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Serra International, Inc. SerraTrac. Presents. What is SerraTrac?. Internet based 24/7 Event driven Documentation, Freight Reporting, Tracking and Tracing system utilizing local and remote data.

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what is serratrac
What is SerraTrac?
  • Internet based 24/7 Event driven Documentation, Freight Reporting, Tracking and Tracing system utilizing local and remote data.
  • An integral part of Serra’s core Systems such as Customs Broker, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Purchase Order and Logistics.
  • Pro-actively monitors the movement of your goods and creates, verifies, and distributes documentation in compliance with local and foreign regulations according to defined business rules.
  • Details can be drilled down to the product and HTS levels. Strict access control is fully maintained.
  • “No client" is necessary to access Track and Trace information.
remote data entry
Remote Data Entry
  • As a pure Internet solution, SerraTrac and all integrated system modules accept data from anywhere in the world, around the clock.
  • All import, export, and logistics components of SerraTrac provide customizable sets of data entry templates to you and members of your supply chain. This allows pre-populating and standardizing of all documents and contributes to the detailed and real time data found in SerraTrac.
  • This total portability makes the remote data entry service an ideal solution for centralizing data and information among the parties of a supply chain who use diverse systems.
serratrac advantages
SerraTrac Advantages
  • Built upon a unified, time-relational business model. Supports trade, logistics, compliance, clearance, and financial processes that bonds its rule-based designs and emerging technologies to streamline multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency supply chain practices.
  • Promotes collaboration among all supply chain parties through remote data entry.
  • Leverages best trade practices, proprietary engines integrates trade content, security requirements, compliance, documentation, and other key components into supply chain transactions.
  • Easily customizable for any party’s

needs in your supply chain.

  • Integrated modules available for

Supply chain parties who may not

have their own software.

serratrac s front end
SerraTrac’s Front End

A web interface provides an internet enabled front end for all the specialized integrated systems that make up SerraTrac.

All shipment information is searchable and placed at your finger tips from a single easy to use interface.

Access is secure and each user is assigned only those privileges that you allow.

SerraTrac provides a centralized data warehouse that contains information from all parties in the supply chain and makes it available to anyone according to the client’s needs and security requirements 24/7 via the web, email, pagers or similar devices.


SerraTrac’s Secure Login

John Smith


www serratrac com 1 1

Once logged in you will be presented with a list of shipments according to your security access. Simply scroll right to see additional information

These icons will bring you to the shipment Filter and Query Viewer where you can do additional queries and run reports.

www serratrac com 2 2

Use these tabs to view each module

www serratrac com 3 3

Click on any column heading to sort .

Click here to filter for specific shipment(s)

information filter
Information Filter

You can search by one or more fields which allows you to precisely target the information you are interested in.

filter result details
Filter Result Details

Once you filter your data to locate the shipment(s) you are interested in you can view:

General Bill of Lading Information (Header).

All the parties to the transaction.

Details such as pieces and weight, Purchase Order numbers, current status, etc..

If containerized you will see any container details.

All billable charges related to the shipment can be viewed in detail.

Customs, Routing and ABI information if applicable.

Delivery details and any user

defined references.

filter results
Filter Results

Use these tabs to view more details.

Use these icons to access Notes and Documents

More detailed searches can be done using the Query Viewer

query viewer
Query Viewer

Integrated SerraTrac module that allows

creating custom designed reports according to the client’s needs.

Separate (from SerraTrac) secure Login ensures controlled access to sensitive data and advanced query abilities.

Security and Access Controls assigned per individual login credentials.

Results can be printed or saved as Excel spreadsheets/CSV files.

query screen
Query Screen

Choose a Custom Report or Query

Modify selection criteria, view and then output it as needed.

query report output
Query Report Output

Your report is now ready to be printed or saved to Excel.

document binder
Document Binder

SerraTrac’s Document Binder gives parties in your supply chain access to selected documents.

document binder benefits
Document Binder Benefits

When combined with the Query Engine it can simplify U.S. Customs and other audits by providing requested information and documentation.

  • Allows you to make selected documents available to parties in your supply chain 24/7 from any computer connected to the internet.
  • Documents can be automatically added to the binder when produced or scanned in when received from outside parties.

Robust security is a crucial requirement for Internet applications. Encrypted Passwords, action privileges, security by value and the hierarchical security access structure is implemented throughout SerraTrac

Clients and their authorized employees/supply chain participants can access data that is relevant to their current activity only.

Serra meets and exceeds the security requirements of the Transportation Security Agency and Homeland Security who perform periodic audits.

In other words, you can control what individuals or groups can see or access.

serratrac accessibility
SerraTrac Accessibility

Most tracking and tracing elements of the SerraTrac system are within the grasp of all of Serra’s clients upon applying for and receiving login credentials.

Other elements requiring customization, integration and interfacing may be subject to reimbursement of costs, or not, depending on the volume of your business and traffic commitment to Serra.


Details should be discussed with your Serra representative. Contact information is on the next slide.

contacting serra
Contacting Serra

Headquarters and Sales:

Serra International, Inc. 

75 Montgomery Street 

Suite 300 

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Ph# 201-860-9600 (Sales ext. 146)

FAX# 201-860-9686

Email for Information:

Email for Rate Quotations:


Brochure: Serra Brochure