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Class of 2012!. Welcome!. CONTACT INFORMATION: Sherri Byrd-Newberry Email: [email protected] Website: Lumberton High School. Sherri Byrd-Newberry (Mrs. Newberry) English IV and English IV Honors Room C-134. Agenda/Topics to Be Covered.

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Class of 2012

Class of 2012!



Sherri Byrd-Newberry

Email: [email protected]


Lumberton High School

Sherri Byrd-Newberry (Mrs. Newberry)

English IV and English IV Honors

Room C-134

Agenda topics to be covered
Agenda/Topics to Be Covered

Mission Statement/Goals

Who’s Who

Classroom Policies/Rules

Special Projects


Assignment #1

Mission statement goals
Mission Statement/Goals

Our Mission:  Lumberton High School will focus on the academic, social, emotional, and career development needs of all students, thus preparing them to meet life's challenges.

Goal and Objectives of English IV in NC:

Students in English IV will integrate all the language arts skills gained throughout their education. The curriculum both affirms these skills and equips the students to be life-long learners. Students continue to explore expressive, expository, argumentative, and literary contexts with a focus on British Literature. The emphasis in English IV is on argumentation by developing a position of advocacy through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and using media. Students will:

Express reflections and reactions to texts.

Explain principles inspired by the curriculum.

Interpret and qualify texts.

Research and address issues of public or personal concern.

Create products and presentations which maintain standard conventions of the written and spoken language

Who s who
Who’s Who

Steve Gaskins, Principal

HawannahRising , Asst. Principal (11th Contact)

Mavis Livingston, Asst. Principal (12th Contact)

David Rich, Social Worker

Angela Kinlaw and Constance Campbell, Media Specialists

Elaine Davis and Beth Brill, Graduation Coordinators

Guidance Counselors

Guidance Office Technicians: Belinda Bourgeouisand Katie Butler

School classroom policies
School/Classroom Policies

Classroom Procedures:

You are expected to do the following everyday.

1. Come into class quietly and begin on your starter assignment.

2. When turning in assignments, always label your papers, with the a heading, name, date, class period, and place it in the appropriate tray.(Without this info. I may not be able to grade your work correctly.)‏

3. Take care of personal business prior to coming to class.(going to guidance, seeing other teachers, going to the library, getting drinks, going to the restroom, etc.) By trying to do this during class, you are cheating yourself of your own education.

I will allow two visits during each 9 weeks. After the two visits, you will make up missed class time after school.

School classroom policies1
School/Classroom Policies

Classroom Procedures:

4. If you need to leave your seat, ask permission or explain what you need to do before getting up.It may be an inappropriate time or distracting to others.

5. If you must borrow from the student supplies, please return them promptly as others may need to use something as well.(Once all of the student supplies are gone, I will not replace any of it unless supplies are brought in.)‏

6. You may have snack size food or drinks, if you bring them with you to class.You must eat and drink discreetly without distraction or begging. You may not leave to go get drinks or food.

School classroom policies2
School/Classroom Policies

Classroom Rules/Expectations:

Come to class daily, on time and prepared.

Bring materials to class. (If you do not bring anything, you do not plan to do anything, which can lead to problems.)

Be alert, attentive and involved.

Respond when you are called on and ask questions when you do not understand.

You must give respect to get respect.

Do not blurt out, be loud OR disrespect others or yourself.

Wait to be called on; do not talk while others are talking. This includes other students, the teacher, the intercom, or the TV.

NO primping, spraying fragrances or personal grooming.

If you must do any of the above, do it prior to coming to class.

Clean around your area/desk daily.

Throw away all trash and do not leave books, papers, bottles or trash in the desk.

Follow all school rules at all times.

If I see electronic devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, etc. I will take them and they will be turned into the office. Failure to turn over these items will be an automatic referral and/or removal from class by an administrator or SRO.

School classroom policies3
School/Classroom Policies


Come to class daily, on time and prepared.

Be alert, attentive and involved.

You must give respect to get respect.

NO primping, spraying fragrances or personal grooming.

Clean around your area/desk daily.

Follow all school rules at all times.









School classroom policies4
School/Classroom Policies


Pay telephones are located in the gym lobby. These phones should be used before and after school, not during class time. Office phones are for business use only and not for student use.

CELL PHONES, CD PLAYERS, AND OTHER COMMUNICATION DEVISES ARE NOT PERMITTED on campus during the instructional day (including Tutorial, Credit Recover and Saturday Academy). Possession of these items will be result as follows:

1st Time Taken during the school year: Items will be collected and turned over to the administration &/or main office for parents to pick-up in the main office.

2nd Time Taken during the school year: Collected items will be released to the parent at the end of the current semester and

3rd Time Taken during the school year: Collected items will be held and released to the parents at the end of the school year.

LHS Student Handbook, accessed Jan. 23, 2009

School classroom policy
School/Classroom Policy

As Seniors, Take advantage of one privilege:

COLLEGE DAY (Seniors Only)‏

This counts as an excused absence and does not count for exam exemptions.


1. Get form from counselor

2. Have parents sign the request

3. Principal approves form

4. Counselor returns form to student

5. Student visits college

6. Student brings in documentation

7. Guidance lets teachers know of absence

Please allow a week’s notice. Students are limited to 2 visitations their senior year.

School classroom policy1
School/Classroom Policy


Lumberton High School has high expectations for students and believes that the school day includes homework. Homework is an integral part of student learning. It provides students with the opportunity to independently practice new learning or to apply previous learning to new situations. Homework helps develop the necessary skills for independent study, learning outside of school and sound work habits.


It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for make-up work after an absence. The student should contact the teacher to arrange for make-up work. It is expected that students will make up all work due to absences. In addition, a student may choose to make up the time of any absence. Make-up should usually occur within five (5) days after the return. Extenuating circumstances should be discussed between the teacher and student.

