Care Service:

    • Efficiency

    • Limitation of fraudulent use

    • Cost reduction of administrative data processing


  • Technically proven solutions, even in a complex organisation.

  • Increasing number of transactions.

  • Overall security including:

    • Fraud detection

    • Transmission of confidential data

    • Electronic transactions (no paper)

    • Data authentication (via digital signature)

Who s who in the health scheme




Health Care Service



Military Health Care


Private Health Care Companies





Other Health Care Houses

Terminal CNS

Who’s who in the Health Scheme

Chip technology
Chip technology

  • One chip for everyone: patient, medical staff, National Insurances ...

  • Card associated with one person

  • Range of operations, location of the information

    • In the Information Systems

    • In the card

    • Shared between card and IS

  • Identification, authentication,digital signature, confidentiality

The health smart card
The Health Smart Card

  • Visible Data

    • Personal data

    • National Insurance Number / Medical Identification Number

    • Expiry Date

  • Chip Data

    • Same as above

    • Security elements, such as PIN and certificates for identification, authentication and data integrity

    • Last X number of transactions saved

Health care professional equipment

Health Care Professionals



Key / USB Card Interface


Health Care Professional Equipment

  • Health Care Professional:

    • Dongle (USB interface) with the chip

    • PC with software

    • Reader

  • Patient:

    • Card


Patient Card

Transaction example
Transaction Example

  • Patient introduces his card in the reader.

  • The Health Care Professional card identifies, authenticates the patient and vice-versa.

  • The doctor gives advice and writes a prescription.

  • The transaction is encrypted, signed by the doctor and written onto the patient card.

  • The doctor’s PC, eventually, send the file to the Information System.

How to personalise cards

Data Capture

Information Systems

Data Base

Other Data Base


Emission Management

Card Management



How to personalise Cards

Health care system several sub systems
Health Care SystemSeveral Sub-Systems

  • Smart Card

    • Patient Card

    • Professional Card (Dongle)

    • Employee Card

  • Personalisation Mode

    • Material to Capture

    • Information System – Emission Data Base

    • Information System – Card Management

    • Personalisation Equipments

  • User Mode

    • Readers

    • PC & Middleware

    • Information System– Operation Data Base– Software

The role of the cards in health systems 1346580

  • Oberthur Card Systems is able to provide:

    • Cards (Patient, Health Care Professional, Employees).

    • Personalisation System, turn key solution.

  • Oberthur Card Systems is able to contribute to set up a Health Care System and qualify:

    • Readers, Middleware/PC, Card Management.

    • Information and Capture Systems.


  • SESAM-VITALE & CPS, France

    • Oberthur provides smart cards for Patients and Health Care Professionals, Secure Readers, Personalisation Service of each card with cardholder information..... 10 years of cooperation

    • It’s a true Professional Identity Card for more than 18 Health Care Professions – of which Doctors, Dentists, Chemists – to identifies and realises secure transactions.

  • SAPO, South Africa

    • Provided by the local Post Office to those who received social assistance. In the card reside the social assistance number, his identity card number, and fingerprint, which enables the cardholder to receive easily the services associate and in a unique way.


  • Netlink, Italy

    • There is an international project inclusive France, Germany and Canada. The Netlink system uses two cards (Patient / Doctor) and is based on a Digital Signature Technology to secure any transaction.

  • CNI-CNS, Italy (SSCD)

  • Carte Santé, Spain

  • Medicare HIC, Australia

Hazai referenci k
Hazai referenciák

  • Medismart - Provita Egészségpénztár

  • Dimenzió Egészségpénztár („Fokozott” szintű digitális aláírás)

  • Magyar Orvosi Kamara tagkártya („Minősített szintű digitális aláírás)