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Arts & Culture; A Unique Sellingpoint drs Annabelle Birnie ING Art Management 24 October 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arts & Culture; A Unique Sellingpoint drs Annabelle Birnie ING Art Management 24 October 2012. ING Art Management. In house specialists Modern and Contemporary Art Investment in Art Art Funds Fiscal & Legal Aspects of Collecting State acknowledged Valuations and Appraisals

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Arts culture a unique sellingpoint drs annabelle birnie ing art management 24 october 2012

Arts & Culture; A Unique Sellingpointdrs Annabelle Birnie ING Art Management 24 October 2012

Ing art management
ING Art Management

  • In house specialists

  • Modern and Contemporary Art

  • Investment in Art

  • Art Funds

  • Fiscal & Legal Aspects of Collecting

  • State acknowledged Valuations and Appraisals

  • Insurance

Annabelle BirnieDirector Corporate Sponsoring, Art & EventsCertified Valuer Modern and Contemporary Art

ING Collection; Why?

  • Enjoyment

  • Decoration

  • Cultural stimulus

  • Education

  • Public Relations

  • Responsibility to society

  • A Unique Sellingpoint

Matthijs Röling (1943)

De vier jaargetijden


oil on canvas

91 x 80 cm

Art management activities
Art Management activities

  • ING Collection

  • Decoration ING Offices

  • Exhibitions

  • Art Projects

  • Arts & Culture sponsoring

  • Corporate responsibility

  • Symposia, conferences & events

  • Publication and advertising

  • Guided tours for clients and prospects

  • Charity

  • Art Management Services

Decoration ing offices
Decoration ING Offices

Art in the Office

“What art offers is space -

a certain breathing room for the spirit”

Ing exhibitions 2011 2012
ING Exhibitions 2011-2012

Art Space to be determined, November 2011, Seoul, Korea

Drents Museum Assen, Opening exhibition Tang November- December 2011

Museum Henriette Polak, Oktober–December 2011, The Netherlands, Zutphen

University Museum, Seoul Korea, Spring 2012

Museum of Modern Art, Autumn 2012

Sao Paulo, Brazil

More information about activities concerning the ING Collection:


Sponsorship arts culture selection
Sponsorship Arts & Culture (selection)

  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

  • Moma New York

  • Carré theatre

  • Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

  • TEFAF; The European Fine Art Fair

Corporate responsiblity through art culture
Corporate Responsiblity through Art & Culture

  • Chances for Children (eBay, calender, christmas card)

  • Auctions (tours, artworks)

  • Jury’s and fundraisers

  • Donation of 273 artworks to Drents Museum Assen

  • Donation of 2500 artworks to 64 healthcare institutions in the Netherlands

Art Symposia, conferences and events

  • Artists and entrepeneurship,

  • Great ExpectationsArt & Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, ING House

  • - Social Media, ING House

Publications and advertising
Publications and advertising

  • Catalogues and books

  • Calendar, art diaries

  • Articles in magazines & newspapers

  • Promotional movies

Guided tours for clients and prospects
Guided tours for clients and prospects

> At various Art Museums > In our own offices

Sharing knowledge and advise
Sharing Knowledge and advise

  • ING Art Management advises customers and prospects of ING on collecting art

  • Art Management Services is developed in cooperation with ING Private Banking

Jonathan Lasker (1948), Real imaginary, 1994, oil on canvas, 163 x 213 cm. 

The art market
The Art Market

Primairy market

Starting and unknown artists

Small galleries

Local art markets

Secundairy market

Renowned artists

Private and museum collections

Known galleries and auctionhouses

Tertiairy market

International renowned artists


International collections

International auctionhouses


The art market1

Hype art market because of art investment funds

Decreased sales value in art of 30-40% in 2009 vs. August 2008

Worldwide turnover in Art in 2009 decreased from $42 to $30 billion

Fast market recovery in 2010-2012

An art work can never go bankrupt

The Art Market

Source: Art Market Trends 2011

Art investment general remarks
Art Investment; general remarks

Buy countercyclical

Spread risks

Long term


Do not buy emotional

Chávez Morado José (1909-2002)

El adobera, 1980

Oil on canvas, 99 x 118 cm

ING Mexico

Arts culture a unique sellingpoint
Arts & Culture; A Unique Sellingpoint

  • Youcanonlybe Unique ifyouknowwhatothers are doing

  • Your branding Strategy or Company- Private Image is leading

  • Arts & Culture buildsbridgesacross cultures

  • Arts & Culture make us look at the worlddifferently

  • Arts & Culture addresssensitive topics

  • Artistscannotbeinfluencedby business people in the creativityprocess

  • Arts & Culture are non- profit

  • Arts & Culture connect

  • Your effort makes or brakes the success

Jan van Munster, Ich im Dialog I, 2005, Unna Germany


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assumptions and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties.

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particular economic conditions in ING’s core markets, (ii) changes in the

availability of, and costs associated with, sources of liquidity such as interbank

funding, as well as conditions in the credit markets generally, including changes

in borrower and counterparty creditworthiness, (iii) the frequency and severity of

insured loss events, (iv) mortality and morbidity levels and trends, (v)

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