LHS Student Handbook, 2008-2009

School classroom policies5
School/Classroom Policies


1. The exam grade will count as one-fourth of the semester grade. An exempted student may be excused from exams based both on absences for the semester and a minimum grade average in the course. Exemptions from exams will be based on the following:

a. Student enrolled the full semester - Absences Allowed:


3 A = > 3.690-4.000 GPA

2 B = > 3.000-3.332 GPA

b. Special consideration will be given to students who enroll during the last nine weeks of the semester as to whether they will be required to take exams.

c. Seniors with less than a B average (3.332) will be required to take all exams.

School classroom policies6
School/Classroom Policies:

d. Required end-of-course testing may not be exempted.

e. College days do not count as absences for exam exemptions.

f. Absences due to school sponsored activities will not be recorded as absences from a school or class.

g. At any time during the year, suspension, skipping class, or leaving school without permission from the principal’s office will result in automatic loss of exemption privileges.

h. A student is counted absent if he missed more than one-half a class period.

2. The student and the subject teacher will share the responsibility of determining when the exam exemption requirements have been met.

3. Five days prior to the last day of regular class preceding the exam schedule, the subject teacher will inform students who are eligible for exemption.

*Please note that at Lumberton High School, the Learning Center and Saturday Academy may not be used for the purpose of earning exam exemptions. PSRC Policy, accessed 1/23/09

Bell schedule
Bell Schedule:

Lumberton High School Regular Bell Schedule7:50

8:00 - 9:30 1st Period

9:30 - 9: 55 Mandatory Tutoring, (Mon., Wed., Fri.)‏

Reading Period (Tues., Thurs.)‏

9:55 - 10:02 Class Change

10:02 - 11:32 2nd Period

11:32 - 11:39 Class Change

11:39 - 1:37 3rd Period

1:37 - 1:44 Class Change

1:44 - 3:14 4th Period

3: 20 Buses depart campus

Special projects
Special Projects

You will prepare a formal research paper based on a personal interest or career plan.

Choose a topic about a personal interest or career; narrow down to a thesis statement.

4-6 pages; double-spaced

Title page and works cited pages included.

Formal process of a research paper (including research of the topic, index cards, outline, rough drafts and practice writing.)‏

Begin in 3 weeks. This will take about 4-5 weeks to complete.

Research paper will count as two test grades. Required to pass the class.

Special projects1
Special Projects

  • You will maintain a neat and organized 3 ring binder notebook to be checked every four weeks.

    • I have noticed that organized students are more comfortable and successful.

    • If you are prepared, you can face any challenge.

  • You will prepare a portfolio of assignments from each time period to be submitted for a major grade. Assignments and due dates will be determined at a later date.

Special projects2
Special Projects

  • You will access Castle Learning to complete Grammar assignments and take tests. These assignments will have due dates and will count as homework or test grades.

  • You may not complete these during class time. If you do not have internet access at home, you need to schedule time to visit the library or come after school.

  • Visit

  • Login information will be included with your syllabus.


Grades are determined by the following:

Major Grades: tests, papers, projects = 50%

Minor Grades: class/homework, quizzes, participation = 50%

You may earn extra credit by completing all required assignments first; then by

donating to the student supply items such as:

Tissue, pencils, pens, tape, white out, staples, crayons, coloring pencils.

You will earn one point per item up to three items.

These points will be added to your lowest test score.

If you are absent, you have five days to turn in missed assignments. If you were present when assignments are given and you wait until progress reports come out to turn in work, you will receive a “60” for any work you that you submit late.

Assignments not submitted or not completed will receive an “0.” These items must be completed before the end of each nine-weeks reporting period.

Grading discipline and responsibility
Grading, Discipline and Responsibility




Consider the role you play in your life and the decisions you make. Stop looking for ways to blame other people or situations.

When explaining your situation, the best way to begin your explanation is with “I” and not “You, he, she or that.”

Time periods and curriculum
Time Periods and Curriculum


Anglo-Saxon Period

Middle Ages

The Renaissance

The Romantic

Research Project


Grammar/ Writing, literary elements, discussion, analysis, synthesis, application of literary reasoning.

Your Notebook will be checked every four weeks.

Supply list
Supply List

  • Three Ring Binder/Notebook (at least 1”)‏

  • Loose leaf paper (college rule)‏

  • Blue/Black ink pens, #2 pencils, and assorted highlighters

  • Dividers/tabs

  • Post Its or sticky notes

  • Index Cards (any size)‏

  • USB memory sticks/drives

  • Access to internet at least once weekly

  • Project/Presentation Materials (markers, poster board, glue, etc.) as needed

  • Other Materials as needed


Questions, comments and concerns...

Assignment 1
Assignment #1

We all want to know why we have to do some things. It helps rationalize our actions.

Today, your first writing assignment is in an three paragraphs on the following?

Why is it important for me to graduate?

What skills will I use when I finish?

Describing your future career goals.


School: two yr. or four yr.

Write a formal essay
Write a formal essay:

  • Expectations:

    • Audience : Mrs. Newberry and possibly classmates

      • This means to use Standard American English (no slang, no contractions (I’m), no texting language, and keep it educational and professional.)

    • You may have to do some research on your career if you have not already done so. If you do not have a plan, GET ONE. (You graduate in eight months…)

      • Keep any information you find or have. You can use this for your research paper.

    • Handwritten or typed

    • You should form your ideas and thoughts into well-written paragraphs of five to seven sentences. Use a four or five paragraph format

    • Grammar, spelling, punctuation and effort count. Use spell check, dictionaries, and/or a grammar book or website.

    • “Put your best foot forward.” First impressions can take you far or hold you back.