Writing for the hero with 1 000 faces
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Writing For The Hero With 1,000 Faces - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing For The Hero With 1,000 Faces. Storytelling Challenges and Gears of War. On today’s menu. Storytelling in games Crafting the player experience. How? Not by accident, that’s for sure. Storytelling in games = group effort For many on team, uncharted waters

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Writing for the hero with 1 000 faces l.jpg
Writing For The Hero With 1,000 Faces

  • Storytelling Challenges and Gears of War

On today s menu l.jpg
On today’s menu

  • Storytelling in games

  • Crafting the player experience

Slide6 l.jpg

  • How?

  • Not by accident, that’s for sure

Slide7 l.jpg

Slide8 l.jpg

Group effort l.jpg
Group Effort

  • Gears

  • Bioshock

  • Blacksite

  • Always working with team

Slide18 l.jpg

Slide20 l.jpg

Movie his story l.jpg
Movie = His Story

  • Plot

  • Character development

  • Exposition

  • Conflict

  • Dialog

  • For one story: his

Slide24 l.jpg

Slide32 l.jpg

Slide33 l.jpg

Slide37 l.jpg

Slide38 l.jpg

  • Anger what goes

  • Fear

  • Frustration

  • Dominance

  • Satisfaction

Slide40 l.jpg

Story can do 1 of 2 things l.jpg
Story can do 1 of 2 things: what goes

  • Amplify gameplay

  • Or

  • Block gameplay

Neurons good l.jpg
Neurons Good gameplay

  • Mirrors player experience

  • Amplifies gameplay

  • Integrates story with game

Slide44 l.jpg

  • 1 gameplay 2 3

Backstage l.jpg
backstage gameplay

Cinematics l.jpg
Cinematics gameplay

Cinematics can l.jpg
Cinematics can: gameplay

  • Throw player out of game

  • Force story on player

  • Reveal too much

It s a pickle l.jpg
It’s a pickle gameplay

  • You want to tell the story

  • But you don’t want to get in the way of gameplay

  • Help

Slide49 l.jpg

Slide50 l.jpg

Slide53 l.jpg

Slide54 l.jpg

Slide57 l.jpg

Slide58 l.jpg

Slide59 l.jpg

Slide61 l.jpg

Backstage good l.jpg
Backstage Good gameplay

  • Story runs parallel to gameplay

  • Story builds naturally

  • Story is portable, adjustable

Slide63 l.jpg

  • 1 2 gameplay 3

Throughline l.jpg
throughline gameplay

Slide65 l.jpg

Slide66 l.jpg

My big fat theory l.jpg
My big fat theory gameplay

  • No clear right or wrong with scripts

  • Uncharted waters for most devs

  • Fall back on approach that works

Slide73 l.jpg

  • Code is great gameplay

  • Without it, none of us would here today

  • BUT

Slide77 l.jpg

Slide78 l.jpg

Slide81 l.jpg

Slide84 l.jpg

Slide85 l.jpg

Slide86 l.jpg

  • But what hopefully: that’s the goalis a throughline?

It s friday night l.jpg
It’s Friday night hopefully: that’s the goal

Slide94 l.jpg

Slide97 l.jpg

Slide98 l.jpg

  • But wait hope

  • Doesn’t this force a player to listen to dev’s story, instead of creating his own?

  • Not necessarily

Throughline for games l.jpg
Throughline for games hope

  • Build throughline in the game itself

  • Have the player experience it and impact it through his actions (gameplay)

  • Use mirror neurons, backstage

Throughlines good l.jpg
Throughlines Good hope

  • Simple, flexible

  • Gives you freedom to iterate game and script 100 + times

  • Keeps story in focus

Slide101 l.jpg

Slide103 l.jpg

How to use these tools l.jpg
How to use these tools? hope

  • As a checklist

  • Taped over my desk

  • Every script revision & story meeting

  • Both conceptual & analytical tools

Slide105 l.jpg

  • 1 hopemirror neurons

Slide106 l.jpg

Good luck l.jpg
Good luck hope