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Metro St. Louis PMI Chapter Mentoring Program June 19, 2013

Metro St. Louis PMI Chapter Mentoring Program June 19, 2013. Overview. Mentoring Program Overview 2013 Priorities Mentor Outreach Mentoring Benefits Mentoring Experiences. Mentoring Program Overview Rob Kurtz, PMP Director of Mentoring. Mentoring Program Team Structure.

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Metro St. Louis PMI Chapter Mentoring Program June 19, 2013

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  1. Metro St. Louis PMI ChapterMentoring ProgramJune 19, 2013

  2. Overview • Mentoring Program Overview • 2013 Priorities • Mentor Outreach • Mentoring Benefits • Mentoring Experiences

  3. Mentoring Program Overview Rob Kurtz, PMP Director of Mentoring

  4. Mentoring Program Team Structure Director of Mentoring Rob Kurtz Mentoring Steering Committee - Steve Lohbeck, Andy Wise Mentor Outreach Herminia McKinzie Mentor Training Jeanette Kopp Matching Coordinator Glenn Deles Project Management Rob Kurtz PM Level 1 Jackie Straube Matching Team Member TBD PM Level 1 TBD • Creates and performs recurring mentor training • Mentoring workshops • Reviews mentor/mentee information • Makes Matches • Coordinates Mentoring Pair • Updates SharePoint • Bi-Monthly newsletter • Marketing/ communications • Creates new mentor packet • Recruits mentors • Initiates, plans, executes, monitors, and closes projects to help mentoring program achieve MSLPMI goals

  5. Metro St. Louis PMI Mentoring Program • Launched in January 2011 • Chartered program • Free service for chapter members • Currently tracking around 50 chapter members • Who can Participate? • Mentors with PMP in good standing • Mentors and mentees with active chapter membership

  6. Metro St. Louis PMI Mentoring Program • Typical Mentoring Relationships • PMP exam prep • Looking to get into PM career field • How to solve on-the-job difficulties • General professional discussion

  7. Metro St. Louis PMI Mentoring Program • Nominal 6 month duration but may continue longer • Live contact minimum of 2 hrs/mo • Information shared is considered confidential • Problems may occur (schedule conflicts, location, etc). Either participant may request a new match at any time without prejudice. • Any costs incurred are responsibility of the pair - PMI will not fund for dinner, materials, etc.

  8. Becoming a Mentor/Mentee • Apply to the program • Go to Mentoring page on chapter website • Download appropriate information form (mentor/mentee) • Fill out as much as possible then email the form and your current resume to mentoring@stlpmi.org • Get Matched • Mentoring committee will review packages and make appropriate matches based on needs, experience, etc. • Mentor and mentee will be contacted when matched • Begin • First meeting will be at a chapter dinner meeting for a warm handoff

  9. Important: • To make a good match • it is very important that we receive: • Your background information form • Current resume if available, or specific information of what you wish to gain from the Mentoring Program • If we do not have these documents • we are unable to match you!

  10. Lessons Learned • More mentees apply than available mentors • Extremely long lead times waiting for a mentor • Some mentors and mentees become unresponsive • Some mentees have been very specific on needs from a Mentor, hard to match • Mentoring pairs would end relationships without contacting the mentoring team • Many mentees looking for PM experience to qualify for PMP or PM position • PMP Catch 22

  11. 2013 Priorities

  12. 2013 Priorities • Improve and enhance the Mentoring Program to provide THE best service to chapter members ! • Mentoring 2.0 project • Streamline/automate the sign up process • Create more engagement opportunities (webinars, group workshops) for mentees waiting for mentors • Update program charter • Create mentor training • Create marketing materials

  13. 2013 Priorities • Recruit More Mentors • Establish an “Ask A Mentor” blog • Create more opportunities for chapter members to volunteer • Become the Best PMI Chapter Mentoring Program ANYWHERE!

