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IRP Ballots PowerPoint Presentation
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IRP Ballots

IRP Ballots

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IRP Ballots

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  1. IRP Ballots IRP Ballots Currently Open for Voting All close on October 28th…. Full Reciprocity Plan Change to Section 900 of the Plan on Long Term Lease Vehicle Electronic IRP Credentials IRP Dues due Date

  2. Full Reciprocity Plan Proposal to change the estimated distance process in IRP Will change the process for first time and expanded operations First time registrants will pay all jurisdictions based on their base jurisdictions average distance per vehicle chart

  3. Full Reciprocity Plan Renewal registrants will pay only for those jurisdictions they had operations during the reporting period ALL jurisdictions will be reflected on the IRP cab card Financial Impact study completed by Washington State University A great deal of information available on the IRP website

  4. Base Jurisdiction for Rental Fleets Proposal to delete Section 900 of the Plan which defines the basing requirements for long term lease vehicles under IRP This ballot has a long implementation period to allow possible required changes in some Canadian jurisdictions to be addressed

  5. Electronic IRP Credentials This ballot would change the definition of the IRP cab card to allow jurisdictions to issue electronic cab cards The language would read: “Cab Card” means an evidence of registration, other than a Plate, to include an electronic device, issued for an Apportioned Vehicle registered under the Plan by the Base Jurisdiction and carried in or on the identified vehicle

  6. IRP Dues Due Date Proposal to change the IRP Dues due date This ballot is to align the due date for IRP dues to be paid each year with the IRP fiscal year which is Oct 1 – Sept 30.