Energy budget
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Energy Budget. The amount of energy arriving at the Earth and leaving the Earth must be in balance . If more energy arrives than leaves, the Earth will warm up over time. Types of Energy Transfer. Radiation  energy transfer through a vacuum

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Energy budget
Energy Budget

  • The amount of energy arriving at the Earth and leaving the Earth must be in balance.

  • If more energy arrivesthan leaves, the Earth will warm up over time.

Types of energy transfer
Types of Energy Transfer

  • Radiation  energy transfer through a vacuum

  • Conduction  Energy transfer by direct contact of particles

  • Convection  Energy Transfer through the movement of particles from one location to another


  • energy from the sun is radiatedto the Earth.

Energy budget

  • Short-wavesolar radiation arrives from the sun and heats the land or water.

Energy budget

  • Long waveinfra-red radiation from the ground heats the air above it


  • Very little effect on climate as conduction involves only shortdistance energy transfers


  • Convection currents are caused by warm, less dense air risingand cooler, more dense air falling

  • On the ground, convection currents are seen as winds

Energy budget

Ocean convection currents
Ocean Convection Currents

  • Note here the movement is NOT just about moving heatfrom the Equator to the Poles

  • Europeis most affected by these currents.

Energy budget

Ayr, Scotland

55oN latitude line

Cape Henrietta Maria

Both are on the coast, both are at 55oN

Do they have a similar climate?

Energy budget

Cape Henrietta Maria in May

 notice the ice!

Ayr, Scotland in May

 notice the palm trees!

Which type of energy transfer will be influenced by human activities
Which type of Energy Transfer will be influenced by human activities?

  • Do human activities affect radiationfrom the sun?

  • Do human activities affect conductionthrough materials?

  • Do human activities affect convectionswinds?

  • Noto all of the above!

  • So how might humans affect climate?

    We’ll talk about human effects tomorrow!