  14. PDUs for mentoring? YESNew PDU structure found in the PMP Handbook (updated August 2011)

  15. PDU Category Divisions

  16. Mentees with PMP Can Earn PDUs

  17. Mentors Can Earn PDUs

  18. Getting started? • Go to St Louis PMI webpage. Under Quick Links on the left click on Mentoring Program. • Download mentee/mentor application form from the bottom of the page • Fill out and email form with resume or description of what you wish to gain from the Mentoring Program to mentoring@stlpmi.org • Without this information • we are unable to match you!

  19. Resources • PMP Handbook: • http://www.pmi.org/en/Certification/Project-Management-Professional-PMP.aspx • St Louis PMI Website: • www.stlpmi.org • Mentoring Program Page: • http://www.stlpmi.org/content.php?page=Mentoring_Program • For more information please send an email to: • mentoring@stlpmi.org

  20. Mentoring Outreach Herminia McKinzie Mentor Outreach Coordinator

  21. PASS IT ON! • Demonstrate professionalism & lead by example • THE METRO ST LOUIS PMI CHAPTER NEEDS MORE MENTORS!!! 

  22. Mentorship • Input from new & diverse professionals. • You might just learn something new!

  23. Mentors • A mentor is a person with more experience in business or life, who can help you focus on your abilities and give advice on navigating your career • Mentoring is a great opportunity to give exam tips, pass on years of real world experience, and help shape careers of others. 

  24. Mentoring Benefits Andy Wise, PMP Mentoring Program Steering Committee

  25. Benefits of Mentoring Most mentoring programs are designed for the benefit of mentees, and they encourage participants to come into a relationship with specific goals and expectations. The benefits of mentoring, however, often extend far beyond the relationship’s initial purpose and affect everyone involved: mentees, mentors, and the organization.

  26. Benefits for Mentee • Access to a support system during critical stages of career development • Insider perspective on navigating your chosen career • Access to a knowledgeable ‘sounding board’ • Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences • Start/expand professional network

  27. Benefits for Mentor • Satisfaction from providing wisdom and experience to others in the profession without a huge time commitment • Enhancement of coaching, mentoring, leadership, and management skills • Chance to be exposed to a diversity of thought, style, personality, and culture • A way to ”give back” to your profession

  28. Are You Ready to be a Mentee? • If you can answer "YES" to most of the following statements, you are a great candidate Mentoring Program: • I'm responsible for my career goals and would enjoy the benefit of a mentor's guidance to create a plan for success. • I'm ready to listen, but I'm also ready to share my ideas so it's a give and take relationship. • I'm ready for objective feedback to consider new ideas and new approaches suggested by my mentor. • I have realistic expectations for my mentor relationship. No one is perfect and good relationships take honesty, effort and time. • I'm busy with home, work and/or school, but I'm ready to make a commitment for my future by communicating with my mentor.

  29. Are You Ready to be a Mentor? • If you can answer, "YES" to most of the following statements, you are a great candidate for the Mentoring Program! • I will make a personal connection based on trust and mutual respect and listen to my mentee's needs and concerns. • I will help my mentee to define career goals. • I will share my knowledge of to help my mentee in their career. • I will offer information, advice, references, and resources to assist my mentee's needs. • I will offer constructive criticism, but allow my mentee to learn from their mistakes.

  30. If all this hasn’t persuaded you join the program and become a Mentor or Mentee, there is one more, slightly selfish reason…

  31. Being a Mentor or Mentee can save you $600/yr

  32. By earning P D U ‘ s If you’re a PMP (or other flavor), you earn 1 PDU for each mentor/mentee contact hour. 2 hrs per month x 12 months = 24 hours 24 hrs x $35 per PDU = $600

  33. What you give you get, ten times over.  -Yoruba proverb

  34. Mentoring Experiences Dirk Lupien, PMP Dwayne Miller, PMP Eileen Cler, PMP

  35. Thank you for your time! • Questions and Discussion

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