beethoven s 9 th symphony l.
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Beethoven’s 9 th Symphony

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Beethoven’s 9 th Symphony - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beethoven’s 9 th Symphony. Power Point Presentation for 5 th Grade General Music Rebecca Putman, Instructor. Solfege Review. Symphony No. 9. Ludwig Van Beethoven. Famous Hymn. Beethoven’s Home. Beethoven was born December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany He was born into a very

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beethoven s 9 th symphony
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

Power Point Presentation

for 5th Grade General Music

Rebecca Putman, Instructor

symphony no 9
Symphony No. 9

Ludwig Van Beethoven




beethoven s home
Beethoven’s Home

Beethoven was born

December 16, 1770

in Bonn, Germany

He was born into a very

musical family.

his parents
His Parents


Johann van


his parents8
His Parents


Maria Magdalena

Van Beethoven

beethoven s childhood
Beethoven’s Childhood

Beethoven had

an unhappy and

difficult childhood

beethoven the hard worker
Beethoven- the hard worker

Ideas did not come


beethoven the star
Beethoven- The Star

Beethoven made

his reputation as

the most exciting

keyboard player

just as the piano

was beginning to

replace the


beethoven the composer
Beethoven- The Composer

Beethoven wrote

music for Kings

and Queens

first signs of hearing loss
First signs of hearing loss

Beethoven began to

lose his hearing at

the age of 30

beethoven s hearing aids
Beethoven’s Hearing Aids

Beethoven used this

ear horn to help with

his hearing loss. His

hearing deteriorated, and

after three years Beethoven

was completely deaf.

beethoven the fighter
Beethoven- The Fighter

In spite of

total deafness,


composed his

9th and final


the k rntnerthor theater
The Kärntnerthor Theater

This is the theater

where the

9th Symphony

was first performed

on May 24, 1824

beethoven s death
Beethoven’s Death

Ludwig van Beethoven

died in Vienna, Austria

March 26, 1827