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Masquets. A student led Community venture. Goal Statement. Our Logo. “Our goal is to conduct a year 10 & 11 masquerade formal for East Loddon and district schools”.

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A student led

Community venture

goal statement
Goal Statement

Our Logo

  • “Our goal is to conduct a year 10 & 11 masquerade formal for East Loddon and district schools”.
  • The aim is to get students together to have a fun time and meet new people. We hope to get as many participants from across the Loddon shire, as we possibly can, tohave a good night and maybe set a precedent for another formal next year.
group members
Group Members
  • Alycia Pickles
  • Chloe Webb
  • Tessa Sexton
  • Ebony Pilling
  • Veronica Martin
  • Jess Lawry
  • Lizzie Ettia
  • Ashleigh Robinson
  • Abe Addlem
  • Cammie Murray
  • Accountability Officer (Chloe/Abe): Creates the digital portfolio production.
  • Quality Control Officer (Alycia/Tessa): Must sign all letters, documents, invitations, notices etc. that are produced for sending out.
  • Note Taker (Chloe): Keep a record of all meetings/decisions made.
  • On Tracker (Cammie/Jess): Watch for time wasting, keep group on track, don’t let discussion get bogged down on one thing for too long.
  • Presenter (Abe/Ebony): Spokesperson for the group. “The front man.”
  • Idea Identifier (Alycia): Watchdog for things that are being overlooked.
  • Timeline Manager (Ash/Ebony): Keep track of where everyone is up to.
pictorial record timeline click on blue dots for more info
Pictorial record/timelineclick on blue dots for more info


Project project


Meeting with Sue

Letter processing there Ideas

Approaching meeting with Tony to organize

Meeting with Tony agreement

Meeting with Principle


How much funding we need

Start PowerPoint & name

Location, date and times

Creating tickets for event


Organize food, drinks, decorations

Estimate the number of people coming

Ring schools, to go meet on the 8th and the 9th August

Make flyers

Organise games and activities

Call Tony to confirm: Dj, Buses, Security

Make sure schools have sent there envelops

Double check everything (date, time and location)

Organize prices for food, drinks

Double making that we are making money

Organize order/buy food, drinks

Find total cost



Clean up

media promotion
Media / promotion

To promoteour event we visitedschools such as, Wedderburn and Pyramid Hill Colleges, to extend personal invitations to students. We also providedflyers, acceptancecards and invitations to each groupand put a display in our school news letter.

class time activities
class time activities

Our extensive planning sessions quickly progressed to one to one discussions with stakeholders. Phone calls and negotiations about dates , venues and organisational details, meant we had lots of practice at communicating with a wide range of individuals.

Negotiating funding for buses and professional services including DJ’s and Security guards, occurred during 3 meetings with Tony ( from the Loddon Shire). Making flyers, invitations and acceptance cards, was delegated to the artistically talented members of our group and we were very pleased with their productions.

progress reports
Progress reports

During the projects planning phases, we completed two “Progress Reports” The result of these evaluations and feedback from group members showed that we need to have copies of the notes for each member, encourage allthe members to expresstheir ideas freely and make sure we give the members individual tasksto do so that they all feel included.

community making a difference
Community ‘making a difference’

Our formal involved not just our school, but all other schools throughout the Loddon and Buloke shire. Family members from our local district helped cater for the event. Teachers and Parents helped out to run the canteen for the night. We all met new people and made new friends, the night was great and helped bring everyone together.

end result
End result

The end result of the evening was a successful event,. Numbers were a little less than we hoped, but the dance floor was full and every one that attended had a good night There was lots of food and the music was great. The DJ had new and old types of music for every one and the sounds and lights were excellent . There waseven a smoke machine.

Every one got up and danced , and alldressed up and looked great. There were some very interesting masks and we had fun little activity's during the night to break up all the dancing . We hope that every one had that much of a good of a time that the next Advance class will continue with the formal idea and make it even more of a success

thank you

We would like to give a big thankyou forthe help from Tony, Mr Clyne, Miss Byrne, Miss T & Mrs Pilling.

“You believed in us & gave us the opportunity to shine”


The End

til next year…..


Our First


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Meeting with Tony

- Shire Recreation Officer

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